Obama Administration Expected UAC Border Surge

090317-N-5253T-016In October—which marks the beginning of the new fiscal year for the government—the number of unaccompanied alien minors (UACs) and family units crossing the Southern border unlawfully increased significantly compared to October 2014. Remarkably, even more UACs and family units came across the border in November.

While the Obama administration has claimed it was caught off guard by the surge this fall, a recently obtained official document proves the President’s team expected this border surge.

In a memo to the “Secretaries of the Military Departments Director, Joint Staff” dated November 25, Robert Salesses, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense reveals that “DoD has received a formal request for assistance from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to provide temporary housing support for [UACs].” The memo goes on to solicit information about DoD facilities that are “able to accommodate at least 300 beds, and be available for at least 60 continuous days during calendar year 2016.”

Although not specified in the memo, the HHS formal request necessarily had to originate in early November or possibly late October. Importantly, the increase in unlawful border crossings in October and November bucks the historical trend of decreasing border crossings during the colder months. Thus, the fact that the Obama administration was soliciting additional detention space for UACs before it even published the October numbers shows it has been aware of the surge for a while but failed to take immediate actions to stop the influx.

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    Barbara Griffith on

    Mr. Law
    From what I have heard today the US Constitution does state that a president can stop immigration if the president considers they pose a threat to the country. Someone on one of the blogs must have looked this up. I will have to check my copy of the US Constitution but I think it is in there so all of the screaming against Trump only makes the MSM look like a bunch of morons along with all of the politicians wanting to kick Trump out of the race. Most of the politicians are lawyers so why wouldn’t they know it was legal? Mr.Law do you know if a president can stop immigration if it considered a danger to the country?

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      Yes Barbara

      The Republican Leadership and the DNC Hate Trump’s Guts

      He pushes the politically correct nonsense buttons off and to argue with him is political suicide now. I heard on today’s CNN that the Iowa Caucuses [made up of mainly of the establishment Republican minority I imagine] polled Cruze with a 2% lead over Trump today [their assumption was the Muslim comment hurt his poll numbers]; then that story was puilled by CNN and replaced with the truth…..Trump’s poll numbers surged to 40% today because he made the Muslim comment.

      MSM is 70% “dumb” as Trump would state.

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    Why do illegals sneak across the border? Because they have no education, no job skills and no money and would be rejected on any application as a burden to the US welfare department.

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    Barack and his lowlife minions have been holding the dog bone out since his initial election, expose the scum for what they are.

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    If his lips are moving he’s lying. And boo hoo for the mideast Gulf State leaders. They’re all upset because Trump told the truth about their follower’s proclivity towards repression and violence. Of course, they never open their mouths when it’s Christians in the Muslim world who are driven from their homes and even murdered, solely on the basis of their religion. Total hypocrites.

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    Wouldn’t it be more accurate to say, “Obama Administration Engineered UAC Border Surge?”