FAIR’s Analysis of Ben Carson’s Immigration Plan

Screen shot 2016-02-25 at 3.19.22 PMBen Carson, who is seeking the Republican Party’s nomination for president, released his immigration plan entitled “We The People, A Commonsense Plan to Secure the Border, Reform Immigration and Restore the Rule of Law.” (Ben Carson’s Immigration Plan) FAIR offers the following analysis of the plan on five key immigration issues: amnesty; legal immigration; border security; interior enforcement; and taxpayer benefits to illegal aliens.

Amnesty: Carson says it is not feasible to root out and deport every illegal immigrant residing in this country. “My administration will give illegal immigrants a six-month period to register with the federal government. If they do not register, they will be violating the law and subject to apprehension and prosecution as criminals. If they register in that six-month window and have an acceptable record, they could become eligible for guest worker status by paying a back tax penalty, continuing to pay future taxes, providing proof of sponsorship by an employer and submitting for regular review and renewal of the worker permit. Under this process, every illegal immigrant would be accounted for and processed according to their circumstances. Illegal immigrants who become guest workers will not, however, receive citizenship and everything that comes with that privilege, such as voting rights.”

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    I disagree with his assessment on deportation. Offer a reward for each illegal alien that someone turns in and you would be surprised how many would turn in their own mother. Make toll free phone lines and an internet website available for those reporting this crime. Eisenhower and Truman stopped the flow, at least until Teddy Kennedy opened the floodgates in 1965.

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