Stop Sanctuary Policies in Iowa!

Last month, the House Committee on Public Safety passed critical anti-sanctuary legislation, House File 2276 (HF 2276).  HF 2276 prohibits the state and localities from enacting any ordinance, policy, or procedure that limits or restricts enforcement of federal immigration law. The bill also prohibits the state and localities from enacting policies that would limit the gathering or sharing of immigration status information between law enforcement and federal officials.

HF 2276 is still waiting to be scheduled for action by the full House chamber. We need your help to move HF 2276 to the House floor before the legislature’s March 11 deadline!

It’s time to let lawmakers in the GOP-controlled House know ignoring anti-sanctuary legislation is not an option and puts public safety at risk!

Please call Speaker of the House Linda Upmeyer Speaker of the House Linda Upmeyer TODAY and tell her to bring HF 2276 to the floor to end dangerous sanctuary policies in Iowa!

Tell her local cooperation and assistance in the enforcement of immigration law is good public policy. The benefits of anti-sanctuary city bills like HF 2276 include:

  • Providing critical assistance in the identification and removal of dangerous criminal aliens;
  • Promoting cooperation between state, local, and federal law enforcement; and
  • Protecting public safety by placing the needs of American citizens and legal residents ahead of that of illegal aliens.

You can contact Speaker Upmeyer by phone: (641) 357- 8807 or tell her how you feel on Twitter.



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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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