FAIR Releases 2015 Congressional Voting Report

FAIR Action AlertFAIR’s Government Relations team is sending this alert to inform you that the latest Congressional Voting Report has just been released. The Voting Report is designed to help you understand how your lawmakers voted on immigration measures during the First Session of the 114th Congress in furtherance of a rational immigration system.

Despite having complete control of Congress and the majority of Americans behind them, Republican leaders showed little desire to pursue true immigration reforms or rein in the Obama administration’s flagrant abuse of executive power. However, both chambers did consider several important immigration-related amendments, nominations, and bills in 2015. Specifically, this report includes votes on:

  • Defunding President Obama’s unlawful executive amnesty programs
  • Nominating pro-amnesty U.S. District Attorney Loretta Lynch to become Attorney General
  • Defunding State and local jurisdictions with dangerous “sanctuary city” policies

The Voting Report includes a brief summary of each vote and indicates whether FAIR supported or opposed the measure. If your Senators and Representative voted with FAIR’s position, you will see a green plus sign (+). If your Senators and Representative voted against FAIR’s position, you will see a red minus sign (-).

We encourage all of our members to review the Congressional Voting Report and learn more about how their lawmakers are representing them. You can access the report here.



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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    The report of voting record reflects exactly what I expected. I don’t understand how the Democrats can get re-elected by supporting Obama’s increasing the ease of people ILLEGALLY getting in the The Dem supporters must be so dumb that they don’t realize that an immigrant is taking away jobs from CITIZENS; or is it that SO MANY of CITIZENS don’t have to work because they live off their girlfriends and babies who exist ONLY BECAUSE THEY ARE ON ALL THE WELFARE PROGRAMS which WE WORKING citizens have to support
    The money wasted on helping people reproduce non-working citizens and that given to foreign countries who hold the US in great contempt, ie Iran, could be used to improve the US decaying infrastructure and thus help factories get goods to the public to be sold as well as get the workers to their jobs safely.
    The dumbing down of the US has occurred and now we have the government systems which will have a few powerful at the top and the rest of us at the very bottom. What will we do about this?.

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    Anyone see the story about the attacks on German women in Cologne on New Year’s Eve by what were universally described as “African or Arab men”? Almost 100 women were surrounded by packs of 20 or more men and sexually assaulted. Muslim women are treated like possessions to begin with and a lot of Muslim men seem to regard non Muslim women as fair game. Naturally German authorities said don’t make any conclusions about refugees based on this. What difference does it make. It was not Germans doing it.

    Sweden has the highest number of rape cases in Europe and most of those are non Swedish men doing the assaults. But when you encourage these people to come, why are you so surprised when they repeat the behavior so prevalent in their home countries. Remember when Lara Logan of CBS News was assaulted in Cairo during a demonstration in 2011? She estimated that a mob of 200 to 300 men ripped her clothes and assaulted her. And she is hardly the only women journalist to have that happen to her. But don’t say anything because it’s racist if you do.

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      Western liberals say they are for women’s rights, but then turn around and say we should bring in huge numbers of men from backward cultures where women are treated like they are less than human. How can anyone say they are for women’s rights and then look the other way when women are assaulted by Muslim men in Western countries?

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        Women are not only mistreated, but are unequal under Sharia law. A woman’s testimony in a Sharia court is not considered the equal of a man’s. In other words, if the two claim different things, she’s assumed not to be telling the truth unless some other evidence supports her.

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    This was a nice concise report kudos to FAIR for producing it! From the looks at it the Democrats rarely strayed from the party line on any of the votes. Pelosi and Reid must wield tremendous power to neuter their members like they do. I counted 9 House Dems that strayed on in most cases one vote. In the Senate it was worse only one Dem strayed from the party directive.

    I will be forwarding the links to several folks.

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      Think about it: the republicans did EVERYTHING they could to nullify anything the Democrats wanted, it’s NOT following party line but our beliefs The government is seriously divided not because of party bosses but by different people!

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    Its Really Simple

    Americans want a worker wage that’s livable. Not the present Establishment course of giving all our jobs to overpopulation green cards and illegals.