Flashback Friday: Kosovo Refugees

Looking through FAIR’s old newsletters this week  I was struck by one article from 1999 about refugees from Kosovo. You can read the full article in this scanned graphic, but one point sticks out – our refugee policy hasn’t improved in 16 years. In the story, FAIR pointed out that the Clinton administration was aiding Slobodan Milosevic by permanently resettling refugees far away from the conflict area.

As we noted back then, and with special relevance to another group of refugees seeking to come to the U.S. today from Syria:

“It makes no sense to bring the refugees into a permanent resettlement program if the objective of our military action is to assure that the Kosovars can return to their homes. Historically, every group that has arrived “temporarily” has remained here permanently.  FAIR again commented publicly, “This decision by the administration will, if anything, only encourage ethnic cleansing in many other troubled areas of the world.”

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    From a story by Don Lee, Tribune Washington Bureau:

    “The nation’s middle class, long a pillar of the US economy and foundation of the American Dream, has shrunk to the point it no longer constitutes the majority of the adult population, according to a new study. The Pew Research Center report released this week put in sharp relief the nation’s increasing income divide.”

    How many times have we seen some “study” claiming that immigration is making us all richer? How many people have we seen calling for more immigration as the cure for what ails us?

    Those on the side of restricting immigration to raise wages have been saying for years that the mass immigration of the last 30 years, by far the largest wave in our country’s history, is reducing wages for the working and middle classes and that the biggest beneficiary is the upper 10%, who are the exact same people who have pushed for mass immigration.

    So it’s beyond time for the people who support even more immigration. including open border libertarians, to explain how that is going to change these figures, when their precious theory has already been tried and shown to produce the exact opposite of their projections. And it’s also beyond time for the press to start asking the same questions, but we know they won’t because their “coverage” of the issues extends little past who gained or lost a few points in the polls.

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    By the way everybody is against the mexicans when they r the hardest working group out of all and being illegal still do not need the gov….k=like the Cubans, somalis and newly muslins being brought in here….the usual story….the ones that deserve a chance are the ones that do not get the treatment…..and I meant the good mexicans as there are criminal here too even though some of the people here believe we are saints!

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    Karl if you have noticed it has been several congress sessions the congressmen and women do patch and hardly do anything to improve anything….they old big 5 year olds fighting …the answer simple…..congress should serve the same as the president no more than 2 terms to avoid complacency n favoritism….no more pensions for life unless merited and no heath insurance life term neither………then in 20 years we should be back in shape…..