Speaker Ryan’s Claims About House Refugee Bill Gets 3 Turkeys

Paul_Ryan_VP_announcement turkey-48220_640House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) apparently thinks the American people are turkeys. In a Monday op-ed published on CNN’s website, Ryan beat the drumstick: “the House of Representatives passed a bill last week that would pause the Syrian refugee program until we can be certain no one coming here is a threat to our country.” (emphasis added) Basting on a little more praise he continued, “We think the prudent, responsible thing is to take a pause on this particular aspect of this refugee program until we have a more reliable process.” (emphasis added)

Of course, the bill Ryan is referencing is Homeland Security Chairman Michael McCaul’s H.R. 4038, the American Security Against Foreign Enemies (SAFE) Act.

I don’t mean to squash the Speaker’s (pumpkin) pie in the sky view of the American SAFE Act but he is misrepresenting the bill. If you feast your eyes on FAIR’s bill summary, you will see that nothing in H.R. 4038 requires the Obama administration to pause the admission of Syrian refugees. Instead, this bill merely requires the FBI Director to conduct a “thorough background investigation” and certify that the Syrian refugee is not “a threat to the security of the United States.” This bill is flawed because it operates under the false premise that the U.S. can properly vet people from the Middle East despite FBI Director James Comey testifying that it is not possible.

In short, all this bill does is require three Obama administration officials to certify that, to the best of their knowledge, Syrian refugees do not pose a national security threat. Simply put, this bill needed more stuffing. Unfortunately, Speaker Ryan decided on a wishbone approach to handling Syrian refugees rather than the commonsense alternative that would have actually paused the refugee program for six months.

Curiously, other parts of Ryan’s op-ed seem to acknowledge the inherent flaws in H.R. 4038. Contradictorily, he says “we simply don’t have a sufficient process for figuring out who each person is and verifying his or her background…. We just don’t have all that much information to check about Syrian refugees. Many high-ranking administration officials have said as much.” Combined, the Speaker’s op-ed is more confusing than a fruit-based pie being called mincemeat.

The Speaker’s defense of H.R. 4038 drowns in a gravy boat of logic and therefore, receives three turkeys.

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    Gee, isn’t this what Trump advocated? Shut the program down for those coming from areas where ISIS/ISIL is training so many to come here? Sounds like the same plan to me. Yet everyone on the Hill wants to make him look like a tyrant for his plan to keep us a bit safer..

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    It’s totally unnecessary to take in these Syrian refurgees. All we would have to do is create a safe zone for them in Syria for them. The reason Obama wants to bring them in here is to eventually give them citizenship so he can have more democrat voters.

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      I agree Conservative. Ryan is beginning to follow the same path that got Boehner fired. He needs to straighten up immediately, or he to must be fired.

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    All one needs to do is look at the cities of Brussels and Paris in the last couple weeks to see major cities brought to practically a standstill by the threat of Islamic terrorism. This is the result of letting the blind pursuit of multiculturalism overwhelm common sense.

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      You are completely wrong…if there were no multiculturalism…we would have never become a power…the problem is that France let them do their way…..such as veils for driver’s licenses….and they do to integrate….SO if they want to make you be like them then they should go back to what they come from…if their religion implies you die and no freedom then the same they should o be accepted……that is the only culture that has had problems even in Canada where fathers kill their own children because of the culture religious differences……SO AGAIN you are making a mistake generalizing that all cultures are like that…….when it is not true……..but I agree about the reason Franceis in trouble what is what Germany has it coming…and even us………

      Kast I heard, muslims do not integrate to our way in their majority and in many states they have their own community outside big cities which I think it i is a problem……..especially when you have one kid and they have 3-5+

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        A thought…..well we should not tell them what to do or how many children…..we are the home of the free……………so we should keep on practicing that……..SO……if the American way is practiced we will be gone in the next century……perhaps the Constitution should be re-written adding that ONLY to those who integrate and practice the same so that our way of life is to remain forever.

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          The forefathers including mine ( 3ggf who was a FF) …never thought this could ever happen….they envisioned a great country for the great grand children to take care of and do the same……..it appears we might have failed on envisioning this as a must that we should improve from generation to generation but instead we did not do it and now we are in trouble…….we are not doing our part and using that ingenuity to protect and improve our way of living……..the FF never thought this specific culture was going to eve move here…….but it has been our job to make sure changes to the Constitution,,,,and instead we all think it is sacred so do not change it……big mistake…..we are now 330M people so many things do not hold anymore……..when Laws and paper no longer holds it is meant to be re-written…..our laws were not meant to run us down but to keep a balance and they are not being fine-tuned properly……

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            More endless trolling. In your first post you agreed Islam has a problem with integrating in Western countries. That’s what I said, so how am I “completely wrong”?

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            I am sorry Leland but it is impossible to have an educated conversation with you, so the same way you answer me I will give you the same love: you need to go to Adult continuing Education to catch up with reading and English comprehension skills……….

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            Well then, let me quote you. You said “but I agree about the reason France is in trouble what is what Germany has it coming”. So again, where am I “completely wrong”? Perhaps you’re aren’t the one to be discussing “English comprehension”. Or maybe you’re just schizophrenic.

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            Leland the issue is that you never left your town………you are unable to understand and reason in English…….

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            Just because you say you are a descendant of one of our FFS doesn’t make it true or have any relevance here. The Constitution does not need to be rewritten, it needs to be adhered to. We have to stop letting corrupt and treasonous elected officials stay in office, treason and corruption are destroying our nation.

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        Why is it these muslims come to my country and try to turn my country into the same shithole they escape from?

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        Ah, yes, note the comment about ” you have one kid and they have 3-5+”
        As far back as Yassar Araphat the muslim leaders were saying they would win over us, that they would “win with their wombs.”
        In other words, they planned to become citizens, then have so many children that they could out vote the opposition.
        Like the Chinese who think on a longer time scale than we do, they plan to overwhelm us. And we cannot win if we cannot comprehend, or refuse to believe what is coming.

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        They, the muslims for the most part, are not coming to the USA to become citizens. They are invading our country with the hopes of changing it into what they ran away from. The USA is under attack from an enemy that wants to eliminate our way of life and enforce theirs. Our leaders on Capitol Hill have allowed this cancer to metastasize throughout the entire USA. I doubt we’ll ever be able to rid ourselves of these radicals.

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      Government of the People,by the people… well “THIS PEOPLE” has about had it with Scalawags like Ryan ! Government has outlived it’s usefulness… it’s now hopefully useless…

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    If everyone would think that every Syrian (or any Middle Eastern) refugee was a terrorist and a threat what would it be for those refugees who genuinely needed urgent help? Do we need to let someone die first before we act? The mindset that a Syrian refugee was a terrorist must be stricken out from us people. We need to do measures now to stop or lessen the agony of these no man’s land wanderers. They have been kicked out from their own land, stripped off with their citizenship and now, nobody cares at all. Why are called human then?

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      Not Politically Correct on

      It would make much more sense for them (refugees) and us (United States) to be place them in safe zone refugee camps in Syria or the surrounding countries. We could then be assured that no terrorist does make it over here under guise as a “refugee” and it would be much more cost effective. We could care for 100 of them for one year in one of the nearby nations to Syria with what it costs to bring 10 to the United States and “resettle” them; not to mention what it would cost overall as “refugees” are immediately eligible for all types of government aid including health care.

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    I expressed my dismay with my representative about the “safe act 2015” and was quickly rebuked, and told that Little Lord Fauntleroy was going to be deemed the MOST CONSERVATIVE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE IN HISTORY. And that people that disagreed were just Far Right Nut Jobs. Imagine that.
    Will be sending this to him first thing Monday morning.

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    Ryan’s immigration policies are nothing to feel secure about, but then one just has to look at flaming incompetent sullying the White House today, to grasp the danger that this nation faces. Due to the continued lawlessness and obstruction of justice (unenforced Rule of Law) that has perpetuated our useless government, U.S. citizens pay an extremely high burden for their insanity.

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    To make this bill truly effective, it should be required that the person who vets a refugee is prosecuted for any crimes later committed by that refugee.
    I trust the number vetted would drop sharply if this was added to the bill.

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      Not Politically Correct on

      And make some of these bleeding heart liberals that say we need to open our country to them be the ones to take them into their homes.