Zuckerberg to Supreme Court: Give Me More Cheap Foreign Labor

In news that will surprise no one, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg urged the U.S. Supreme Court to allow for the implementation of President Obama’s executive amnesty programs. In a friend of the court brief (known as an amicus brief), Zuckerberg and 60 other business executives asked the Supreme Court to overturn the Fifth Circuit’s injunction blocking the Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA) and expanded Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) amnesty programs. “The federal government’s recent actions—clarifying its enforcement priorities and making temporary work authorization available to certain low-priority [illegal aliens]—strengthen the American economy by stabilizing the workforce, promoting job creation, reducing deficits and increasing federal, state and local tax revenues,” the brief claims. The business executives continue, “Preventing or delaying these policies will only withhold the tangible benefits of a more diverse, productive business environment.”

The message from Zuckerberg and Co. is clear: we want access to more cheap foreign labor. Rather than “stabilizing the workforce,” implementation of DAPA and expanded DACA would flood the labor market with at least 5 million illegal aliens who would receive work authorization under these amnesty programs. Instead, Zuckerberg and his business pals want to stabilize costs in the form of lower wages to these amnestied illegal aliens in order to further pad their pockets with even higher profits. Unsurprisingly, Zuckerberg’s brief fails to mention that the tech industry has experienced record profits yet wages have flat-lined for years.

Despite the ample supply of native workers at the high-skilled (there’s a glut of STEM degree holders) and low-skilled (workforce participation is at historical lows) levels, Zuckerberg continues to demand amnesty and increased guest worker programs simply because they are cheaper than hiring Americas.

The Supreme Court will hear arguments in U.S. v. Texas starting April 18. To learn more about the case, visit FAIR’s resource page here.

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    It’s not just access to cheap labor that Zuckerberg and other businessmen want. It’s also an ever-expanding population and ever-expanding economy.

    Unfortunately, the economy won’t expand even if population increases unless there are more jobs created at high enough pay so that the standard of living moves up for the working class.

    But unfortunately jobs are still being exported because big mutual funds and billionaire investors prefer to invest overseas where returns are higher.

    The immigration quandary is just one more reason that tension is growing between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have not so much”s.

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        Is one way to watch all the jobs get halved in pay and weekly hours with no medical coverage. Its that simple.

        You create jobs by engaging American engineers again in complex manufacturing and development. IPhones and video games are a joke in this area. Like Trump told Apple…..”at least make your phones in America”. There is no replacement for product manufacturing to get our jobs back. Think about it for once. IPhones, foreign cars and aprts and a private enterprise “joke” replacement NASA are the problem, not the cure.

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    The Supreme Court is here to interpret the law. Obama is not the law in spite of what he thinks.

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    The despicable scum that Suckerberg is, and this greedy parasite only acquires more wealth at U.S. taxpayers expense.

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    It’s certainly true that Zuckerberg wants direct access to more cheap, exploitable tech workers via the H-1B, L-1, and OPT visa programs.

    But Zuckerberg and his ilk are also embracing Amnesty for illegals and Open Border policies because they want a higher overall population level, which will result in higher overall consumption levels. This is very important to Zuckerberg in particular, since the majority of Facebook’s revenue comes from advertising fees, and a higher population level means that there is a bigger pool of domestic consumers that can potentially sign up for Facebook’s service and thus help generate additional advertising revenue for the firm.

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      Hey Demon, Zuckerberg is asking for the kids that came here when babies…….not all the crap you are talking about….

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        As usual, you are laughably wrong. The amicus brief – filed by Zuckerberg and the other executives – also asks the Supreme Court to overturn the injunction which BLOCKS the Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA). If the court grants this request, it would be granting legal status to the illegal alien parents of the children, along with renewable work permits as well.

        By allowing the parents and the children to stay, the court would be acting to keep the US population level unnaturally high, and also be setting a legal precedent which could be used to justify larger Amnesties in the future, which would inflate the population even more, thus providing an even bigger market for Corporate Execs and Investment Bankers to profit off of.

        My assertion is affirmed and your rebuttal is negated.

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    First question. What does ANY of this have to do with whether these actions are LAWFUL? Answer, it DOESN’T.
    Their’s is an ECONOMIC argument, and a bogus one at that. And I always love the claims about how many tax revenues illegals produce, which are next to nothing. But never a word about the enormous costs to the taxpayers. It’s cheap labor for guys like Zuckerberg. Poor guy is down to his last 50 billion.

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      you are completely overlooking the essence of this request…….people that have been here since basically babies……already went to our schools………..I think it i s a fair request……….

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        Like I said, Zuckerberg’s argument has nothing to do with whether the president’s executive actions are legal under the constitution. He’s arguing economics, not law. You do know that the Supreme Court addresses matters of law?

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          Well everybody usually wants more than what they ask……..in this case I am talking about holding on to the investment we have already made on these kids…….

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            I met a couple in a Starbucks that were given work permits on graduated as a Lawyer the other one an Engineer…..Leland are you a Lawyer? are you an engineer? are you a pulitzer prize holder? those one are the one I am talking about……

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        I have been here since I was a baby too, a long, long time ago. If I get a parking ticket why can”t I have it forgiven? I really want to know! The lawless latino influx into the USA, much of it illegal as hell, is the most pampered, babied ethnic group ever in the USA. And this group continues to promote illegality as a way of getting stuff, provided by a government, perverted government, which needs either workers or votes for its masters.I don’t care if you are 50 and were an anchor baby. You should be processed as an illegal and charged for the benefits you received while illegal. Benefits? Yes, I know, there are no n=benefits in Mexico, except a vibrant culture and great food and so on. But benefits, like we have here, that lowlife politicians create for illegal hordes. Nope. I all has to stop. Things are going to change. They have to. And illegal being illegal as a supported concept will be a part of our recovery from this perverted immigration process that is ruining the country, polluting it, dragging it down. Of course illegals don’t want to own up to the law, it doesn’t serve them well.

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          InYerFace go and get some life experience………a minority of that population might get the benefits since that are born here and learned to do that from Americans and the System allows them………most work harder and contribute ore than you do…..

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      Zuck is not old enough. You have to be 35 yrs of age to run for pres. High school civics used to teach things like that, or were you too busy protesting diversity policy at that time.
      These corps only want the h1b’s bc they are cheap labor. They make half what normal people do and cannot change jobs until they get the green card. Once they get that, they are gone. I’ve never seen one who was worth hiring.

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        Lee if you understood English better you’d realize and understand that SWE expressed an opinion based on the circumstances NOT to mean wha you just think you corrected him….

        How do you know he meant that? what if he meant once he is of age he can run instead…….etc etc the point is that tis just an opinion…….

        and Lee you re wrong and not completely accurate…..so let me ask you a question what did you mean by h1b’s?

        Be more specific since we know now you finished high school….

        I will help you a bit…h1b that become so once they spent their money getting a degree per say PhD and then they become professors and eventually citizens to improve this land……..or bachelors….or the H1bs that are hired temporary WHICH by the way they are still not cheap…..may be cheap to the contractor BUT the contracting company……

        If you are going to make an assumption……then you have to sweat the bullets……SWE and I sometimes we do not agree in a lot of things BUT threes something bigger than anything else that v=created Wars, misunderstandings and now issues……communication and not to take things for granted or ASSume things…..