A Refugee Risk Our Country Can’t Afford

2000px-LocationSyria.svgWith Americans questioning our national security and the risks posed by lax immigration enforcement, the president’s recent decision to admit more refugees is dangerous and tone-deaf.

The president is promising to admit an additional 10,000 refugees from Syria into the country, while offering vague assurances that they will be properly screened so they don’t pose a threat to our homeland.

This plan concerns many and not just because of last week’s horrific attack on Paris. Several of Obama’s own officials warned about the risks of accepting Syrian refugees, saying the U.S. wouldn’t “know a whole lot” about the individuals crossing our borders.

Though our president promises secure screening, the process has already proved itself ineffective. Two Iraqi refugees who settled in Kentucky after being admitted to the country turned out to be al Qaeda-linked terrorists. They were caught attempting to get their hands on weapons. Another refugee in Idaho was charged with supporting a terrorist organization and teaching people how to build bombs. Somali refugees in Minnesota have faced numerous convictions for collaborating with terror groups. A Bosnian refugee in Missouri, who entered the country with his wife and five others relatives, donated supplies and money to terrorist organizations in Syria and Iraq. All of these people made it into our country through the screening President Obama says is secure.

The Department of Homeland Security reports that about 174,060,462 people enter the United States from other countries each year. That’s over 476,000 each day. These figures include temporary non-immigrant visa holders as well as immigrants, refugees, and asylees. This staggering number doesn’t include the estimated 500,000 illegal immigrants who come to this country each year.

These numbers are overwhelming. The idea that we have the structure in place to properly screen and account for all of those people is laughable.

If even .00001% of these people were bad actors, that’s 1,740 folks we need to be concerned about. No screening system ever invented could claim credibility to the 1/10,000th degree.

The current revolving door imposes enormous screening burden – if not the guarantee of mishaps – so why would we admit a large block of refugees from a part of the world where conducting meaningful background checks is impossible? America is already at risk due to the massive number of arrivals raining an imperfect vetting process.

It only takes one terrorist disguised as a refugee living on American soil to transform our country forever with a major attack.

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    Is this problem caused by consensual sex or rape? Why is there NO contraception available in the third world countries? Why does the U.S. of A. take care of THEIR problems?

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    The Bottom Line

    As time marches on and overpopulation likely worsens; this rivalry between the Western countries that control their birthrates and the 3rd world that doesn’t will grow and grow…

    Nothing will be solved until we control world overpopulation.

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      Exactly. The subject that is not being discussed in the major media outlets is the role the global population explosion is playing in all of this. If the population of the Middle East today was what it was seventy years ago, there would be fewer terrorists and fewer refugees, etc. Solving the problem of the global population explosion will not solve the problem of war, terrorism, poverty, etc. but if the world does not solve the problem of overpopulation these problems will never be solved.

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