FAIR Op-ed: The Mass Deportation Straw Man

homepage_opedThe 2016 campaign has revealed that voters want our immigration laws enforced. Predictably, the open borders advocates and both the left and right are going nuts concocting doomsday scenarios about the costs and consequences of enforcing our immigration laws.

In an op-ed appearing on the online news and opinion site, The Daily Caller, I rebut argument that the only way to enforce our immigration laws is deport every single illegal aliens and that sensible immigration enforcement would cause a fiscal and economic crisis.

The full Daily Caller op-ed can be read here.

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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to ImmigrationReform.com, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    Just to add to the post below about how the media keeps lying about the “record” deportations of this administration, the Seattle Times had an editorial March 25 about how the Supreme Court needs to approve the president’s executive actions on immigration. They say:

    “He acted after years of interminable congressional stalling. Immigration advocates had nicknamed him ‘deporter in chief’ because of his administration’s record number of deportations compared to his predecessors.”

    Maybe the Times editorial board could let us ignorant rubes know where in the constitution it says the president has the power to “act” because Congress won’t. Last time I checked they passed or changed laws and the president’s job was to “faithfully execute” them.

    And once again, those record numbers of deportations are, as he admitted, “a little deceptive”. A turnaround at the border is not the regular definition of deportations from the interior. They changed the definition.

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    Great op-ed Dan. It really pains me to think of our elites all in a flummox at cocktail parties from Georgetown to the Hamptons, from Martha’s Vineyard to the Harvard faculty lounge, etc. at the prospect of having our immigration laws enforced. I mean, now they might have to pay higher wages and taxes for their hired help instead of shifting so many of these costs, including living in crime ridden neighborhoods with declining schools, onto suckers, I mean American citizen taxpayers. It can be tough to be a rich American elite.

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      Since when SecBorders is tough to be rich elite?…..what is interesting here is that if you were to deport all illegal…..we would still have the same problems and be in trouble and probably worse….

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    Jeff Jacoby od the Bpstpn Globe just had a column yesterday repeating all the nonsense about how we are going to fall apart economically if we don’t have illegals. Funny how we did so well, at least the working class did, when we had very low levels of both legal and illegal immigration in the 50s, 60s and 70s.

    He also repeated the “deporter in chief” nonsense, saying: “More illegal immigrants have been expelled from the United States during Barack Obama’s administration that ever before.”

    No matter how many times that lie is told it doesn’t make it true. Here is what the president himself said about that in 2011 to a group of Hispanic journalists:

    “The statistics are actually a little deceptive. We’ve been apprehending folks at the the border and sending them back. That is counted as a deportation even though they may have only been held for a day or 48 hours.”

    To start with, we’ve always been “apprehending folks at the border and sending them back”. Nothing new about that. What is new is that they are “counted as a deportation”. It’s cooking the books, which this administration is so good at.

    Funny how guys like Jacoby and the rest of the echo chamber are not willing to inform themselves or their readers about the truth of those “record” numbers of deportations. Real deportations, in the traditional meaning, are those from the interior of the country and those have fallen precipitously. But that doesn’t stop the same liars from telling the same lies.

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      I don’t know how anyone can actually believe that our economic success as a country depends upon undereducated illegals. Our economic success depends upon the success of companies like Boeing, Ford, Intel, etc. not undereducated illegals who are a tax burden on our society.

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        We sent our manufacturing jobs to Mexico and we got their illiterate tomato pickers with 5 kids. Not much of a deal for us.

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            No Change,
            What would the Pope say about constantly insulting people online? I think you should go to confession and tell the priest about your constant need to insult people online. I do not think this is healthy for your soul.

            Do you have some sort of complex? Are you a short, puny man who has to constantly insult people online in
            order to feel like a big, macho tough guy? If so, I would suggest taking up weight lifting. It is a much healthier hobby than constantly insulting people online. I hope in the future we will see a healthier, happier No Change!

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            SecBorders and you completely ignore they insult me and call me names first…..there is a difference…..you do not stand for yourself,,,,I do…..that is the difference

            SecBorders another difference…what kind of an American are you that says:

            “I don’t know how anyone can actually believe that our economic success as a country depends upon undereducated illegals. Our economic success depends upon the success of companies like Boeing, Ford, Intel, etc.”

            Really?,,,how about slavery and the the thanks we give to the African Americans that built his country also we owe the American Dream as well?

            You have no history in your genes nor understand where and why we came and are here……just like some….you attack instead of exchanging ideas…

            So I will give you another FACT….the “good illegals nowadays are more educated than the slaves” so they will do us better than the slaves…and they should we are int he 21 st century…some of the good illegals are smarter, wealthier, and contributed more than you do…..if you think this sis not true, then you are out of touch…….I am always happy……it is in your mind…..just read what I just said and sit on it……

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            Sec borders just to open you mind to see where your reasoning is misplaced…..Leland is being demeaning to a demographics that were not lucky like you ,, leland or I……..

            So, I geve Leland as much love back as he treats them…but you ignored that why?….because you simply do to care about them as humanoid begins……so what does that tell anybody about your human integrity?…..really you and Leland do have to learn how to respect other people and their realities…..

            Do yo think they want to be poor and or be born without any opportunities?…that is where I come in….so now that I open your mind you understand me better……..

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          Some of these people are being abused and money made on their efforts by our own……

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          Well Leland, you say we but the truth is that you did not and I did not…..that was a corporate decision and the jobs to Mexico is peanuts compared to China….THINK BIG!!….the main problem we have not just looking for the scape goat……!!!

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        SecBorders you say:

        Our economic success depends upon the success of companies like Boeing, Ford, Intel, etc. not undereducated illegals who are a tax burden on our society.

        I hope you understand that not all illegals are a burden and that there are more of us than the illegals being a burden. You stop our own to be a burden, you stop those negligible number of illegals taking advantage…

        You see…that is the difference between you and me…….you react and believe what you are told and use no thinking in the process…..

        If we made sure our welfare is not being taken advantage of, which by the way the bigger demographics is us: WHITES……….then the rest would or minimum impact……

        So you start where the root of the problem is….but you are sitting in your computer giving opinions of things you know nothing about…it shows……

        You should run for a Senator with Leland…you fit there……….

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          Last….can you make a company like Intel, Boeing….create jobs ……..or you just are a yes man and an employee,,,,I think the latter…….FOR SURE!!!

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            More personal insults, I rest my case. There is a way to disagree with people on ideas without constantly spewing personal insults No Change. And just because someone on here insults you that doesn’t mean you have to respond in a similar fashion. If you set a good example it will make you look good No Change and help you to convince people on here of your positions on these issues which is already hard to do anyway on this site. So if people here like you more you might actually have a chance of changing some minds, which is highly unlikely anyway on this website.

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            SecBorders why do you take a personal insult the truth of the matter?……really……….you complain all the time about immigration, the jobs well…….then I have to ask you….are you a company man or a yes man….that is not an insult…..it is the reality……

            Our corporations are full of yes men and no company men, otherwise we would be in better shape….I think you have a dysfunctional mentality .. honest…..you see what you want to see……you are the aggressor but in denial once I get you back really good….

            Think for a change….in your time people worked and had businesses….nowadays is much harder due to bureaucracy…..so maybe you’re answer would be..yes I owned a store and now I am retired etc etc…but you do not want to answer an honest question…why? because you are not confident of who you are and you hide of what you want but what others say…

            I tell you…..I am a company man….not a yes man……I strive to push myself beyond my limits and learn from everybody and sometimes more from people that know less that I do……I question things and do not believe what I read unless proper research or otherwise…..

            I see tons of lazy corporate people getting their pay checks and relaxing……especially in big companies where 60%+ is dead wood….

            how do you build a company from scratch?.. and idea/inspiration/self-drive, resourceful and creative and re-inventing ourself at all times……….you work hard without the fear of failure……….but failure getting you bolder and more driven…..Am I getting the point to you ?

            I personally think you forgot all this…….you should not at any age not at 10, 30, 40 ,70 , nor 100…….that is what took us to #1…that yankee ingenuity ,,,,long gone….but still within us……

            I want the same that you do…back to the great place we had for some years…not all the time…..this country has had lots pf problems from the beginning and at War in most of its existence…..

            1600’s the indians, The Great Swamp Fight 1645 where my ancestors got killed building this place King Philip’s, the revolutionary War ( I have 5+ soldiers and forefathers there)….WWi. WWII. the depression……the World made us a power……1865….slavery….Korean War, Vietnam ..the Middle East ,,,you and I were lucky we have lived in times of peace…..etc etc….really….

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        and study our history for a change….Dredd Scott US Supreme Court…..all blacks were illegals……….I am sure when the 14th amendment happened ..not only blacks were finally accepted as citizens……

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        SecBorders our economy depends on everybody……remember that Semper Fi….don’t leave anybody behind!