Virginia Governor Vetoes Enforcement Bills

Virginia FlagVirginia Governor Terry McAuliffe vetoed two key immigration enforcement bills last week.  House Bill 481 and Senate Bill 270 would have required state and local law enforcement to hold criminal aliens for ICE pick-up, undermining dangerous sanctuary policies in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Using the same veto statement for both bills, Governor McAuliffe argued that not only would they fail to improve public safety, but that they would needlessly stigmatize criminal aliens, who he glosses over as mere “non-citizens.”  His statement reads: “Rather than stoking irrational fears of non-citizens present in the Commonwealth, the General Assembly should be focused on substantive policies to improve public safety in Virginia.  House Bill 481 makes no one safer and inappropriately stigmatizes many of those who are caught up in a broken immigration system.”

Though laughable to those of us who frequently report on the victims of criminal aliens, Governor McAuliffe’s assertion that somehow criminal aliens do not pose a public safety threat in the state was unfortunately not an early April Fool’s Day joke.  His statement echoes that of the amnesty lobby, who will do anything to protect criminal aliens, while ignoring the voices of those who have been harmed by illegal aliens.

Try telling the family of Sister Denise Mosier who was killed by Carlos Martinelly Montano, an illegal alien who hit a van she was in while drunk driving in Bristow, Va., that criminal aliens are not dangerous.  Try consoling the heart-broken mother of 19-year-old Vanessa Pham of Falls Church, Va., who was murdered by Blanco Garcia after giving him and his daughter a ride home from a shopping center.  Try explaining to future victims that these laws wouldn’t have made a difference….if it’s not too late.

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    The argument is always that overall illegals contribute to the economy. When someone challenges that premise the response is always fruit and vegetable picking. I agree 100%.
    Now let’s talk about N.Y.C., or Baltimore, or Philadelphia,Chicago, etc. I assure you that there is very little crops that need picking. What these cities do have, however, is a bunch of unemployed minorities that are loosing jobs to these illegals. You can’t have it both ways, either illegals work hard and take jobs away from US citizens or they don’t work and cost the cities benefits in the way of healthcare, school ( $17,000 on average per student) costs, and who knows whatever. Either way, unacceptable.
    Let me be clear, I assure you that people who come to this country illegally and can’t speak the language are not taking jobs from professionals or anyone other than the poor and unemployed.

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      You are obviously uninformed. Ask the professionals at Disney (and other high tech companies) why they lost their jobs to foreign nationals, and had to train their replacements or lose bonuses they had already earned. These were skilled and fully trained employees who had 20+ years of service. Your assumption that only low paying and/or unskilled positions are affecting American citizens is incorrect. American workers are being displaced in all levels of the job market. Additionally, many manufacturing jobs are being sent to other nations. American companies, who outsource American jobs, should be fined for every job filled by a foreigner.

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    When the dmv on four mile run in va was found to be one where 9/11 perpetrators had secured ids (they were otherwise illegally here) the state took unilateral action to tighten the standards to have proof of id to obtain id. Unfortunately it is just like trying to get a traffic light at an intersection that has only had a four way stop for years. It may be obvious to everyone paying attention there needs to be a traffic light, but to the government officials where the power to act resides: not enough people have died yet to justify the “cost” (political or monetary)!

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    I Don’t Think the Party This Governor Belongs to Matters

    The foreign/corporate open border pundit Dem/Reps are two peas in a pod. Both “666 STYLE” NWO puppets for an end to America’s sovereignty….reminds you of the Anti Christ doesn’t it [even if you are an atheist]? No wonder the media doesn’t broadcast this well known Christian message of imminent One World Government.

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    Martin Gomez on

    This is yet another reason why we need a lobby for American victims of immigrant/refugee violence. Sellouts like the governor will never take the suffering of citizens into account without being pressured to. He and other sellouts will always side with the immigration lobby over the victims.

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      So Martin Gomez to make it fair:

      1.- what do you understand by STEM careers?
      2.- When do you come to the US or got your green card?

      #1 will tell me what you understand but it and if you can grasp the reality of the STEM industry….
      #2 will tell us if you are an anchor baby and how you came here.

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      Martin I am sorry but if you are against the very reason you are here…….like you are against he 1965 immigration Law…etc……then if you feel people should not have come since then,,,,,,,,,,,then you should =not be here.

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    It’s got to make you wonder about the mentality of the electorate, that keeps putting flaming incompetents like McAuliffe in office in the first place?

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    McAuliffe cries the blues for “those who are caught up in a broken immigration system”. The only thing broken about it is that we are not enforcing the laws we have on the books. No one twisted their arm to come or stay here illegally. Boo hoo. It gets sickening reading the excuses for criminal behavior.

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      Leland again you have to educate yourself and use just a bit your gray/grey matter…….if it were not broken then it would not need any fixing…but it does……it is actually your fault as well…you voted the people in Congress in…..and Ia m positive and sure you have family members and or friends without the 1965, they would have never been here……so be honest and not a politician ….well we know you have no IQ already and you belong to Congress …..this comes from your “trolling” mentality…