Federal Court Case Halts Obama Administration’s Policy of Allowing Illegals to Vote, For Now

2000px-US-ElectionAssistanceCommission-Seal.svg - creative commons,  I want something that I can... use for commercial purposesIn an attempt to create a robust voting bloc and suppress the will of several states, the Obama administration is pushing to enfranchise non-citizens, including illegal immigrants. The Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI), FAIR’s public interest legal affiliate, is representing Kris Kobach, secretary of state of Kansas, who is trying to work with the ostensibly non-partisan Election Assistance Commission to help ensure that only citizens register to vote.

At the core of the case, the commission is required to amend the federal voter registration form to reflect each state’s strictures against registering non-citizens. States must register voters who use the federal form under the National Voter Registration Act of 1993, better known as the Motor Voter law.

The League of Women Voters, Common Cause, and People for the American Way, among other plaintiffs, seek a temporary restraining order and a preliminary injunction to stop the EAC from helping Arizona, Alabama, Georgia and Kansas enforce its voting laws.

At a hearing held Monday, the Department of Justice shocked Judge Richard J. Leon by refusing to advise the EAC to reflect each state’s statute and conform to the law, upheld by a 2013 Supreme Court ruling. The department indicated that it agrees with the plaintiffs and supports the policy of not requiring documentation when someone registers to vote, an act that Judge Richard J. Leon called “unprecedented” and “extraordinary.” On Tuesday, the judge denied the request for a restraining order. A hearing on the preliminary injunction will be held in early March.

“In light of the nation’s unprecedented non-citizen and illegal alien populations, the people of Kansas decided in 2011 that they needed more effective measures in order to protect their voting rights from the cancellation effects of fraudulent voting,” said Dale L. Wilcox, executive director at IRLI. “The coordinated effort of Soros-financed activists to overturn those protective measures is anti-citizen in general and only serves to undermine public confidence in the integrity of our electoral process.”

In its zeal to dilute the franchise, the Obama administration is politicizing what is supposed to be an independent agency and using the full weight of the Justice Department do its dirty work. Almost every democratic country in the world, including Canada and Mexico, requires proof of citizenship to vote. If Americans need proper identification to open a bank account, get a driver’s license and accept a job, instituting a similar system for voting would represent an act of common sense.

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    I do not agree with Senator Ben Sasse from Nebraska. If Congress listened to Ben we would be saying America is Great. However, the left has disenfranchised American citizen’s and laws are not being enforced. Super Tuesday is when Americans select their candidate. Close races should be audited by the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlement (SAVE). It is our constitutional right Ben. Could you promise that Ben?

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    The 15th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution prohibits the federal and state government from denying U.S.Citizen’s the right to vote based on that citizen’s race, color, or previous condition of servitude.

    October 1965 Congress enacted the Voting Rights which provided federal oversight of election discriminatory jurisdictions.

    So, in 1965 Homeland Security Department was given the right to protect U.S. Citizens. Please, stop the Obama Administration from giving illegal immigrants U.S. Citizen’s constitutional voting rights. Voting is a privilege that belong to ALL U.S. citizen’s, not illegal immigrants.

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    dey iz gonna jade helm us, putz us ina fema camper at de vacateded walmarts and make us tendto cliven bundys cows caus dey don locked up dem good ole boyz, den dey iz gonna egenda 21 i iz lucky i gotz me a bunker unda me outhaus iz don tink dey will be able to finded me tanks alot obuma

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    Barbara Griffith on

    I watched Hillary on one of the news shows for a few minutes just to see what she had to say and believe it or not this woman is trying to peddle to the blacks that she will stop the blacks from not being able to vote. Every thing she is saying is a out and out lie. Nobody is stopping the black population from voting in the U.S. and she knows it. She is courting them hot and heavy to get them to vote for her and it looks like she may get their votes.

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      Of COURSE she will get their votes! They are among the most easily misled, most ignorant, blind and utterly stupid mass of sheeple in the country!
      They will vote for whomever promises to keep the Gravy Train on its tracks…whomever allows them to live in idleness, crime and unwarranted and unearned comfort.

      Those who VOTE for a living against those who WORK for a living.

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    Pamella Wildenstein on

    I sent an e-mail it the Secretary of State (SOS) in NM regarding the vetting of voting lists. I asked if illegals are prosecuted for voter fraud, and if their vote is counted. I still have not heard back from them. Homeland Security (HLS) should release the SAVE program to assist SOS in catching fraudulent voting practiced, and help to enforce laws that are on the books. When HLS is prevented from assisting other government department, It points back to the Obama’s Administration who continuously disenfranchising American citizens. I am in favor of impeaching Obama who wants to leave a trail of destruction when he leaves office. Congress is on top of this and will continue to block Obama’s personal agenda. I thought Obsma was a Democrat. I now think he is a Dictator.

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    Why do some many Mexicans want to come to America? Because of the following: every politician who runs for office promises the Mexican people to make things better. But after they’re elected the just steal from the public trust and deliver nothing. So why don’t the Mexican people rise-up and kick the crocked bastards out? Because they gave-up their guns!!! Hardly any Mexican citizen owns a firearm of any kind. There is only one gun store in all of Mexico. Only the government and the drug cartels (one in the same) have guns.

    So for all you “Gun Control Fanatics” out there, see what gun control does. Thomas Jefferson said two things over and over. First, don’t let government get too big (we ignored that one). And he advocated that everyone should be armed in case a corrupt government emerges and it must be overthrown. Hard to do if you don’t have a well-armed citizenry. Now you might be able to see why assault rifles are necessary with large magazines. The government is buying-up large quantities of bullets. And, they’re buying “hollow-point” rounds, which, up until now were illegal for government use because when a hollow-point bullet hits a person it tears them apart.

    God Bless America!

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    What do you expect. You all have a Moslym sitting in oval office who is doing a great job of giving this country away. Also have a lifetime of selfserving congress run by their special interest groups.Our great country is a modern version of Rome and if we don’t make changes it will fall like Rome

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    You can’t even get a Library Card without identification, why would you be permitted to vote?

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    Illegals coming from poorer countries are bringing in various diseases and parasites, that were not treated there. TB, resistant viruses, parasites, dysentery, whooping cough, diphtheria and malaria are not uncommon. Some are contagious, others require expensive medical treatment.

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      YES,—obama is the devil himself. He is as infuriating as always. I cant stand the devil. He just loves jabbing us death and then laughing behind our backs. I want him gone people. He is the biggest and I mean the biggest threat to our survival. I have a feeling that war is just around the corner. He keeps jabbing at Russia and has decreased our military to dangerous levels. What he has done is all wrong for our nations survival. There is something in the wings . Iran is building a missile or it is already to be fired on us. I’m not sure. With him giving money to iran has sent the palistinians money to put missiles on Israel. Tell me people what do you see GOD doing about that on us for allowing the SOB to get away with this. We are going to be hit by all the enemy. YOU just watch. We have been Israels watchdog for a very long time and to turn our backs on her now , sends chills down my spine. I have thought of him as the Anti-christ before he was elected. and I didn’t vote for him. I saw him for what he was —the devil in sheeps clothing. The people who voted for him were blinded. not once but twice.

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    The Obama administration’s attempt to corrupt the electoral process is only the latest in a long list of attacks on the rule of law that our ruling elite finds increasingly inconvenient.

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    Requiring proof of citizenship to vote is common sense. Voting illegally/ voter fraud is, I understand, a felony. The risk of such fraud is somewhat contained by the fact that illegal voters generally get little direct personal financial gain. Immigration violation and working illegally provide large rewards for the violations. The risks are however real.

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      Yes, the risk are real but those committing voter fraud are either never caught or never even looked for to prosecute! So are the risk really if they are never insituted?

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    So true, but the final line of this article says, “instituting a similar system for voting would represent an act of common sense.” I have said for years that the first 3 casualties of political correctness / liberalism are: 1) truth, 2) common sense, and 3) personal responsibility.

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    Also Obummer himself filibustered a Bush appointee in his last year in office, and the list of hypocritical liberals who made similar statements goes on and on. Funny thing is, when a liberal is confronted by their very own hypocrisy, they dismiss it as “well that was then” “totally different circumstance” or “I suppose I misspoke then” or best yet I love when they use the “exercising my constitutional right” Like they care about the constitution? Obummer tries every chance to undermine and circumvent it, but then throws out that statement when it suits his present ploy. He can appoint anyone he wants, but nowhere in the constitution does it say senate has to approve it, thats where he goes off the rails Oh King Obummer. But, when confronted the Dems dont’ care, shameless, can’t embarrass them, as long as they get their way.
    Obummers latest ploy uses the DOJ to argue AGAINST the EAC (another government agency) to hear arguments why a State can’t ask for proof of citizenship before voting? when that law is already on the books in Kansas? the absurdity IS the reality in Obummer-land. My question is where the heck is Congress? any honest Federal judge left? or a Sheriff or anyone with any kind of standing to hold these law-breakers in contempt? Where is the push-back? Is Congress just holding their noses and looking at the clock praying for the Obummer Reign to be over? or are they so deeply involved in this lawless mess themselves?

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    Having heard that the State of California has passed a law, allowing non-citizens to participate in the national election, I suggested to Congress as follows… May I suggest Congress enact an order that bans any state from allowing non-citizens of their respective state or Territory from participation in any national election. If any state or territory allows non-citizens to vote, that states’ or territorys’ vote count will be void in said election. Furthermore, that state or territory shall be devoid of any delegates in the electoral college.

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      I never thought of the idea posed by you, but now this one you came up with sure makes a lot of sense. I believe everyone who votes should have to show proof of citizenship before voting. Your idea would stop a lot of the corruption going on with our elections. I think Congress should follow through on this one. If the states don’t play according to the rules, I like the idea that they lose their electoral votes. That sounds really great, awesome and I give you a high 5 on this one. Thanks for speaking your mind.

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      If America does not require a valid voting ID proving US citizenship this will insure the death of the sovereignty of the Republic of The United States of America. I repeat, requiring a valid ID which proves that each voter is a US citizen must be a federal law in order to prevent the death of the USA.

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        I agree YOU must be a LEGAL citizen of the USA and the state in which the person is going to vote in our country. We cannot allow all the illegals to break down our voting process in our country. BAN all illegals, nonresidents , to be able to vote until a time they become legal citizens. Stop Obama from allowing to destroy our constitutional rights of our country.

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      Actually California passed a law allowing illegal immigrants to get a drivers license which happens to be a valid photo ID which is all that is necessary to vote! The Federal Government has to make other laws that would not allow lawless States to do this sort of thing. But as for your idea on holding them accountable is GREAT!

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    To stop this mass exodus of illegals coming in to vote for our corrupted leaders..There should be a 10yr. minimum of citizen requirement, clean criminal record,and a fingerprint scan for their ID.

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      That’s true, but if you don’t have to prove you’re a citizen to vote then the law is circumvented and true citizens are disenfranchised by people here illegally or are non-citizens attempting to vote and influence our legislators.

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    I can’t believe this is a discussion. Their ILLEGAL and they just keep coming in. We The People have laws and these laws need to be upheld by our leaders. Our President should tell the states to advise ALL illegals to get out. Instead, Obama is doing everything he can to destroy our beautiful America. Keep calling your representatives and protest in your state. I’m voting for Trump!

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    This should not even be up for discussion at all. If you are not a citizen, you should not get to vote for anything concerning the future of this country. In fact, when an illegal tries to vote, they should be picked up at once and sent back to where they came. WHAT PART OF ILLEGAL DON’T YOU DEMOCRAT’S UNDERSTAND?

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      Here in Rhode Island, today, they want to give illegals licenses. We’re stumped! What is going on? How do we stop this aiding and abetting being done by our leaders? Thank you for speaking out.

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    How can someone vote if they didn’t bother to even learn the language. All our founding documents are written in English. How much could anyone know about them when they didn’t even bother to assimilate by learning our language? Lacking that knowledge, are you going to vote because someone gave you a free phone? Can you see the absurdity in this? It is a privilege to become an American citizen. That is why you do 5 years here, pass a Constitution test, & at least learn to basically communicate in English. That’s not asking a lot & yet we have millions of non-compliant , nationalistic, job stealing individuals who just want us to give it to them because they demand it? Get real. When idiots vote, idiots get elected. See “presidents of the last 50 years”, which coincidentally coincides with the rise of illegal immigration & the policy changes that destroyed the system.

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      Patricia Cornell on

      This same president is now allowing people with HIV to enter thus country…..A new law he created….recently he us also allowing people with three STDS a pass into this vountry!!!!!

      If I a normal citizen read Facebook and read these things, do not Congress people and their staff get this same information!!!!!!! I just answered my own question. Who is watching the president today?

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    Another example of where this administration ignores the clear wording and intent of federal laws passed by Congress. What is obvious, and something to be remembered about a nominee to the Supreme Court, is that the law is not the law to them. If they agree, fine, if not, they look to work around it. Lawless is the term.

    Little attention is being paid by the media to statements made by various Democrats in past years about final year appointments. Including Joe Biden saying in 1992 that if there was an opening, it should be filled by the next president. Or Chuck Schumer saying in 2007, with Bush still in office for another 15 months, that he would work to block any appointments.