FAIR’s Analysis of John Kasich’s Immigration Plan

Screen shot 2016-02-29 at 2.19.12 PMOhio Governor and former U.S. Congressman John Kasich is seeking the Republican Party’s nomination for president. While Kasich has not issued an immigration platform, FAIR offers the following analysis of Governor Kasich’s statements on the following five key immigration issues: amnesty; legal immigration; border security; interior enforcement; and taxpayer benefits to illegal aliens.

Amnesty: Kasich supports amnesty for the 12 million illegal aliens in the country. In October 2015 he called illegal aliens “a critical part of our society” who “should have a path to legalization.” Kasich has said “whether you take the final step to citizenship, that’s a whole other question but I’m not closed to anything.” According to Kasich, illegal aliens living in America “contribute a lot” to the country.  Additionally, Kasich emphasizes keeping “families together and to give them a good place in American society.”

Read more of this analysis on John Kasich’s stand on immigration on FAIRus.org: Where Do the Presidential Hopefuls Stand on Immigration?

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    If illegals “contribute a lot” to this country, then the logical next step would be to call for more. He knows it’s baloney. It’s the same old nonsense about how they “pay taxes”. Yeah, who doesn’t. The question is do they pay enough to outweigh the costs of them and their anchor baby kids. There is not one study that shows they do. In fact, the costs far outweigh the benefits for the taxpayers. but business loves the cheap labor.

    He was also for ending birthright citizenship at one time, but not now. He’s just a Jeb Bush wannabe. The party had the chance to get behind a half decent candidate who was pro enforcement, Scott Walker, but the money behind the party wanted all these amnesty fakers like Bush and Rubio, and Walker had to drop out early because of lack of funds.