True Immigration Reform Under Fire…

Groups Seek to Give Illegals the Right to Vote and Let Employers Circumvent the Law

Arguing on behalf of open borders and letting illegal immigrants enjoy the rights granted to citizens is baffling, but two recent news stories illustrate the degree to which liberal and conservative proponents of unfettered immigration will go to accommodate lawbreakers.

New York City, already a Democratic stronghold, seeks to grant the vote to illegal aliens. Vying for votes and trying to establish a majority that will keep them in power for years, the pro-immigrant machine is transparent in its desire to appear tolerant, foster diversity and serve its own interests. There is plenty of diversity in the United States, with Queens, a borough in New York City, is the poster child for the phenomenon. Adding more illegal aliens to the mix does little to enhance our multiculturalism.

Business and pro-immigrant forces are on the move in Missouri, as well. These interests vociferously oppose the state’s proposed E-Verify mandate, a common-sense program where employers ensure that new hires are indeed legal residents. Hiring illegal aliens is against the law, but employers across the country are balking at the mandatory use of E-Verify in order to ensure that wages remain low and attain a pliable workforce. This undermines the American Dream for citizens who have to compete with illegal aliens for an ever-shrinking share of the pie.

E-verify is a free, effective system. The only ground for opposing it is to coddle illegal aliens and appease cheap labor business interests. The federal government should pass national E-Verify laws requiring all employers to use it. By eliminating employment opportunities for illegal aliens, the main draw to coming here would be closed and many who are here would likely leave if they could not find work. There is no need to deport everyone, although deportation must remain an important component of our immigration enforcement strategy.

Giving illegal aliens the right to vote and opposing E-Verify are transparent efforts to encourage lawlessness and serve the interests of the open-borders lobby and their schemes to broaden a partisan voter base and the business lobby’s desire to keep wages low. Clearly, the immigration lobby – on both sides of the aisle – is intent on subverting the national interest.

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    “A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has been destroyed from within.”-Will and Ariel Durant- The Story of Civilization

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      This person is correct. It is hard to believe that Americans can not see the power struggle for what it is and
      that Americas is over and finished. Why would you let someone who breaks laws vote or work in the country.
      Why do we fill out all that paperwork to get a job. Why bother. Obama is the worst thing to happen to this country.
      The dumbing down of education to the children of this country, political correctness, everyone being offended
      by someone else is insane, Americans will all be offended when an invading force takes over.

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      Michael Lawrence on

      Unfortunately that 44% was only part of the 15% of Latino Republican voters in the state. Slightly less than half. So that equates to about
      7 &1/2 % of the total number of Latino voters. Bummer, I know. That’s what I thought when I heard the actual figures. Unfortunately most Latinos like Blacks vote democratic. Perhaps Trumps success will draw more to vote for him going forward.

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    In a way, this proposal by New York City to allow illegals to vote is a good thing. Because the average citizen is going to realize how far pro illegal groups will go. It’s sickening to listen to this attempt to award the right to vote to people who broke our laws to come here.

    And as noted, with e-verify there is no need for a mass deportation because most will leave if they can’t work, or to go further, are denied any benefits but emergency medical care.The press always presents this either/or choice of mass deportation costing many billions, or granting amnesty to all of them.

    There’s another choice. Enforce the laws and that will actively discourage most of them here, and further discourage more from coming. As it is, we might as well put out a welcome sign. Come on in, fell free to ignore our laws, and we will not deport you.