SC and NV: Do You Know The Presidential Candidates’ Immigration Positions?

The race to the White House continues as South Carolinians and Nevadans have their say in the primaries and caucuses. South Carolina: If you want to cast your vote in the Republican primary, go to the polls on Saturday, February 20. If you want to cast your vote in the Democratic primary, go to the polls on Saturday, February 27. Nevada: The Democratic caucus will be held on Saturday, February 20 while the Republican caucus will be held on Tuesday, February 23. Although FAIR does not endorse candidates, we believe that the issue of immigration is of the upmost importance as Republicans and Democrats choose their nominees for the 2016 presidential election. To help you be informed before you vote, FAIR provides the following summary of each of the candidates’ immigration positions. For more information, please visit FAIR’s 2016 resource page.

Republican Presidential Candidates

  • Jeb Bush: Bush’s immigration plan calls for a path to “earned legal status” for illegal aliens and an expedited path to citizenship for so-called DREAMers, illegal aliens who claim to have been brought to the country unlawfully as minors. Bush considers fencing a “component of border security” but only “where appropriate” and supports a “strong E-Verify system.”
  • Ben Carson: Carson’s immigration plan grants illegal aliens with a “pristine record” the “opportunity to become guest workers” and possibly citizens “later on down the road.” Additionally, Carson claims his administration can seal the border within the first year but he opposes deporting the entire illegal alien population currently residing unlawfully in the country.
  • Ted Cruz: Cruz opposes amnesty and wants to “stop illegal immigration.” His immigration plan calls for securing the border and strengthening and enforcing existing immigration laws. Although Cruz has previously supported increasing legal immigration, he now supports reforming the system to “prioritize the interests and well-being of Americans.”
  • John Kasich: Kasich supports giving illegal aliens a “path to legalization” and said a top priority in his administration will be “expand[ing]guest workers.” Kasich calls deporting illegal aliens “a silly argument” but has expressed vague support for securing the border.
  • Marco Rubio: Rubio led the 2013 Gang of Eight bill that granted mass amnesty, significantly increased legal immigration, and contained only promises of future enforcement. Rubio now opposes that 1,200 page bill but his immigration plan supports passing its provisions “in a sequential and piecemeal way.”
  • Donald Trump: Trump’s immigration plan opposes amnesty and calls for eliminating the incentives that encourage illegal immigration. His plan centers on three “core principles” of immigration reform: control the border; enforce immigration laws; and prioritize American workers. However, Trump has previously said that after deporting illegal aliens he would allow the “really good people” to return.

Democratic Presidential Candidates

  • Hillary Clinton: Clinton promises to go even “further” than President Obama in granting executive amnesty outside the law until Congress passes legislation providing “full and equal citizenship” to illegal aliens. Regarding enforcement, Clinton will only deport illegal aliens “who pose a violent threat to public safety.” By comparison, in 2003 as a U.S. Senator, Clinton described herself as “adamantly against illegal immigrants.”
  • Bernie Sanders: Sanders vows to “take extensive executive action” to shield even more illegal aliens from deportation than President Obama did until Congress passes a “roadmap to citizenship.” Sanders’s immigration plan calls for “modernizing” border security while ending State and local cooperation for interior enforcement. Sanders voted for the Gang of Eight mass amnesty guest worker bill in 2013 but played a key role in stopping amnesty legislation in 2006 and 2007.



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    The first bit of dis-information is the notion that the country is a nation of immigrants. It is true that there was immigration, but until the mid 60s it was controlled and targeted. The early immigrants had large families who then themselves had large families. The natural population growth was always bigger than the population growth by immigration. Today, with every citizen harmed or killed by an illegal immigrant, the government’s non adherence to the law is an act of treason. Those responsible should be held accountable under the full weight of the law.

    All immigration should stop. All illegals and visa overstays should be tracked down, deported, and banned from returning. All “refugees” should be detained until their application is approved. If not approved, immediate deportation with no appeal. When all the un-employed and under-employed are employed to the level (not job) of employment they need, then perhaps we can begin a conversation about immigration.

    The old saying “Immigration is the reserve capital of industrialists” reveals the real purpose.

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    Eliminate Job magnet: Mandatory E-Verify…….would help end visa overstays and would get illegal aliens to self deport…….Savings for citizens would be dramatic……….In Florida alone illegal aliens cost us over $5,200,000,000.00 a year to educate, medicate and incarcerate them.

    End Anchor Babies…………pass H.R. 140 that would require all children born in the U.S.A. to have a citizen parent to be a citizen………it would also end Birth Tourism of wealthy women coming to have babies, getting U.S. birth certificate, SS card and then flying back to home country.

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    Good summary on ‘Illegal” immigration but where are the candidates on “Legal” immigration, Non – Immigrant Visas (NIV’s) and the temporary visa programs such as H-1B visas

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      Better Yet

      The candidates’ stand on immediate 100% eVerify in the workplace. Trump [in writing] supports eVerify implementation. Cruz [in writing] does not support eVerify. its that simple.

      EVerify is all we need to win our FAIR fight!!