Raul Castro Is Launching a ‘Weapon of Mass Migration’ against the U.S.

Presidente_de_Cuba,_Raúl_Castro,_visita_SalvadorAs you read this, a convoy of buses carrying an estimated 8,000 Cuban nationals is arriving at our southern borders after departing from Costa Rica and El Salvador. The circuitous route is due to an increased Coast Guard presence in the Florida Straits, which itself is a response to record-level illegal crossings from Cuba this year.

What’s driving this exodus may not be due to completely natural factors, however. Writing in the Miami Herald, Maria Werlau of the Cuba Archive, says that what’s arriving at our door is nothing but a “fabricated crisis,” intentionally designed by Cuba to “stir humanitarian” and “anti-immigration sentiments” in America. According to Werlau, President Raul Castro has pushed the outflow to force President Obama into repealing Cuba’s remaining sanctions. The timing of the dramatic migration certainly supports Werlau’s thesis. Obama began normalization talks last summer; and, if his party loses the election this year, Raul would be forced to deal with people such as Senator Ted Cruz, the son of a Cuban dissident; Jeb Bush, a Floridian; Senator Marco Rubio, also the son of a Cuban dissident as well as a Floridian; or Donald Trump.

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