VIDEO: Dan Stein on Supreme Court Decision to Hear Obama Amnesty Appeal

Federation for American Immigration Reform president Dan Stein appeared on Voice of America news to discuss the Supreme Court hearing an appeal by the Obama administration of a court order putting a hold on the executive amnesty plan announced in 2014.

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    InYerFaceAndWhyNot on

    If Obama, the Caliph himself, would just once show he cares about citizens above his own perverted grand vision of who we have been and who we prefer to be, then maybe citizens would support an occasional arrogance. Maybe. But Obama is so full time arrogant, full time anti-citizen (which means anti-American) always full of hate filled racism, never can tolerate others opinions and seems to favor giving as much as he can away to muslims before he leaves office. So why does it surprise anyone that citizens resist catering to illegals? It is simply too much. If we give it all away who are we all of a sudden? Screw Obama, who we are is very much worth fighting for, not what Obama thinks we should be. That’s the real issue.

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    Great job, Dan,

    Your organization has facts, statistics, charts and is always updated. Fantastic! If the government gained correct facts and information the way your organization does, we would not have the absolute mess the country has involved into the last 20 years.
    Thank you and Numbers USA for all you do!

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    1. Since the DHS revealed that they can’t even keep track of less than one percent of visa overstays, who are legal immigrants, why trust them to expand their incompetence even further? Can’t the Supreme Court say that the incompetence has already gone too far? In civil law, there is the doctrine of “unclean hands.”
    2. We are supposed to be careful as to how foreign interests influence our government. Even Senator Obama complained about American Jews influencing US decisions on behalf of Israel. Yet supporters of illegal aliens (foreign citizens) organize them into public pressure groups, organize demonstrations, protests,—and even chanting outside of the Supreme Court. This is clearly foreign influence. All foreign influence of US officials is supposed to go only through registered lobbyists.
    3. Get the best amicus briefs and arguments you can. This is going to be earth shaking if Obama wins this one.

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      DHS doesn’t want to keep track of the Visa overstays. If they have their backs against the walls, they say Congress has not given them the money, We must demand they begin working Visa overstays immediately and every one who comes into this country is accounted for – to be returned to their home countries.
      It would cost much less to monitor and return these overstays than to chase these :”so called” refugees all over the country.
      The ‘turn back at the Border Law” was changed in 2008 (pushed thru last hours of Bush Administration. It was suppose to be a law to stop “human trafficking” but turned into an open door policy for the South and Central American countries. Write to your Representatives and ask if they voted for this law and tell them it is time to amend it – it was originally the “Wilbert Wilberforce law of 1800s. If Congress can work on an amendment to correct the “loophole” – and have it ready for the next President it will not make South and Central Americans open to “refuge” status just because they live in a rogue country.
      Otherwise, we can try and ask Congress to cut out all funds to these countries until they learn how to protect their people. It may take Donald Trump as President but bet he would work at it. And, hopefully, charge the big taxes on imports. He could also charge a “large” transfer fee” for money going to these and other rogue nations.

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    All of the time and energy the illegal aliens in the video are putting into protesting should be instead spent on working to make their home countries a better place. A common argument used was “We are human beings”. Well, there are over 7 billion human beings on this planet, and we do not have enough space, jobs, natural resources, money etc. to accommodate everyone on the planet who decides they want to move here.

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    I don’t care if they’re working.
    I don’t care if they’re jacking off with their thumbs up their nose.
    If they are illegal

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    Leland, I agree. There are no laws when it comes to Immigration in this country. At lest, very few that are enforced, although we have “strict laws” on the books.
    The best way for any Presidential candidate, including Sanders and Clinton to cover for their promises is for the Supreme Court to decide against the Obama Administration. Since a majority of the States have filed suits due to the “enormous” costs, it seems this was a tremendous overreach on the Administration’s part. What Obama did was take a huge sector of “unlawful” visitors to this country and give them a pass to stay, work, obtain benefits and eventually “naturalization” or “citizenship.”
    In Reagan’s case in the Eighties, Reagan went through the Congress and Senate, but failed to close the Border or cure the “illegal immigration” problem for the future.
    Obama Administration went over the ‘entire” Washington representation , “States Rights” and more than half of the American voting population without any regard to to our laws, our changing economy or the cost of this program.
    If the Supreme Court decides for the Obama Administration, they are disregarding States Rights, Immigration Laws and ‘fairness” to American workers and ” immigrants”, who have waited years to become LPRs or citizens.
    It would also open the door to Presidential Wild West or anything goes “policy” which would give future Presidents a precedent to push laws “solo” far beyond what “executive order” means.
    Surly the Supreme Court doesn’t want to weaken their position. Nor should they trample over States rights or change the face of America by ruling this or any massive overreach by a President which adversely affects a majority of its citizens is Constitutional.

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    Some say illegal aliens number as many as 30 million…..add the millions of legal immigrants and when do we become the toilet of the world?

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      If not more. In 2000, it was reported the population of Mexico numbered 150 million. In 2006 it was reported Mexico had a population of 100 million. Someone actually had the balls to asked what happened to 50 million peoples.

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      Yes, but let us hope and pray the Supreme Court will rule that the “Obama Administration” did not follow the “Take Care Clause’, ignored States Rights and did issue an order which was beyond his realm and thus unconstitutional.

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        I think your comment is racist and so bigoted,first of all all president have used executive accion to pass some sort of reform without the authority of congress,so why are you so upset that a black man did it.We are all immigrants with the exception of natives americans so please stop those insensitive comments.

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    The video states that Obama issued an Executive Order. What is the EO number? There is none, because he didn’t issue one. What’s he afraid of?

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      Is this true? If Obama did not issue an Executive Order, is there anything to debate. If there is no EO, then he just made up an “imaginary one.” in this case, there is no EO and it is over. You can just pull an “imaginary law” out of your hat and declare it.
      Attorneys, out there, can you tell us if we need to continue in case there is no EO. Or can this entire “fiasco” be dropped.

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    The fact that there is a possibility that the court will uphold his actions means that we are going to need a president dedicated to enforcing the law. Because Hillary and Sanders have both pledged to do further amnesties by executive actions. I really don’t see how the court could endorse his actions, for instance what gives him any authority to issue work permits for illegals when the law of the land clearly forbids that.