New York Times Editorial Board Condemns Candidates for Opposing Illegal Immigration

For The New York Times Editorial Board, suggesting we should enforce our current immigration laws is an expression of anger, fear and hate. In a recent hit piece, the board condemned presidential hopefuls for taking a strong stance on illegal immigration, claiming that they are extinguishing “the flame of decency toward the foreign-born.” They also labeled Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders’ pro-amnesty philosophies as “strong immigration platforms.”

The editorial praised Ohio Governor John Kasich’s performance in the last Republican presidential debate for again raising his belief that deporting those who violate our immigration laws is unfeasible:

“Mr. Kasich said, again, that deportation of 11 million people is unrealistic, a statement of simple fact that in this context counts as bravery.”

Statistics show this assertion is false. Pew Research estimates 11.3 million illegal aliens lived in the United States in 2014. Under the Clinton administration alone, 12.3 million illegal aliens were removed from the United States or left of their own will. If the Federal government allocated the infrastructure and manpower necessary to secure the border, history and experience show that it is possible to drastically lower the number of illegal immigrants by implementing a policy that includes deporting those we find, and removing incentives encouraging them to stay.

The Times ended its fact-challenged editorial by reassuring Americans that no detrimental effects will result from unchecked immigration.

“There is a long list of things Americans are terrified of; immigrants should not be on it.”

Again, statistics show otherwise. Since 2007, 100 percent of new jobs for females went to foreign born residents, while jobs held by US-born women dropped by approximately 64,000. In total, 71 percent of all new employment since 2000 went to foreign born residents.

While these facts should concern anyone who desires job stability, the Times also ignores the vast amount of preventable crimes committed by those in the states illegally. Perhaps these writers should reassure the family of Kate Steinle, a young woman gunned down by a criminal illegal alien given asylum in San Francisco, that they have nothing to fear. Or perhaps they should relay this message to the families of those needlessly slain in Houston, or other Americans who have suffered as a result of sanctuary policies for criminal illegal aliens.

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    This biased NYT article is a symptom of some bigger problems: The concentration of media ownership among a few corporate entities and ultra-wealthy individuals, as well as the coupling – thru interlocking boards of directors – of media companies to industrial corporations.

    These conditions create a powerful disincentive to engage in any objective reporting which would interfere with the profits of the major media owners and business partners. As a result, the majority of our population is fed with a constant stream of misinformation and lies in order to distract and divide us.

    The media bias and disinformation with regards to amnesty and mass immigration is just one of the arguments for breaking up the news media conglomerates, and decoupling their management from industrial (non-media) corporations.

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    No surprise. Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim owns 17% of the paper’s stock, by far the largest stake in the company. He’s an agent for Mexican interests, plain and simple. Mexico wants to increase the number of Mexicans here because their remittances back home are that country’s biggest income source now, even bigger than their oil income. Meanwhile we pick up the costs for many of those families through various welfare program. They’re playing us for suckers, but what’s new.

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      We were able to defeat the mighty Nazi and Japanese war machines, only to today allow a corrupt, pathetic country like Mexico that hasn’t contributed much to the world to walk all over us. Hopefully this will change if Trump is elected President.

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        It’s not that a lot of people, including me, are exactly enthusiastic about Trump, but when so many of our politicians, including almost all of the Democratic party, are essentially endorsing the takeover of our country by another, then Trump is going to get a lot of support.

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        SecBorders you deserve a whip….I can assure you there is many smarter people, that are whiter, blacker, yellower, more decent n hard working than you….it i not an insult….it is true….and that goes to me too……please stop being a bigot….

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          No Change, how exactly are the many patriotic Hispanic US citizens in this country helped by all of the violent criminals, potential terrorists, illegal drugs and illegal aliens with communicable diseases that pour into this country from Mexico?

          Since you are always so quick to defend Mexico and to try and squelch any criticism of that country, why not practice what you preach and move to Mexico and live the rest of your life in that wonderful country? Or are you a fifth columnist that believes, along with 58 percent of Mexicans (according to a 2002 poll) and the Mexican government, that the Southwestern United States belongs to Mexico?

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        I’m for Loving and Appreciating All the People in Japan, Mexico and China

        The people in these countries are great, Trump says this too. They just need to stop depending on America to pay for all the MASS imports with deficits. It makes no business sense to lose all our good jobs and give them to foreign countries.

        That’s definitely not bigotry, its common sense the Establishment ignores. Even our American generations of Latino. African America and Asian legal citizens agree that their children are being screwed by the Establishment, ask Trump. Its has NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE!

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          SW….there are no dependencies here really….it is our fault so having what we did…..stole the land from the Mexican people, destroyed Japan and the illegals work for their money The People give them

          SO based on the facts about……and I agree with your sentiment…..we should bot be paying for al this…..WE let them use us……..

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            “…stole the land from the Mexican people…”

            The truth comes out, No Change is a fifth columnist. I thought so.

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            SecBorders, anchor baby learn our Constitution and our history………………….not your history or your Constitution…..

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          we keep on compalining but the truth is the illegals hardly make a dent in our system but our own the cubans somalis humanitarian refugees…greencard holders taking welfare….etc etc etc…the 3% of illegals WORK the rest I said live of the uS;s back

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      For many years, Carlos Slim has personally profited from the influx of illegal aliens into the US.

      His Telecom company (Telmex) launched a line of business called “Mexico En Linea”, which is a program that allows expatriate Mexicans living in the United States to purchase phone lines for family and friends back home.

      So, as the population of illegal Mexican migrants in the US increases, so does Carlos Slim’s profit potential.

      Once again, when you get past the ideological rhetoric, the Open Borders Agenda is really all about economic wealth, and the political power that goes with it.

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          I think your spelling is OFF. And Damien’s comment could be at least 50%correct, these lowlives are all in cohouts to get all that they want and tuff tooties to the rest of the 95%. It’s like this, do unto others and so sad too bad I can’t feel ya and I wouldn’t reach anyway. It’s all about me(lowlife) & what I can get out of this powerstruggle(stronghold) on the American people to take ’em down nose into the ground and whatever follows will not be good. the gov is on a fast train the silver bullet to run us down & out and whatever is left will bow and cow down to “them”.

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          Is it ignorant to point out that the editors of the New York Times support immigration policies that are likely to bring about increased profits for the publication’s majority owner?

          Is it ignorant to point out that Open Borders politicians – both Republican and Democrat – receive large campaign donations from executives and key employees of companies and industries that reap large profits from Amnesty and mass legal immigration?

          Is there something about basic logic that is too complicated for you? Or are you merely an unproductive troll who derives pleasure from insulting others online?

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            Just to be clear, my rebuttal (shown above) is directed at “No Change”, who, for the most part, simply insults the intelligence of those that he (or she) disagrees with, while failing to offer any valid counterpoints or counter-arguments.

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            Damien correction you think you have intelligence and critical thinking…I am sure….but you have not shown it so far…and they are not insults they are facts….be mature,… a real American,,,,and not a dummy one

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      LEland MExico has many millionaires not just him…..let me see in the US like Sanders says the richest is what ,5%…..very close to Mexico……..

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    The Times piece is anti-American propaganda. Enforcing eVerify and immigration laws would cause illegals to self deport. The Times/Democrats oppose immigration enforcement because the Democrats need immigrants and the American workers they displace for votes. They’re playing politics with American national identity and people’s lives.

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      You are right on! Others are blinded by the idea we should take care of everybody in the world except our OWN. Population unchecked will result in poverty for everyone.

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        V Johnson you are dead on…….it has always been the case….we have jello and money for the rest of the world but our OWN.

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      I totally agree with you 100% any opportunity to stay where they are and tear down this country until it is altogether unrecognizable for their OWO Agenda ! Damn them !

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        You are correct. Whether it’s called the One World Order or the New World Order, we are definitely living in the age of Globalism. Our Borders, our Sovereignty and our Citizens all just seem to be roadkill to the Establishment Politicians and Special Interests.

        Donald Trump may not seem like an ideal candidate to some people, but at least when it comes to immigration and trade, he is advocating for Nationalist policies. His campaign also seems to be self-funded to a large extent.

        It’s for these reasons that I am willing to take a chance on him in this election.

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          self funds!! Damien you have no knowledge how our system works and naive and easily taken,,,,,Trump = publicity for his own gain + campaign expenses…..taxable……the man is not stupid. I agree on most he says but I know he will do nothing about it…… The Republicans and some other congress members do not like a black man in the white house NEXT a senile business man will divide congress even more …remember what I am telling you……

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            As of this writing, much of Trump’s campaign is self-funded, with a relatively small amount of support coming from individual donors. As such, he is much less dependent on outside donors than any of the other candidates, including Bernie Sanders, who has received donations from management and staff of Alphabet / Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, IBM, and major universities, all of whom profit in one way or another from mass immigration.

            This information is publicly available from the Center for Responsive Politics website,

            Also, according to Fortune Magazine, Trump’s positions on immigration and trade have also caused him to lose business with Univision, NBC, Lifestyle Retail in Dubai, as well as a chance to host the 2020 British Open Championship at his Turnberry Golf Course in Scotland. Yet, he continues to maintain his positions – on immigration and trade – despite those losses.

            So, your statement that Trump is running his campaign for personal profit is demonstrably false.

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            Damien you need to learn Marketing and “life”…..for instance Martha Stewart…..she went to Jail…she is still popular…one door closes..another one opens….Dubai……really!!!,,,Trump does not care about Dubai……you are so naive…….he is a business man something you will never understand in this lifetime…..the man is not stupid and sometime an idiot……