Legal Victory in Oregon Makes Ballot Referendum Regarding Illegal Employment Clearer to Voters

Screen shot 2016-03-22 at 4.02.05 PMStopping illegal immigrants from using fraudulent paperwork to get jobs is easy to do: the federal government established the E-Verify system to ensure that only people with legal documentation are able to work in the United States. In addition to taking jobs from American citizens, many illegal immigrants take on their identities by committing identity theft and trafficking in stolen and misappropriated social security numbers.

In Oregon, the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI), the non-profit legal affiliate of FAIR, won a victory to ensure that the ballot language for a referendum that is going before voters is clear and unambiguous. The court struck down the ballot wording provided by the state attorney general for being too vague about its true intent.

The referendum, Initiative Petition 52, would require businesses with five or more employees to confirm that their employees are legally eligible to work through E-Verify. Activists of the organization Oregonians for Immigration Reform (OFIR) are responsible for initiating the petition.

“The ballot language written and certified by the attorney general hid the true purpose and effect of the initiative and would have only served to confuse voters,” Dale Wilcox, executive director of the Immigration Reform Law Institute, told Breitbart Texas.

It is illegal to knowingly hire illegal aliens and the E-Verify system is effective and easy to use, but the federal government and the IRS look the other way when illegals use purloined social security numbers to obtain employment.

Four other states require all employers to use E-Verify for every new hire. Another ten states require state agencies and contractors to use the system while two states, California and Illinois place limits on the use of E-Verify.

Removing the possibility that illegal aliens can get jobs is a policy that FAIR supports, arguing that if the economic magnets that drive immigrants to cross the border illegally are removed, then fewer people will come here and those who are here illegally will not stay.

The federal government created E-Verify in 1997 to help support provisions in the 1986 and 1996 federal immigration laws that required employers to ensure that employees are in the country legally.

E-Verify would also put a stop to the use of fraudulent Social Security numbers, used by immigrants to get a job and pay taxes. Many numbers are assigned to children, so the theft goes unnoticed for years, yet the IRS refuses to inform taxpayers whose identities are stolen that someone else is using their number.

IRLI, which helped write an E-Verify law in Arizona upheld by the Supreme Court in 2011, is girding for another legal battle with illegal alien advocates in Oregon who are attempting to overturn a ballot initiative that denied drivers’ licenses for illegal aliens.

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      Exactly correct, in spite of what our buddy says below. Wall Street Journal had a study done of wages in Arizona for the period since e-verify passed. Wages went up.

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    As pointed out in the last sentence, the Supreme Court upheld a previous e-verify law in Arizona, so it’s hard to see how they could overturn the ballot initiative that denied drivers licenses to illegals in 2014.

    The thing to be remembered here is that Oregon is one of the bluest of the blue states, not voting GOP for president since 1984. But given a clear choice, with one and only one issue to be voted on, the voters of that state passed a ban on licenses for illegals by a 2 to 1 margin.

    About half the states have some sort of initiative to place measures on the ballot where the voters can pass them and then they become law, only to be removed by the voters. Because we know the politicians are going to lie.

    In 2010, John McCain had a primary opponent who pledged to uphold enforcement. McCain then proceeded to run ads funded by his corporate owners about “just finish the danged fence”. But as soon as he got reelected he was supporting the “gang of eight” amnesty. Same thing with Marco Rubio. He pledged no amnesty in his 2010 Senate race, and then was part of the gang of eight.

    Long story short. These things are better done by voter ballot initiatives because we get Hillary saying in 2003 she’s “against illegal immigrants” and now pledging citizenship, Obamacare and every other gift she can conjure up for them.

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      what is interesting is that…….this is not the real problem….it is negligible….why? because it has been happening for 20 years+ plus even when the country was in great shape…..SOOOOOOOO…what is breaking us are the H1 visas that come overnight to take the jobs and outsourcing…..this goes beyond a simple E-Verify….

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        AND the US companies being bought out……..therefore more unemployment…..all the E-Verify will do is drive the wages down in some cases like restaurants and up in cases like land escaping etc…..e no-brainer……

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          Explain how e-verify could drive wages down. E-verify will shrink the labor pool, therefore wages go up. Maybe you’ve heard of supply and demand. Or maybe you haven’t gotten to that in middle school yet.

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            Leland like always you re blind and stay at home….open your eyes….look around……it appears you never left that middle school…….SWE understands exactly what I said….a fact ……but you re living as usual in lala land……people like you is scary to know we have so many that will vote… irresponsible…you should not be allowed to vote…unless you are taught some good doses of our reality….go and run for Senator that suits you better

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      The voters voted not to allow illegals to get drivers license in Oregon and the bleeding hearts have cried ever since. My insurance agent told me illegals will buy a car, have insurance and once they drive away they drop the insurance. They get in an accident, give the insurance info to the other party who find it is cancelled when they go to turn in a claim. The people who follow the law, get and keep insurance are punished with rates going up because of those who don’t feel the law applies to them. Just like that illegal dick in the White House busting *** to flood America with illegals. While giving and giving to the illegals our Veterans get nothing.

      I am proud to live in America, be a citizen of the greatest country in the world and my right to freedom of speech allows me to say I am ashamed of the weak, cowards we elected to government elected positions from the gay illegal bastard in the oval office to the Senators and House members. The ones from OR are jokes by going along with the gay illegal but telling citizens she email one in particular that he is doing what is best for Oregon and the people. God bless America and Her citizens. Now gay illegal is saying he has been a good president and thinks he could win if he ran for a 3rd term. We know what the Constitution says and that is why he is out to get rid of it. It has powers he doesn’t and it was written to stop bastards in office today from just what they are doing. Screw those weak elected bastards and freedom of speech allows me to say that. I make no threats so I’m covers by freedom of speech.