VIDEO: Dan Stein on Potential Terrorists Crossing the Border

FAIR’s President, Dan Stein, appeared on Newsmax TV on January 7, 2016 to discuss the recent arrest of men at the border who came from countries with strong terrorist networks. 

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    These Terrorist Issues are Just Hitting the MSM Fan Now, after Paris and Trump

    Its been going on bad for the last 10-15 yrs. Immigration caused murders, rapes, and violence has never been identified as terrorist caused, we’ve been continuously lied to again by the Dem/Rep foreign/corporate lobbyists. They don’t care about America, just their “bottom line”.

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    Similar to what has happened in Europe, where “refugees” pass through several other Muslim countries to get to their destinations like Germany, Central Americans pass through at least one, Mexico, and sometimes several other countries to get to the US. This suggests that the main force behind them coming here, as in Europe, is not so much fleeing violence, but a desire for the lifestyle and generous welfare benefits of this country.

    As far as violence in their home countries, how is that different than the gang shootings and drive-bys that go on daily in major cities like Chicago, Baltimore and many others? The answer is to move, simplistic as it sounds, but you can remove yourself from those areas and still be in the same country. Do we say residents of Chicago are refugees, or do we suggest they clean up their own neighborhoods?