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susan tully BreaFAIR’s western field representative, Susan Tully, attended a southern California activist strategy meeting in Brea. The strategy meeting was attend by leaders from six different groups and FAIR state advisors. While there Susan met with 20 activist leaders from Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino and Orange County. They represented six different organizations all with a focus on immigration issues. FAIR discussed strategies to fight the continued onslaught of bad state legislation and discussed issues facing the nation. Find out how you can get TAKE ACTION and find a member of FAIR’s field staff to help you gather the information and tools you need to support immigration reform at the national and local level.

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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        You are seriously misinformed about the employment record of Donald Trump who employed thousands of workers , with full benefits, in every level of the construction trades.

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          carol wake up and smell the coffee…did you live in NY?……I do…….yes he used them for his own well being he careless about his employees…..especially he illegals he hired for years……..

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    Those in California concerned about illegal immigration need to get 2 propositions on the ballot; one to make e-verify mandatory and the other making it illegal to give illegals driver licenses.

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      There are two ways to get it on the ballot in California, the legislature or a petition drive signed by 5% of voters. The legislature obviously will not do it. Almost half the states allow something similar. You’re right that this needs to go on the ballot. The voters of the liberal state of Oregon outlawed licenses for illegals in 2014 after the legislature approved them. We can’t trust the politicians to do what’s right. It has to be citizen initiatives.

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        Yes; a good place to start along with getting rid of senile: Nancy, Gov. Jerry Brown. Dianne Feinstein , Barbara Boxer, and Maxine Water, just to mention a few wacko that have all help to kill off the citizens in CA by voting down just recently, ” Kate’s Law.”

        Thousands of convicted felons who should be deported are being protected by CA’S legal system with lazy judges, immigration lawyers that turned the system into a multi –million $ cottage industry.
        your head Sheriff’s appointees, of all major cities that refuse to adhere to the Federal Laws e just tooo lazy to fill out the [paperwork and deport . Frankly I’m sure how the citizens of CA can stand putting up with it and you both sound so knowledgeable.
        Yes, you have your Cyber Buss’s all lined up now, but hundreds of CA based Buss have relocated and are still moving out. We know this first hand because they are relocating here in AZ and TX.

        We are the first State in the US that passed the law to enforce E-Verify for all hiring.
        You will never know how deep the greed is buried until you tackle this problem.
        Over time it opened up over 400,000 jobs since it’s been enforced by our former Gov. Janet Brewer, a Border State Governor, on the side of her citizens.
        I want you both to also know that 9 out 10 of my neighbors are all from dif. parts of CA., all of dif. age groups and all share one common factor.
        They were taxed out of CA as middle class and upper middle class citizens and also former CA’s tax payers as home owner seeing their property max out .
        Please get involved and put common sense back into the laws and save your once beautiful , CA. and savage what’s left of it. If that doesn’t work out we’ll be glad to welcome you in AZ or TX where the job is booming.

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    California should be the poster child for the wealth that immigration brings. Isn’t that the contention of immigration advocates. that it “grows the economy”? And that state has the largest percentage of foreign born. Then how come California is the most poverty ridden state in the country according to the Census Bureau’s Supplemental Poverty Measure, which pegs California’s rate at 23.5%?

    Unlike the traditional poverty measure, the supplemental measure calculates wages paid vs. cost of living. If wages in California are twice that of Mississippi, but housing is four times as expensive, obviously Californians are worse off. Not much of an argument for continued immigration when the state with the most immigrants, numbers wise and percentage wise, has the highest true poverty rate.

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      I don’t know let me see….Google, Apple, Facebook, Skype, Linkedin, Yahoo, most major 21st century+ companies there…….

      hen how come California is the most poverty ridden state in the country according to the Census Bureau’s Supplemental Poverty Measure, which pegs California’s rate at 23.5%?

      You live there but it seems you have bee naive and oblivious all this time……it is called the way the State manage the numbers and pensions like in Illinois…….you claim Illinois is in bankrupt because of the illegal but you never lived there and are completely ignorant of the facts…..the same the inability to manage the money….go look for a scapegoat in another country….you are peeing off the bowl Leland……

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        and the inability of maintaining the constitution and improving it for the past 300 years where my 3rd great grandfather funded, fought and gave birth to this country with his life and wealth……..that is to say fix the immigration system…..anybody that says a wall and enforcement is in Lala land…are you in Lala land? I think so

        who is at fault on the immigration issue; The People and Congress along with the president…..if you don;t believe that you are living in the wrong country………remember whatever Congress enacts The People should back up so it i snot working both ways so therefor we are all at fault and people like you are just barking but no bite……