Video: Dan Stein on Visa Overstays and the Visa Waiver Program

FAIR President Dan Stein discussed the visa waiver program and security risks during a recent TV appearance. Watch the clip below.

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    Democrats are the REAL problem in America. WE must STOP feeding and supporting these fcking morons. ALL of them. Including our stupid lazy fcking Family and Friends. Get RID of them!!!!!

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    The easiest way to get illegal aliens to stop coming and to deport back to their home countries is by mandatory E-Verify…….removes job magnet. H.R. 1147

    The second magnet that needs to be removed are “Anchor Babies”………..illegal alien kids born in the U.S.
    ……….H.R. 140…..would require one parent to be a citizen for a child born to be a citizen.

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    Raymond Babcock on

    Some people can not handle freedom. The Ayatollah does not work for America. Most Americans want to make their own choice.