Dan Stein on Fox News Discusses K-1 Visas

FAIR President Dan Stein appeared on Fox News December 11, 2015 to discuss K-1 visas and the national security risk they pose. Watch below.


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    Great job Dan. After seeing politically correct liberals in the media laughing at Trump and his supporters for being racists for wanting a temporary ban on Muslim immigration, I think at this point the only way reality is going to sink in for people this clueless is if there is a mass casualty terrorist attack where tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of Americans are killed. I obviously hope that something like this never happens, but our enemies would love nothing more than to carry out an attack on this scale.

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      I wonder if the moderators for the Tuesday GOP debate will ask each candidate about whether they support the 12 nation TPP “free trade” pact. Trump has always been opposed because he says [correctly] that these deals never work out well for the American worker and increase our trade deficits instead of decrease them. It also hands over a lot of power to foreign countries and international trade commissions. Cruz and Rubio both expressed support in the past. No reason all the candidates should not be asked their position on this very important treaty because all the details are [finally] public.

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    Whatever Trump says, I think the far more disturbing statement was made by Hillary after the Paris attacks: “Let’s be clear, Islam is not our adversary. Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.”

    She knows that’s blatantly false. How much of her time as Secretary of State was spent on trying to put out fires all over the world ignited by Muslims. Not as much attention has been given to it, but Boko Haram is doing almost daily suicide bombings in Africa. And let’s not forget that it was that group of “peaceful” Muslims that kidnapped those hundreds of girls in Nigeria. For all her concern, I never noticed the First Lady make that connection.

    Research polls done by Pew in 2013 found that substantial majorities in some Muslim countries [88% Egypt, 62% Pakistan] favor the death penalty for leaving Islam. Tell me how those attitudes can possibly be described as “peaceful and tolerant”? It’s nothing but political correctness put forth by those too cowardly to take a stand.

    And not only do people like Clinton, helped by the media, try to convince the American people of this nonsense, those statements actually provide an incentive for the Islamic world not to change. Hey, why reflect on your beliefs when major political figures not only will not speak the truth, but insist everything you do is wonderful.

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      Nice points! This political correctness has to stop. If we continue down the road of political correctness we will end of having events that have happened in England occur here. Case in point is the Rotherham rape scandal where the cops refused to arrest the Pakistani muslim perps because of fear of being caused racist.