The Republican Elites: “They Had it Coming”

protestersWherever you stand on the presidential campaign one thing is clear.  Donald Trump has defined the immigration issue in an way that resonates with many Americans.  In doing so, he has unleashed the wrath of the far left, so dominant in immigration policy debates since 2008.  This radical fringe now openly asserts that mass immigration flows must grow ever larger in order to consolidate a political dominance.  Nothing will be allowed to stand in its way, not even our most sacred democratic processes.

What happened last weekend in Chicago was typical of what America’s true immigration reformers have experienced on a regular basis lately.  Donald Trump had to contend with professional harassers occupying seats at his own rally for the purpose of shutting down his event. allies along with infamous amnesty anarchist Luis Gutierrez have a long track record of seeking to disrupt political speech in order to intimidate opposition.  All of us have experienced it over many years. The media don’t usually report it, sadly, or if mentioned at all, it is a wild distortion of reality. In truth, this extremist fringe out of Chicago is a bunch of intolerable bigots.

How the media have reported the events in Chicago is telling:  Trump is routinely blamed for using rhetoric that supposedly justifies reactionary violence.  This is typical, and over the years, the “establishment wing” of the Republican Party has lost its footing in caving to the unreasoning demands of the radical border anarchists.  Now the backlash is upon us.

In election after election, as one Republican presidential candidate after another has gone down in flames promoting an amnesty agenda, major donors and the party’s business wing have stubbornly refused to accept the national impulse for self-determination and the rule of law — a determination we now see dominating the Trump effort.  Trump — now well on his way to the 2016 Republican nomination — is the ultimate disrupter.

Floating the Kasich or even the Ryan name simply reinforces the frustration. In the words of Chicago’s Cell Block Tango, “they had it coming.”


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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    I have known for years that illegals would hurt the USA middle class just as the slaves hurt the middle class in Rome leading to its downfall. All should understand the Trump has been part of those that used the illegals to advantage. Think hotels and construction(developer). Those that cared for rooms at hotels about 35 years ago were mostly stay at home citizen mothers that worked from about 9 to 2 being at home when the children got home from school. The illegals took away those jobs so the hotels would have a better profit margin. The same happened in construction(plasterers, roofers, etc.) Those from the bigger of these companies are the reps to the National Committees. That is why our current President had the National Chamber of Commerce on his group that prepared his immigration plan.
    Do not plan on Trump helping bring back jobs, he had his chance.

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      My disclaimer is that I’d prefer Cruz over Trump, but if it comes down to Trump against Hillary, there is no question about who is better for the country. Trump has admitted that illegals worked for his companies and said it was wrong but that he was more focused on making money than correctness. He says that he wants to fix the situation. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt if it comes down to it. Hillary says she wants more of it. So who do you pick, someone who says they want to make it worse, or someone who says they want to change things for the better?
      Regarding the statement in the article that says, “major donors and the party’s business wing have stubbornly refused to accept the national impulse for self-determination and the rule of law” I would comment that it is not simply ‘self-determination’ it is self-preservation. If we don’t get the country headed a different direction the U.S.A. will be destroyed. If you want a reference, check out how well socialism has worked in Venezuela over the last 15 years, or remember the U.S.S.R. Those are the examples that Bernie and Hillary see as socialist utopia. Trump talks about building a wall to keep the criminal invaders out. The U.S.S.R. had to build a wall with guards and machine guns to keep their citizens in. That is the world that Hillary wants because she plans to be in charge.

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    As always, Mr. Stein tells it like it should be told, HONESTLY! Unlike the majority of the mendacious news agencies, along with the utterly pandering and spineless representatives of OUR government.

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    Justice Gustin on

    Trump says that ” the good ones” can come back. This is known as Touchback Amnesty. Check it out. Is this what you want?

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    Bill Carrothers on

    ! Amen! I attended a United Farm Workers Rally at Church of the Nativity in Salinas, California in April , 2009. Because I knew that I was entering a place where my message of AMNESTY IS TREASON. KEEP IMMIGRATION SAFE, LEGAL, AND RARE would not be welcome, I made a special effort to meet the local leader of the UFW, Efren Barajas, and the rector of the Church, a young Latina, the day before the meeting was to take place. Armed with my homemade sign, my backpack, and arriving by Taxi, so that my car would not be trashed. I demonstrated before talk was to take place, in front of the church. When I entered the Church,where Representative Luis Guitierrez, Arturo Rodriguez, National President of the UFW, and various officials of the Catholic Church were to speak, a systematic, organized harassment effort began that did not let up for the duration of the service. My sign was stolen, all of the people sitting next to me were summoned elsewhere, and an organizer named Lopez and a gang of hostile UFW members began a non-stop attempt to make me leave the service. Not even a prayer interrupted this constant hostility and harassment! My sign was stolen when I went to retrieve my backpack, and I left the meeting determined to make sure that none of these disgusting people would ever achieve their goal of “true immigration reform”.

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      Ah yes, the English language is complex and some phrases can be misinterpreted. The politicians and others have made a science of inventing phrases that sound good, but giving them definitions or meanings that are totally opposite of what one would think. For example: Immigration Reform. Sounds good? Who doesn’t want to reform things, make things better? The problem is the left’s definition of immigration reform is to delete all the immigration laws from the books and have open borders. The conservative version of immigration reform is to enforce the laws. The goal of the left is to bring in millions of poor people who the taxpayers will support and who will vote Democrat because the Democrats keep promising them more benefits. The goal of the right is to protect the freedoms granted by the constitution, but also to protect the prosperity of this country for our children and grandchildren.

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    Pam LaPlante on


    “Violence is morally wrong”. JFK. As a nation we must pray no civilians are hurt, and that the protest is peaceful.

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    Pam LaPlante on

    “Violence is morally wrong” JFK. As a nation we must pray no civilians are not hurt and protect remains peaceful.

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      Tell that to Trump….he embraces it… offering to pay the legal fees….a no no…..he should have apologize bto the other party… Especially when his people started…. He us a dead duck for this election …..remember bmecwhen he loses the election

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    People we cant let the elites steal this election or the nominee! Trump or Cruz must get to 1237 delegates.