Hillary Clinton Claims U.S. Can’t Afford Border Fence

800px-Hillary_Clinton_2007-3On January 6 Hillary Clinton, whose campaign has proposed approximately one trillion dollars worth of additional future spending, declared that the U.S. federal government simply can’t put the cash together for a border fence.

In an interview with FOX 5 Las Vegas, anchor Christine Maddela asked Clinton if the U.S. could “afford to build a wall along the southern border or ship everyone back?” The Democratic hopeful took on an unusual fiscally reserved approach with her answer:

Well, I don’t think so. I think it’s particularly challenging for those who are advocating that to respond to the fact that we have spent many hundreds of billions of dollars tightening the border security on our southern border. And we do have barriers in many areas. The terrain is very, very difficult.

The border fence is estimated to require about $15-$25 billion to complete, with an additional annual cost of approximately $700 million for maintenance. However, when the price tag for this project is compared to the $113 billion FAIR estimates illegal immigration costs American citizens every year, even a small deterrence makes fiscal sense. If this increase in border security offered even a 5% decrease in the yearly cost of illegal immigration, the fence would pay for itself within 6 years. Taking this step further and coupling it with common-sense immigration policy reform, such as mandatory E-verify participation for employers, would save our nation billions of dollars annually.

In short, the math behind Hillary Clinton’s claim about the border fence simply doesn’t add up. It also asks an important question: Why is the fiscal cost of border security such a problem for her when far more expensive endeavors garner no such concern?

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    Joel Wischkaemper on

    Obama keeps telling us what we want. He has no idea what we want in spite of the front page news and a ton of statistics that tell us illegal aliens are very, very expensive workers. Obama is going to cost the American Taxpayers a lot of money when the tab rolls in on the illegal aliens he has already passed in.

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      Hillary is such a stupid “*****”. Just like her lover obumer she thinks she knows what Americans want. We Americans will foot the bill for a Border fence if we can rest assured the federal government will get their *** out of our business. It has been proven the current administration is “PRO Islam” and it is up to the American people” to disrupt this deadly ideology. We don’t want our government to intercede and we want to protect our borders at our cost. Point said.

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    Here we go again with Clinton witless statements. The border fence should have been completed shortly after G.W. Bush left office. Billions upon billions have since been spent in welfare and other freebies. Clinton should never see the Oval officer again. The fence woks, the San Diego Sector use to be a problem until the double fence went up and then the illegals shifted further south or launched their Panga boats into the Pacific

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    I kind of like the Old German border, make it run by the local militias with their own sections of the border to decorate as them Please. paid per head bounty to keep the border secure

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    Please view and tell your friends about “Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal”, available on You Tube. Building the wall is a whole hell of a lot cheaper than how much these illegals will cost us in government benefits. Goes for those already here also, it is cheaper to send them back on a first class ticket to wherever. Also man the border with a real border guard that is armed and capable of using a weapon. Believe me, they won’t be trying to cross for long. I am aware that these people do a lot of jobs Americans won’t do, but if you strip them of all those government benefits they receive for not working and that will change. Some people are just frigging lazy, they think someone owes them an existence. I don’t think that way (I’m not a Democrap). Democrats just love giving away hard working American’s money so they can build their voter block, it’s just that simple. There ought to be a bounty on ’em.

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    use the money from the foreign aid and grants that we give to mexico and south america to build the wall , the money is only being stolen by the politicians anyway

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    She’s not even in office and already she’s increasing our debt. Yep, She’s exactly what the doctor ordered.

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    Is it more expensive than the cost of hosting 10-30 million low-wage, welfare-dependent illegal immigrants?

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    hillary and bill are liers and all out for what they can get her recoreds show her charter she should be in jail for her actions

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    It’s just more of the same bull we heard from Bill when he was in charge. The Guard and the Reserve were building the fence and here were constant changes, stops and starts, and it was mostly done with surplus materials and donations. It was like his stop and start, and eventual reduced use of the military in Clinton’s drug wars. The helicopters, airships, radars and tracking sites were reduced to ensure the Clintons got their cuts and didn’t piss off the drug cartels. Crooks, crooks, and more crooks. The Clintons belong in prison, or worse!

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    Lie cutoff welfare and hud and free medical for border jumpers and you will have all the money you need to do a wall !

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    Such an obvious lie.It could be done in the ballpark of $5 billion.
    Border states spend more than that yearly for social service programs for these illegal immigrants.
    This is an obvious attempt to mislead.

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    What do you mean we can’t afford a border fence? Donald Trump says Mexico is going to pay for it. And he’ll make that happen. Also just think of the construction jobs putting people to work building that fence. Maybe if we took the money spent on all of the ILLEGAL ALIENS, yes I said it ILLEGAL (And for you folks from Rio Linda, when we speak of ALIENS we don’t mean from outerspace) we could have money to build the fence. Hillary you’re going to jail!

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      Of course America can spend trillions on unjust wars !, but taking care of things that provide safety are whitewashed. the more I listen to Hillary the more i dislike her BS …. I certainly could not vote for her. I traveled all over the world and have never see such a mess when it comes to border control than what goes on in America…..

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      I agree we need the wall and Hillary is a POS BUT get your history correct. The Berlin wall wall put up to keep East Germans IN not out of West Germany it had NOTHING to do with terrorism. These kind of statements are what make conservatives look stupid and undermine our cause

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        Joel Wischkaemper on

        But the fact is.. that wall kept the Communist Terrorists out of West Berlin. They did come over legally.. but we knew who they were, and where they were.

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    Yet another flaming example why Hillary should be kept out of our government, as she, along with the masses of clueless Democrats, continually exhibit their ignorance on the immigration tragedy that exists in the U.S. today. Due to the exorbitant numbers allowed, and there unending burden on taxpaying citizens of this country.

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    I have heard it said before that we can’t completely physically close the border because in some areas the terrain is too difficult. Well, I have watched videos produced by China’s military where their Border Guards, who have their own branch within China’s army, are patrolling snowy mountain peaks at high altitude along narrow mountain trails. They also have their own bases where they stay way up high in the snowy mountains when they are not out on patrol way at the top of the really tall snowy mountain peaks. And this doesn’t factor in whatever aircraft and other types of methods China uses along its borders where there is tough terrain.

    So if our government wanted to we could physically secure our borders, but corrupt politicians like Hillary care more about acquiring more power than protecting the American people.

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      We spend 600 billion dollars a year on the military, equal to the next 7 countries combined. We have bases all over the world. There is no reason we cannot control our border. Often, think Iraq and Libya, we proceed with some idea that all we have to do is “liberate” a nation from a dictator and all will be right. Instead they fall back into the fighting they have done for centuries. Strong defense is fine, but we can’t change the world. We can defend our borders, but we refuse to do it. The money and capability are there.

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        Some excerpts from a relevant story:

        Grid link powers border defense

        By Cui Jia in Kashgar, Xinjiang (China Daily) 2014-07-22

        –A stable power supply is a crucial strategic element for military border defense missions in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region….the deputy commander of the People’s Liberation Army’s Xinjiang military region, said on Monday.

        Huang made the remarks after power lines were connected to frontier defense stations on the China-Pakistan border.

        –Qi Yanping, deputy commander of the PLA’s Xinjiang military region, said that with high-tech equipment, the troops can better guard China’s borders.

        “Our basic mission is to not let a single terrorist or weapon enter China. We are even responsible for stopping herdsmen’s livestock, such as yaks, from crossing the border,” said Wang, whose company guards the 96-km China-Pakistan border.

        With sufficient electricity, armed border inspection forces based near the Khunjerab boundary marker, at an altitude of 5,200 meters, can employ advanced X-ray systems to check different vehicles for weapons and drugs.

        “The project mainly serves the border defense forces, but it also benefits more than 60 herdsmen who previously lived without electric.”

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            Blah blah blah. Look up Operation Gatekeeper under Bill Clinton. It reduced crossings at the California border so significantly that advocacy groups were complaining that illegals were now having to make the more difficult desert treks.

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            Joel Wischkaemper on

            In 2013, the illegal aliens, who are not supposed to get welfare, took over 700 million dollars in welfare, and I would bet her bippy that isn’t all they took either. The Democrats still have control of the counting machines and they aren’t going to break the news to us until much later.

            The fact is, until Mr. Trump is President, we won’t have any idea how much the illegal aliens will cost us. It will be a heck of a lot more than 700 million though.

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        All these unjust wars are about getting control to grab their oil and other riches… Our soldiers are not hero’s they a fodder for the greedy Oil kings calling our government lead by the current Pres. Obama. I can imagine that the members of the Nobel Price committee feel like fools by now giving Obama the Peace Price. Hope and Change eh? Just sickening….

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    She has to pander to Hispanics for votes so therefore she is never going to tell the truth. Huge numbers of illegals get all kinds of welfare for their US born children. If those illegals were not here, the children aren’t here and the money does not have to be spent. Fences work in the areas where we have them.

    She should know, it was during her husband’s administration that a double layer fence was built along the California border. It’s worked very well. How do we know? Because the crossings in California dropped to a small fraction of what they were previously. That’s why the much more difficult routes through places like Arizona started to be used. Not because the illegals wanted to, they just knew the California routes were effectively shut down.

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      guys…..are you also as obsolete as Congress?…..we need no Wall to solve the issue!!!

      Especially you Leland…..and yo still think a wall will fix the situation it is just a waste of money

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        Same old nonsense as always. Did you read what I said about the double layer fence that Bill Clinton had built in California. Crossings dropped to next to nothing there. But don’t confuse yourself with the facts.

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        No Change – I totally agree with you. No wall is required. Just station armed guards all along the border and give them orders to shot anyone who crosses illegally. I figure it would take about 1 week for the word to get back to those planning to invade America. Problem solved.