Update: Mejia’s Immigration Status Matters Now

Dirty Tricks Used to Pass Boston TRUST Act: ImmigrationReform.comTwo months ago, illegal alien Eswin Mejia hit and killed 21-year-old Iowa resident Sarah Root while driving drunk. Mejia’s lawyer, Tom Niklitchek, declared his client’s immigration status didn’t matter stating, “In my legal opinion and as a member of the community, the larger issue here is alcohol. Whether he’s legal or not, alcohol doesn’t care.”

Despite local sanctuary policies, law enforcement authorities requested that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials detain Mejia after he was formally charged with vehicular homicide. However, ICE refused to take Mejia into custody, allowing him to post bond.

The federal government didn’t seem to think his immigration status mattered either. In a statement issued by ICE, the agency explained that Mejia was not a priority for removal under its newly instituted federal Priority Enforcement Program (PEP) because he was not an alien that posed a danger to national security, or had been convicted of a felony, “significant” misdemeanor, or three or more misdemeanors.

Despite the fact Mejia had multiple charges, previous bench warrants for his arrest, and was accused of killing someone under the influence, that still wasn’t enough for him to be a priority for federal agencies. Alarmingly, when it comes to matters outside of national security, ICE only considers those aliens who have been convicted of a crime a priority; those merely charged, regardless of the severity, don’t make the cut.

Fast forward two months: tons of national media coverage, and the immensely huge embarrassment on the hands of ICE. The Department of Homeland Security has now advised that Mejia’s immigration status really does matter, adding him to the Top 10 Most Wanted Illegal Aliens List.

As if it wasn’t bad enough the federal government picks and chooses which convicted illegal aliens are a priority, ICE Director Sarah Saldaña faced an even bigger gaffe when she implied that federal agents would have responded if Root had died, rather than being seriously injured at the time ICE was contacted.

Of course, how inconvenient for Sarah Root and her family that she had not passed away fast enough for Mejia to be considered a priority to federal officials. Although Saldaña’s statement was completely absurd, the fact remains that Sarah Root died well before ICE was ever contacted. Furthermore, what difference would her condition make?

Obviously, it is unfortunate that a young woman died as a result of an illegal alien drunk driver. But what if she had been paralyzed or suffered from a few broken bones? Should that make the public safety threat posed by Mejia less serious in the eyes of federal officials? Regardless of the outcome, a victim of any crime should have the assurance that local, state, and federal authorities are doing what it says on their badges: “to protect and serve.”

Apparently, the advice of federal agencies to citizens who are victims at the hands of illegal aliens is make sure the perpetrator was previously convicted of a felony or numerous misdemeanors. And if not, perhaps the victim should die before officials decide whether to release the perpetrator.

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    Where is Congress? Things would not have reached this point if Congress had not sat on its collective hands, closed its eyes and turned its head? As Bob Dylan wrote in the song “Blowing in the Wind”: How many times can a man turn his head and pretend that he just does not see?”

    The American People have been had. We do not have one branch of government being run by corruption, we have two. Until and unless that fact is realized and addressed things are ony going to get worse. Congress “talks” a mean game but that is all they do is talk. They bloviate against Obama and then they give in to him. They hold hearings that do not yield meaningful results. A perfect example is the Sanctuary Cities Bill. After gut-wrenchingly painfufl testimony by familes whose familes have been killed by iillegal aliens, the bill was not passed. They criticize Obama’s illegal actions but then refuse to defund them.

    Clearly, these Congressmen and women represent special interests not the American citizens. Get all of the traitors out not just the one in the White House.

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    Sarah Root’s death is just collateral damage in the government’s demographic war on the historic American nation.

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    Just another example where an illegal commits a serious crime and ICE can’t be bothered to hold him. This is a crime that frequently brings a ten year or more term. Just remember, Hillary says she’s going to outdo the present occupant of the White House with her amnesty plans.

    She also calls Islam a “religion of peace” and Trump gets called a racist for saying we need to examine that. There was piece on businessinsider. com about the education system in Pakistan and how the schools are teaching hate and violence against other religions. 10th graders for instance are being told that “In Islam jihad is very important.” If that is not an invitation to violence what is it?

    Islam teaches inferior status of women, the right to lie if it further promotes Islam, and actions against those who don’t toe their religious line. Salman Rushdie, who has been under a sentence of death for decades for blasphemy and is constantly guarded, has said the president is wrong not to use the word “Islamic terrorism” because that’s exactly what it is. You can’t separate the religion from the repression and violence when so much of the Muslim world engages in those very things.