Justice Sotomayor Should Recuse Herself From Obama’s Amnesty Appeal

President ObamaWith the Supreme Court taking up Texas v. U.S., the multi-state challenge of Obama’s amnesty program, immigration patriots and unbiased jurists are no doubt scratching their heads wondering, how has Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor not been forced to recuse herself yet?

For over a decade, Justice Sotomayor served as a Board Member and Vice President of the open-borders legal advocate and long-time amnesty-activist, LatinoJustice. The Ford Foundation and Soros-funded group is at the forefront of efforts to advocate for DAPA’s “legality.” It’s accused the Texas-led coalition of 26-states of discriminating against “Latino families” and trying to bring back Jim Crow and it’s just submitted a brief in the Texas case asking Sotomayor and the other justices of the court to find Obama’s amnesty program constitutional. Judging by her past statements and connections with the organization, she won’t need much prodding.

According to open-borders activists, one “honor” Sotomayor’s earned during her tenure on the court (which has been far from stellar), is her being the first justice ever to use the term “undocumented immigrant” in a court opinion. As attorneys involved in immigration law know, “illegal alien” is the term that appears in our immigration statutes, regulations and case law. For any judge to refuse to recognize that it’s an accurate and objective term, should raise serious questions about their fairness, impartiality and potential for bias.

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    No surprise, that’s all he appoints to office, advocates for law breakers. His director of the White House Domestic Policy Council is Cecilia Munoz, a former high official at La Raza. So instead of someone whose job should be the interests of the nation’s population as a whole, we have a person whose interests are on one ethnic group and their right to ignore our immigration laws. La Raza may give lip service to enforcement but they work to undermine every effort to actually do it. And expect more of the same [literally] from Hillary. She’s already spelled it out.

    On another subject how many times have we heard without illegals it would be $5 for a head of lettuce. Not that it’s actually based on the facts, it’s just one of those myths repeated in the illegal advocate echo chamber. The fact is that the actual picking of fruits and vegetables are only a small part of the final supermarket price.

    There was a story from earlier this year in the South Florida Sun Sentinel about the “penny a pound” program in Florida. Tomato pickers have reached agreements with many grocery and fast food companies, and they pay an additional penny per pound into a fund that goes into the workers paychecks.

    This from the story: “The penny a pound program can amount to as much as $100 a week in a worker’s paycheck, lifting a farmworker’s salary from about $10,000 to about $17,000, advocates say.” So if that amount, which is almost negligible, can make that amount of difference, I would rather pay legal workers a few cents more per item and not have to pay the taxes for an illegal’s family of six. As has been said, pay Americans a fair wage and they will do a job.

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      Leland it shows you have no cultural life experience…..when you appoint people that are part of the demographics is to level out the needs of a country….for instance….women in the past…the UN for example or gays…..I think you are not able to understand what I just said…..in this case it is that and politics…………….remember not only whites live in this land any longer and blacks……………fo a LONG TIME…..and soon a different social face will…SO…….whay are you throwing your life away on silly things instead to sticking to the point…..

      In the future it will be a hispanic who runs this place maybe an Indian….our time is passing by fast: I recommend you enjoy whatever you have life left….unless you think smart accordingly…..

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        Uh, where did I say don’t appoint people of different cultures. I said “No surprise, that’s all he appoints to office, advocates for law breakers.” I don’t want him appointing people of any ethnicity, whites included, who can’t follow the law. If you would bother to read and process what you just read, you would realize that.

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          OK I got that..how do you know she does not follow the law? when and where did she break it?

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            Did you read? I said “advocates for law breakers.” That describes her and the organization she belonged to.

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            I read but I think you need a doctor to take a look at your head…..that does not mean she broke the Law

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            There has been too many tines in history where people have taken sides that does not mean breaking the Law dummy!! Have you ever heard There Freedom Speech, Religion, opinions? you dummy……..you need a lesson in Civics and American History…….which throughout has happened over and over…..you are cooked pal!!

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      Actually what is interesting is that the US Supreme Court should be in a Wax Museum…..they belong to different century and they judgments outdated………………..example…..

      Spain has won a major victory in its long court battle with a Florida-based deep-sea salvage company over rights to an estimated $500 million in silver and gold coins, officials said Wednesday….

      So the US Supreme Court recognized Spain as the solely proprietor of the 500M gold coins the American company took out from the boson of the Sea a very dangerous activity…….yet they got nothing

      On the other hand Peru complained that the gold was obtained through atrocities done in that time to the Incas and forced them to work in the mines….

      SO…..no in 2012….we claim to be free and promote a fair environment yet the US Supreme court if the highest you can get yet…..Spain did not care…..that was blood money and give it back to Peru, the US company got nothing and Peru filed a complain will never go through….so what was worse…the fact of how they were killed or abused, that Spain has not changed a bit..actually worse…the US Supreme Court to be primitive and to stand for anything our forefathers ever did……….everything else but Freedom……what a pity….