Schumer’s Outrageous Comments to Displaced American Worker

Screen shot 2016-02-25 at 5.35.35 PMTrue immigration reformer Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), in his capacity as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest, held a hearing on “The Impact of High-Skilled Immigration on U.S. Workers.” Leo Perrero, a former Disney IT engineer, gave moving testimony about being laid off from his job—despite high reviews—and being forced to train his H-1B replacement. FAIR highlighted the plight of Mr. Perrero’s situation here.

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), who was not present when Mr. Perrero was brought to tears telling his story, concluded his remarks in outrageous fashion. The Gang of Eight leader looked Mr. Perrero right in the eyes and declared that Mr. Perrero would not have lost his job if the Gang of Eight bill had become law.

That statement is a blatant lie. In fact, during the Senate Judiciary markup of S. 744 Sen. Schumer struck a deal with Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) that eliminated the few protections for American workers written into the bill. The Schumer-Hatch deal limited the number of employers required to attest that they have not displaced U.S. workers. Additionally, the deal nearly tripled the H-1B cap to 200,000—the very program used by Disney to replace Mr. Perrero and several hundred of his very qualified American peers.

The only thing passage of S. 744 would have done is expedite Mr. Perrero’s displacement by cheap, foreign labor.

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    All of you guys are so blind!!! together with Schumer………..The Gang of Eight HAS NOTHING TO DO with this man losing his job……IS COMPLETELY TWO different things……

    One thing is the influx of the immigrants another the H1 visa influx of temporary professionals……all this shows that you guys are all monkeys,,,,,,a well-deserved name…..

    The gov needs to regulate the job market to regulate the hiring especially the foreign companies that bought American companies here….


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      Schumer was the one who said it was connected, because the gang of eight bill did not pass. Or did you bother to read before you started typing?

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        Leland one piece of advice READ READ READ….COMPREHEND…DIFFERENTIATE…..INFER…..BREAK THINGS INTO PICES….IDENTIFY THE CRITICAL PART OF AN ISSUE…..ITS CENTER OF GRAVITY PER SAY….SEPARATE…..etc etc etc////.really……I read the Gang of Eight document….was it long…yes…but not impossible to read…..really addressed all the stuff people are going crazy about but the least at all…how to protect our jobs……it was a Bill for immigration NOT how to protect our jobs…….

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          If you did read the gang of eight bill, as you claim to have done, you would know that it was not only about immigration, but it vastly increased H1B visas, as the FAIR article above spells out. Why are you deliberately distorting what was in that bill and why are defending it? Why do you not defend American workers instead?

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            I am going to spell it for you since you don;t understand English….

            There has to be Laws i place to protect American jobs…period….that took care of H1visas NOT looking into our job market individually and enact a Law to protect our jobs…..

            Who is defending it? you have serious issues understanding English……or simply you are like the Republican candidates….clueless…….

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            Leland just go out and research what I wrote than you will understand…….Trump is like you.

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      FAIR says above at the end of the summary that the Gang of Eight, IF it had passed, only could have accelerated his displacement.

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        Leland did you bother to understand what I said?,……as usual NO……..SecBorders…….the issue of the H1 Visa is complex…..those who get it to come here to stay…..and the rest who are displacing the Disney World, Banks Walgreens and the Engineering jobs……CURRENTLY…

        SO…….the gang of eight would have restricted certain things and somehow tightened immigration but STILL no laws to protect American jobs….really….the corporations are still doing what they want…..believe me……….

        FAIR is partially correct but not even 50%……the issue worst case scenario is that for instance a company from Europe can bring immediate H1 visas which by the way the BCIS raised the fee to 2K to replace an American worker…….they work here for two years or less or so then they go back and others stay……THAT IS WORSE than the overstays the illegals and all the refugees being put together.!!! trust me in this one……

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        I am sure FAIR has a great report but this goes beyond FAIR staff… have to be in the industry to know this in detail…….the reason the worker cried in Congress because he knows no chance….

        So you see this in contracts mainly so far…you go full time you still can snatch the job away from the foreigners…..BUT these companies want to save money so no benefits etc etc etc…..this is ugly and I am glad FAIR is on top of it….but there is more than the cake itself…….

        I think FAIR should do a research based on Engineering, financial and services…..full time and contracting……isolate on each industry the bog players American and foreign company and see the biggest non American contracting companies and do a FOIA if possible on the H1 visa and destinations…..etc etc big job but not impossible a piece of cake……and then extrapolate this to the economy….etc etc etc etc…

        Worst of all is that these companies bring people from their countries they get the full ay we would BUT they only pay a small fraction to their people..example Indians………..SO they rape the American worker and their own people…responsible….the corporations…

        SO the gov needs to know this…………because like Schumer all of them including Trump know bananas about it… have to be in the industry…

        Also, I lived in NY and Trump is a NY Liberal, something you would only know if you are a New Yorker,,,,,,and is taking The People by storm by lying to them and repeating things he knows it works,,,,,…really and trust me on this one also!!!

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    Bruce Macdonald on

    When are the American People going to demand an appropriate legal response to the Crime of these Bold Faced Lies coming from Government Officials. Is it not a crime to lie under oath? Don’t all of these Liars take an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America? There should be changes to the Law to the effect if a person is elected to office to serve in our best interests, in our system of Government “For the People by The People” then their right to the 5th is waived. If they don’t accept that, then they can’t run for office period. They are answerable to the People. Our Government has unfortunately edging toward what we fought the Revolutionary War over. To get out from under the Barbaric Rule of the British. We don’t work for the Government. It’s time that the American People wake up and refuse to smell the feces that these Traitors are trying to ram up our nostrils!

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    Don’t forget Schumer is anointed to be the next Democratic Senate leader. He’s one of the greatest liars and con artists in political history. He said in 2014 that “America is growing weary of Republicans talking a good game on immigration while high tech businesses can’t get the labor they need to grow and create American jobs.”

    So he looks this man in the eye, who lost his job to a foreign worker, and says it’s the failure of the Gang of Eight bill that caused him to lose his job? When Schumer has worked tirelessly to raise the number of foreign workers? Study after study, including one by the Census Bureau, have shown that most American STEM graduates do not even have a job in their field.

    Schumer has also repeated the lie that this president has deported more illegals than any previous administration. I heard him do it about a year ago on Meet The Press. Since he is a member of the immigration committee, he knows very well that those numbers are “a little deceptive”, which the president himself called them in 2011 when addressing a group of Hispanic journalists. It’s achieved by essentially cooking the books by counting what was never counted as a deportation before, turnarounds at the border. Removals from the interior have fallen to almost nothing. If this administration and their supporters happen to tell the truth about anything, it’s entirely by accident.

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      Not to mention, Schumer was one of the leaders in the House for amnesty in 1986. He flat out promised it would be a one time deal, never to be repeated. But you know he’s lying because his lips are moving.

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      Leland seriously Republicans?…..really……they are obsolete… one worth voting for?…and yes there no candidate worthy to the president so far…they are all clowns……repeat things……just to impress you, they do not believe what they say…really sad……..

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    Schumer and Hatch are sleazy, lying back stabbers. With sleazy back stabbers like Schumer and Hatch in Washington, American workers don’t need enemies. They don’t care how many Americans they screw over, as long as their cronies continue to lavish lots of money on their campaigns. Thankfully we have politicians like Sen. Sessions who are doing what is best for Americans on this issue.

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    Stinky Cheese Man on

    Schumer is a disgrace. I used to be a Democrat, but I will not vote for the party that favors illegals over American workers.

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      then should be a democrat …do to flip should know who you are…not who y ou identified with,,,,very important….remember…like b being an American…a way of life….