Stop Obama’s Dangerous Refugee Resettlement Program

FAIR Action AlertAfter last Friday’s deadly terrorist attacks in Paris, President Obama said he will continue his plan to resettle thousands of Syrian refugees in American communities. The President’s decision ignores warnings from our own intelligence services that there are significant vulnerabilities in the refugee vetting process.

The events in Paris prove it is nearly impossible to adequately vet all Syrian refugees for terrorist ties. We know at least one of the Paris terrorists possessed a Syrian passport that was registered as having passed through Europe last month. Alarmingly, Serbian police just detained an individual attempting to use the identical passport of the one found on the Paris terrorist! There is no telling how many forged documents are out there. With ISIS having used the migration crisis to infiltrate and harm our European allies, it would be reckless for the Obama administration to continue resettling Syrian refugees.

Fortunately, Rep. Brian Babin (R-TX) is upholding his duty to defend the American people against all enemies foreign and domestic by driving the effort in Congress to block President Obama’s Syrian refugee resettlement program.

Rep. Babin is leading a letter to House leadership and Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers (R-KY) asking that Congress include specific reforms, security measures, and oversight requirements for the refugee resettlement program in the year-end Omnibus spending bill. The letter includes the tenets of his H.R. 3314, the Refugee Resettlement Accountability National Security Act -which FAIR supports-by calling for this program to be suspended in its current form until these reforms are implemented and Congress agrees to resume the program by joint resolution.

Call Your Representative NOW!
Urge them to sign the Babin letter

Even though the Babin approach is the only way to ensure that our refugee program will not be exploited, House GOP leadership appears to be taking a different approach. Instead, they have scheduled a vote TOMORROW on a flawed bill that will do absolutely nothing to stop or defund refugee resettlement. Authored by Homeland Security Chairman Michael McCaul (R-TX), the bill merely calls for the administration to certify that any refugees brought here from Iraq and Syria are not terrorists.

This is insufficient! As long as Obama says they are not terrorists he can bring in as many as he wants. The bill maintains the false assumption that it is possible to properly vet refugees from the Middle East, provided new processes are put in place. This ignores the realities of the situation on the ground as well as susceptibility to radicalization once they arrive.

Call Your Representative NOW!

Tell him or her:

  • You DEMAND that Congress act to stop the resettlement of Syrian refugees;
  • You SUPPORT the Babin approach and EXPECT your Representative to sign onto the letter;
  • It is impossible to properly vet Syrian refugees for terrorist ties;
  • You OPPOSE efforts by GOP Leadership to pass the Hudson bill because it fails to address the underlying problem.

There is no time to waste! Congressman Babin has a Friday, November 20th deadline for signatures. It is essential that a lot of Representatives sign on so show GOP leadership that this approach has broad support.

We at FAIR stand with Rep. Babin and believe it is time for Congress to utilize its power of the purse to stop the Obama administration’s dangerous Syrian refugee program. Therefore we are urging all of our members, activists, and supporters to immediately call their Representatives and demand that they sign Rep. Babin’s letter.

Make your voice heard! To find your Representative, click here.



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    If we send back thousands of homeless refugees just because a few islamist nuts might be hiding amongst them, we risk the real danger that hundreds of their children could become radicalized, determined to harm a prosperous country that so casually sent them back to the Syrian hell-hole from which they ran. No simple answer.

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    France estimates that at least 13,000 Muslims in that country have become radicalized. There is no way they can keep a 24 hour watch on those people. We let in hundreds of thousands of people from Central American countries in the late 20th century because they were supposedly fleeing violence and most of them went to California. Our reward for taking them in was tens of thousands of them banding into street gangs that continue to this day, including the nationwide reach of the MS-13 gang.

    When you admit people from dysfunctional societies, they continue that behavior here. It may not even be the majority but it’s enough to cause problems. Liberals bash Israel, but that country is the shining exception to the dysfunctional and violent Muslim countries that surround them. The west must decide if we want to survive or keep following this politically correct see no evil policy.

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      really!!!?.,,,,I see the violence but nothing like France ……shining exception…..why don;t you move there Leland if you like the way Israel lives……..

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        As usual you fail to get the point. Israel’s problem is all the crazies who live around them. Take any country in the proximity of them and tell me who has it together, those countries or Israel.

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    To Quote Trump About a Month Ago

    Before anti-immigration political parties sprouted up in the EU and the GOP joined Trump’s efforts turning the Syrian refugees back and the Paris terror attacks.

    He was the first to say….”send ’em all back”….