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givingtuesday_blogOn this #GivingTuesday, people across the nation are banding together to bring Americans out of the shadows and into the immigration debate. Will you join the cause?

For too long, amnesty-driven special interest groups have intimidated Americans who disagree with open borders into silence. With your help, FAIR is ready to launch a multi-million dollar television, radio, and internet ad campaign in 2016 to bring Americans out of the shadows and into the immigration debate.

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    For those who insist that Republicans only need to endorse amnesty to receive electoral riches from Latinos, Bernie Sanders “plan” for immigration “reform” proves that the GOP can never out promise the Democrats. Sanders plan, completely based on his assertion that he has the executive authority to set virtually all immigration law by decree, puts that idea to rest. He proposes a complete amnesty, and no enforcement, none. He claims that the border need not be secured with “boondoggle walls” and he calls for “modern” solutions like drones and cameras. Never mind that the Border Patrol says walls and fences work, and it’s proven they do, and that the drone system has been tried and declared a failure.

    If you need any more reason to see that the Democrats have abandoned the American working class in favor of foreigners, this is it. Sanders crocodile tears for native born workers are contradicted by the fact that his plans will flood this country with ever more low education foreign workers who will compete for the ever shrinking job pool and drive wages to nothing.