Twenty-Five Years of Helping Foreigners Take American Jobs


Twenty-five years ago, President George H. W. Bush signed into law the Immigration Act of 1990. Instead of reforming the corrosive effects of the Immigration Act of 1965, an act that birthed the mass immigration system we have today, the 1990 act made the situation dramatically worse and make it less likely Americans would fill American jobs.

The act raised the annual immigration ceiling from 530,000 to 700,000 (excluding other types of legal entry like refugee admissions) while creating a coterie of new immigrant and guestworker visas, mostly for semi-skilled and unskilled workers.

Perhaps the most controversial creation of the 1990 act was the H-1B guestworker program. This “grandfather of all American worker sellouts,” according to Michelle Malkin and John Miano in their latest book on the subject, is taken up mostly by bachelor degree-holders from India (where such degrees take only three years) and, according to critics, was really designed not for the “best and brightest” but simply for “ordinary people, doing work.”

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      Companies who claim they can find no workers in america for the job and want bring in foreign workers should be required to pay for the training of an American worker that would soon be hired instead and then the foreign worker would be sent home. I would bet this requirement would cut way down on companies saying they could not find Americans to work for them.

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    Since 2002, the US has created about 9 million new jobs and imported about 18 million immigrants with about 90% new jobs going to easily exploitable immigrants. Unless you turn off the job magnet, they will keep coming no matter what roadblock you put in their way. Only about 10% American business participate in voluntary everify for obvious reasons.

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    And something that would make it even worse is the 12 nation TPP trade deal, which would bring massive increases in foreign workers at all levels. Companies will just say they need workers and they will automatically get visas for them. Senator Mitch McConnell said last week that it should not be voted on before the November 2016 elections. Why? Should not something that will have a huge impact on this country, far more than NAFTA, be a matter of public debate? Shouldn’t candidates state where they stand? Only Trump has definitely said no on the GOP side.

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      I’m an Engineer, Retired Now [Thank God]

      And I don’t care if they assemble it on the moon….as long as its American engineered. The current American engineer GLUT no one’s talking about or telling the truth about makes it ludicrous for American engineers to drive anything but an American engineered car [250,000 technicals were butcher axed from Detroit in 2007 per BLS]….am I wrong and if it were your career field wouldn’t you be saying the same thing?

      BTW, some of the laid off 250K technicals were recently offered their Detroit jobs back,a lot of the laid off technicals told the “Big Three” to go to Hades, we don’t trust ’em anymore. Do you blame us?