Nebraska Steps from Making Illegal Aliens Doctors and Lawyers

Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

The Nebraska Legislature is on the brink of passing Legislative Bill 947 (LB 947) to make illegal aliens who have been granted deferred action under President Obama’s DACA program eligible to receive professional or commercial licenses in Nebraska. LB 947 has already successfully passed the Legislature’s first two rounds of voting and is just now awaiting a third and final vote before being sent to Governor Ricketts.

Nebraska already doles out driver’s licenses to DACA recipients and in-state tuition to illegal aliens. Please take a few minutes to call your state Senator and tell him or her that you have had enough of handing out benefits to illegal aliens. There is no time to waste. Only with your help can we stop LB 947!

Let YOUR senator know:

  • Granting professional licenses to illegal aliens who have received deferred action hurts American workers by increasing competition for scarce jobs.
  • Deferred action is a temporary deferment of deportation and does not confer any lawful immigration status to an alien.
  • States should not expand resources to provide public benefits, including professional licenses, to those illegally in the country.

Please act now! Call or email your state Senator and urge them to oppose LB 947!

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    Questionable…… many Americans nowadays do become doctors? I know engineers has go down int he past 20 years by 50% plus… least these kids are Americans……

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      Exactly No Change

      The only college graduate jobs that aren’t scarce with student loans is teaching. Why are we even using immigrant doctors, nurses and engineers, when decent usable health coverage is now out-of-reach for most Americans? And these career fields have a GLUT of Americans in them already. Its a circus charade out there and Americans are being lied to.

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        Especially i engineering by the time the new engineers come to be, in 5+ years…there will be even fewer jobs and opportunities to even have half the experience you and I were able to get…….pitiful..