How to Deal With More Than 11 Million Illegal Aliens: Discourage Them From Remaining (It Works)

 Wilerson S Andrade,, creative commonsAn article in the Los Angeles Times reveals that the German government gave more than 37,000 willing migrants, out of the 1.1 million who have arrived recently, a one-way ticket back to their homelands. The number of migrants who returned is undoubtedly higher, since some paid their own way back home.

Some returning migrants realized that smugglers made lavish promises about what life would be like in Germany, including the prospect of getting a house for free. Many hoped to bring their families over, which would swell the throng, but decided to rejoin their loved ones. Some cited bureaucratic limbo as a reason for their disaffection, while others claimed they were tired of living in large open rooms and being served food they find unpalatable.

In the United States, it is routinely assumed that it would be impossible to deport the 11.7 million or so illegal aliens in the country, but as the case in Germany makes clear, even migrants from war-torn nations like Iraq and Syria will indeed go home if they cannot get what they want.

The more Americans coddle illegal aliens by granting drivers licenses, allowing them to take jobs and cutting them loose when they are arrested for crimes, the more welcoming we make it for them to thumb their noses at us. If we don’t even respect and uphold our own laws, why should they? If we enforced our laws and secured our borders, a large number of immigrants will up and leave on their own accord.

After Arizona passed two statutes, SB 1070 and HB 2136 in 2010, which mandated enforcement of immigration laws and added new ones to the books, illegal aliens  voluntarily left the state in large numbers. It is a simple equation: if we enforce  our laws and eliminate rewards, many illegal aliens will leave on their own.

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    Aren’t the Majority of DACA CHILDREN over 18.?
    Some go to college. Why haven’t they
    Applied for citizenship? Does their home
    Country not have a vital statistics office to provide them with
    Paperwork needed such as birth certificate?
    If they are allowed to stay, they should
    Not be able to sponsor anyone else but

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    When illegals enter the country to work, they usually wire money home to their families. If you tax this money at 95% they will return home quickly. You can stop granting them welfare, food stamps, free medical, social security, drivers licenses, stop sanctuary city funding, etc. I insure you that the problem will be solved very quickly. Building a wall with an electrified fence powered by windmills will appease the environmentalists too. Our politicians never mention real solutions only the fact that they think it’s impossible to send the back. They will always lie to us.

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        John Redbird you appeared to be a Congressman o out of touch…………the majority would be Americans affected the good ones and the fraudulent ones………..very negligible the illegals…….Go figure why we are in such bad state…as a country….

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      Normally they are working “under the table”, thus no income tax or SS is paid … the SS Number, if they have one is stolen or made up. I heard a story that a woman, when told her SSN was not hers she became angry and said it is mine, I purchased it in New York ….

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    Very true. In my opinion, if Trump emphasized this strategy for dealing with illegal aliens, it would make him more appealing to more voters in the upcoming general election.

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      really?…I tell what will happen…..Trump will win the white vote of older republicans……..etc then Hillary will perhaps lets say nearby tie then the back hispanics etc will decide Hillary wins……..there you have it so clear…….this article has no correlation to Germany…..

      First of all…mexicans were always welcomed by The People, they work for their accomplishmnets whatever abuse they take and have a hard life that is earned not given unlike the story about Germany….


      it was already tried I believe to give a ticket back home sometime……and ti kind did not but did work…..but at the end if there is no jobs the mexicans go back…

      Last, we have humans, russians, chincese American and illegal Aliens…and within all those good, bad and criminals…So for horse who are able go ahed an stretch your brains about this……complex situation,……

      To be fair since I have no idea what correlation Marc intended unless he is just making observations based on events……our reality is a different one from Europe…….everybody that comes here HAS TO WORK to make a living… pursue of the American Dream that was born with Capt John Smith….for those who lack of history knowledge how we came about to be The People…….

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        I believe your statement “Trump will win the white vote of older republicans” is true, however recent events many help Trump in the long run. I was a Bernie Sanders supporter until he rolled out his pro-immigration platform. I believe Bernie will not get the Demon-cratic nomination and many of his against the establishment voters will turn to Trump. Also, the little debacle of the Oligarchy bringing Mitt Romney out from whatever rock he was hiding under shows the RINO’s Republi-con’s are Trump. Immigration, in my opinion is the #1 issue effecting so much of the country…… jobs should be the number one priority if the next president and getting the US out of all foreign wars and spend the money now being wasted on renewing our crumbling infrastructure: rebuilding our roads, bridges and other projects will put millions of AMERICAN’s back to work and help our dragging economy. If you add in that mix the Illegals, H1B Visa workers and legal Immigration (which has grown from 750,00 per year to over a million a year you dilute these advances and PLEASE DON’T give me that crap about Illegals doing jobs that Americans won’t do….. the US construction industry has bee decimated by thousands of construction jobs being sub-contracted to firms that hire Illegals.

        Since World War II American has provided more foreign aid to the rest of the world that has help rebuild our former enemies to the point that places like Hiroshima have become state of the art cities, while our own cities (like Detroit) continue to decay. Enough is Enough. Hopefully Donald of Trump WILL be our next president and bring in experts in every field to solve this nations problems instead of political Hacks; bureaucrats there to line their own pockets at taxpayer expense and to the detriment of the once great United States of American and help make America Great Again !!!!

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          John Zimmer please do not give me that crap the Americans will do the jobs the illegals do!!!!!…as being Trump supporter shows you are out of touch and not within this century…..the man is a liberal and only cares about himself……please travel and be savvier about our reality that you are peeing off the bowl………on the illegals use and learn some math to understand and realize that the illegals are negligible but the green card, H1 and humanitarian not to mention the Cubans

          everything you have said is well know nothing new but your depth in the immigration issue regarding the illegals is so shallow……

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          I agree with you completely. I have mostly voted as a democrat. But, the stance they have taken on illegal aliens has infuriated me and most of my friends. We will be voting for Donald Trump. He is the only candidate with any common sense. I live in a rural area and have been completely surrounded by illegals. Most of my respectable neighbors have moved out. Our neighborhood now has loud music, trash, goats and sheep running loose and their toddlers playing naked in the yard. My area used to be like living in Mayberry. Now, it is like living in Mexico.

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    Yet the insanity remains, thanks to our lawless, pandering and spineless supposed representatives in this government of OURS!