Dan Stein Discusses Trump’s Remarks on Muslim Immigration

Watch FAIR’s President, Dan Stein, discuss Donald Trump’s plan to temporarily ban all Muslim immigration on NewsmaxTV.

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    You can not vet “devotion” and Muslims WILL lie. A woman wearing a hijab is a “card” carrying Sharia supporter . You can spot devotion with the outfitts they wear. By the type beards they wear. If a chin strap beard is red.. you have an orthodox Muslim. So you can SEE a Muslim from quite a distance. Now they DO lie. And there are questions that can be asked. I debate Muslims. And they try to trick all the time.. lie and say I am a Christian.. But they can’t hide. There is a way Muslims behave that tells you. Their culture is THAT Different. Once I out a Muslim( in debate) then we can actually have a dialogue. They think I will listen to them if I think they are Christian. But All I listen to is the facts and references needed to prove the point. GO TRUMP.