Support Immigration Enforcement in Georgia!

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Last week, the Georgia Senate passed critical immigration enforcement legislation. SB 269 strengthens existing law by conditioning the receipt of state funding on local governments’ certifying to the state that they are in compliance with state law forbidding sanctuary policies, as well as state laws requiring the verification of work authorization of new hires using E-Verify and the confirmation of eligibility for public benefits with the SAVE system.

We need your help to advance SB 269 through the House of Representatives! Please call your Representative today and tell him or her to support SB 269!

Tell your Representative that strengthening Georgia’s already enacted immigration laws protects Georgia’s residents. The benefits of SB 269 include:

  • Furthering the public safety and welfare of Georgia residents and visitors;
  • Fighting illegal immigration by eliminating the attraction for illegal aliens to come to Georgia;
  • Taking away competition for scarce jobs;
  • Eliminating waste and fraud in the administration of public benefits; and
  • Providing ICE with critical assistance to enable it to accomplish its mission to identify and remove criminal aliens who are already in state or local custody.

You can click here to find contact information for your Representative. Tell them that they should support immigration enforcement in Georgia TODAY and advance SB 269!

For more information about what you can do, contact your FAIR Field Representative.



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