Some Basic Facts about Refugees

UNHCRRefugees are very much at the forefront of the public conscience. In recent months we have seen a wave of migrants streaming out of Syria and other failed states in the Middle East and Africa. Europe is struggling to deal with millions of people who have arrived, or are expected to arrive on their shores. But the crisis is also affecting the United States. President Obama has asserted his intention to resettle at least 10,000 Syrians in the U.S. this fiscal year, despite warnings by American and foreign intelligence services that we cannot effectively screen out dangerous migrants.

The already volatile issue became even more volatile with the Nov. 13 attacks in Paris. At least one of the attackers was carrying a Syrian passport further raising concerns about the ability of ISIS and other terrorist organizations infiltrate operatives into Western nations.

In light of current circumstances and recent events, FAIR has prepared a basic primer on the refugee issue, Immigration Basics: Refugees.

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    In order to ger rid of ISIS, americans have to get rid of Obama first. He is their commaner in chief.
    Once it happens, then you will see the results. Otherwise, the crimes will continue.

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      So perfectly stated. Exactly what must happen to stop further carnage…Remove the Islamist head of ISIS in our White House…Remove him at once….put him it Gitmo…Problem solved….

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    The influx of “Syrian refugees” has already been shown to be neither Syrian nor refugee, but rather a geographic spectrum of mostly young males seeking economic betterment.

    But there is a much more sinister aspect to this “immigration.”

    Rather than being a self-motivated immigration, this mass influx has all the earmarks of being initiated, organized, and facilitated by the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, or some other powerful Islamic group with the specific intent of Islamicizing Europe.

    Frighteningly, primarily because of self-hating European leftists, they are succeeding.

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    They are not coming here to get help other than to invaide us! We are bringing them in to take us over! Thanks Democrats and OBAMA!

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    If it wasn’t only fighting age males that were coming out of these countries as “refugees”, then maybe there would be a good reason for sympathy. This new technique of invasion, by playing on a people’s compassion, is going to get many innocent citizens killed.

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    CENTER FOR IMMIGRATION STUDIES issued a report that it costs 12 times more to bring a refugee here to the U.S. than to relocate them to a camp in the mideast………..Why would we waste the money bringing some here when we can help many more there with the same amount of money.?

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      Agreed! Somewhere closer to their homeland must be a place where permanent settlements could be built.
      There they could get micro loans to start businesses and become self sufficient eventually.

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        They don’t want that…They want to destroy us…Do not think that they are looking for the American Way…They are mostly savages who do not even use toilets in their countries…they have no way to relate to American living except to destroy us or get a free ride and bring us down on their time…

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    How About Fixing American Poverty, Disabilities, Under-employment Wages and Homelessness First?

    The open border billionaires lobbyists for a NWO say American citizens in dire need can just eat cake. Foreigners come first to them.