Illegal Immigrants and Their Allies Demand the Vote, Handouts at Supreme Court

On the steps of SCOTUS

On the steps of SCOTUS

Pro amnesty advocates showed up in force outside the Supreme Court building and the Capitol to rally for their cause as the Supreme Court heard arguments in the pivotal case of Texas v. United States. The gathering illustrated the hypocrisy displayed on the immigration issue.

One speaker after another passionately demanded that illegal immigrants be granted the right to vote and be rewarded for breaking the law. Commuters exiting Union Station in Washington, D.C., could hear every word of the rally, since the jumble of groups fighting for open borders and amnesty erected a huge sound system in Columbus Circle, the staging point for a march to the Supreme Court.

Scene at Columbus Circle

Scene at Columbus Circle

The elaborate set-up featured a stage, sixteen speakers, two subwoofers and a professional mixing board. The groups handed out signs and t-shirts emblazoned with pro-amnesty messages all day long. Who paid for that? The biggest organizations represented in Columbus Circle included the NAACP, environmental organizations, the Service Employees International Union, the Communications Workers of America, the AFL-CIO and the United Food and Commercial Workers of America, the very interests that are threatened by open immigration. The irony is that African-Americans, workers and the environment take a hit if the borders remain open and amnesty is granted.

The song “Ready or Not” by the Fugees, a 1990s rap group whose name is a nod to the term refugees, boomed over the set. The lyrics include the line “ready or not refugees are taking over” and a chorus that could be interpreted as a love song, but not necessarily: “Ready or not, here I come/You can’t hide, gonna find you and take it slowly/Ready or not here I come, you can’t hide/Gonna find and make you want me.”

NAACP at Columbus Circle

NAACP at Columbus Circle

When the marchers stopped for a photo op, many of them sang “Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Round,” the old staple form the Civil Rights battle of the 1950s and 1960s. Yet they were quite free to march wherever they wanted. When a Mariachi band began to play, the crowd at the Supreme Court cheered.

The protestors came from California, from North Carolina and other states to demand vague entitlements like justice, but most voices sought free services and voting eligibility. Sings read “One Person, One Vote” and “My Vote, My Right.” They waved the Stars and Stripes and spoke about how no one can deny their “inalienable rights.”

One sign read “I Am an American,” another carried the vague statement “Stronger Communities, Stronger America.” But the protestors also focused on how deportations break up families. The issue often is the anchor baby, whom the family can indeed take with them if they are deported or cannot find work. These families had their child knowing that such a day might come. Many held placards with the photos of forlorn-looking children that read “I Fight for Sophie” and “I Fight for Zaira and Dulce.”

CASA and La Raza also maintained a large presence and a lot of rhetoric skewed left, again, with hypocritical fervor. “We are the 99 percent,” they chanted at one point. Others held signs that read “Money Out, Voters In.” Ironically, amnesty and open borders help the 1 percent even more by creating a permanent underclass of cheap labor. Why the Washington, D.C., and Berkeley-based environmental group Friends of the Earth supports illegal immigrants along with a flood of legal immigration is hard to figure out, especially since they claim that “climate crisis is the definitive challenge of our time,” according to their website.

Asked why labor unions and African-Americans would support the very population that undermines their well-being, Alyson Kennedy, running for president on the Socialist Worker Party ticket said that she sees this support as a linchpin in creating broad worker solidarity.

“This is a fight to try and build a labor party in the country, since this is all one movement and we need to be together,” she said. She also supported a “federally-funded jobs program and free federal health care,” among other programs. She stood next to a table covered with leftist literature, including The Militant newspaper and The Communist Manifesto in Spanish.


Protesters with anti-FAIR signs

Things turned surreal when a gentleman on a bike grabbed two megaphones and began chanting slogans about Jesus. And, as FAIR president Dan Stein spoke to a television reporter on air, a young woman accompanied by four other people who refused to identify themselves, held up a sing equating FAIR with the KKK. She could not identify any statement on the FAIR website that promoted hate, but merely regurgitated the same accusations made by the discredited Southern Poverty Law Center.

Yet, the main rallying cry turned out to be demands for handouts and legal relief. “Education, Not Deportation.” “Give Us DAPA Now.” “No DAPA, No Peace.” Many played up the education dreamer role: “My Dream is to have the opportunity to complete my education.” Another young man wore a t-shirt that read “Undocumented, Unafraid, Unapologetic.”

When laws go unenforced for so long, it emboldens the lawbreakers, whose demands increase as society capitulates. One African-American attendee shook his head and said “imagine all these people who broke the law and now want a bunch of freebies. If I went down to Mexico and did that, what would happen to me there?”

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    This is what happens when you have a lawless President in the White House that refuses to enforce the law. Illegals become embolden and start demanding us to accept them into our Country. Sorry, but you aren’t welcome here.

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      We Should Tell All the Dem/Rep Establishment Candidates

      To go back to their real Pro-foreign Motherlands [leave America]… don’t represent American values.

      Even O’Reilly on FOX news slashed out at Trump’s deficit tariffs last night…..his rationale? We can’t make things in America anymore, we’re too stupid now….come on man, tell the truth Bill….you just don’t want to train our high school students to replace foreigners and pay them more than foreign slaves….either does Gates or Zuckerberg.

      BTW, computer programming is not an engineering college trained discipline, its always been high school level, with On the Job training…everyone’s an engineer now…..LOL

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      Don’t let any lawless illegal alien take you job. They’re already wanting to rape your daughters and force your sons into soldemy. They won’t work. They just stand on corners looking for handouts. Ship them all back to Turkey, and make them pay their own travel costs. Our Christian heritage demands that we prevent foreignors from coming to America, as we were warned in Revelations, because this will bring about the end of the world. But that won’t be too bad, because all of us good people will be swept up into Heaven to sit on white sofas, while the illegal alions and their supporters will burn in the fires of Hell eternally to pay them back for there trechery.

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    Ellen Hubbell on

    Real classy song and rally…NOT! ILLEGAL means ILLEGAL. I wish LEGAL Americans would stand up and not just complain about what is happening in our country. Just today in CA it was announced that ILLEGALS will be granted free or low cost Medicaid. This is on top of all of the FREEBEES they are already getting. Contact your representatives over and over until you make a dent. Stand up and be heard!

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      They come here for the handouts and to have their babies free on Medicaid. I for one am sick and tired of my tax dollars going to support them while some of our Veterans- our hero’s – who have sacrificed life and limb for this country and who EARNED whatever the heck they need are sick, hungry, homeless, and sleeping on freaking park benches with a newspaper for “cover”! What’s wrong with this picture??! Our representatives apparently don’t give a flip about us or what we want or how we feel; they are part of the problem IMHO. They promise the moon and then do nothing. You call and write, send emails or faxes and they write back with the same tired old worn out excuse of “I agree with you and as your representative I’m working on it” kind of bull. ” Working on it” apparently isn’t getting anything constructive done and further more just how long does one have to “work on it” to get the job done? This problem with illegals and open borders has been going on for DECADES! A wall to protect our country and keep invaders and illegals out would have long been paid for by now had it been built when it should have been! Look what happened to our Marine just because he took a wrong turn! He was in jail for MONTHS! Mexico doesn’t mess around, but they expect us to put up with millions of their citizens invading our country and then support them! When Donald Trump is Present this kind of stupid nonsense will cease! And I can’t wait!

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      Billi Ashley, If illegals are criminals, then the US was founded by the GREATEST CRIMINALS OF ALLL TIME!! They all came illegally from Europe. Unless you are 100%(not mixed) NATIVE AMERICAN which I doubt because millions of them were killed , guess by who? the white criminals who came illegally to this country, so YOUR OPINION IS RUBISH!!! YOU SHOULD GET YOUR *** OUT OF THIS COUNTRY. I HATE STUPID PEOPLE LIKE YOU. STUPID PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO THIS BEAUTIFUL AMERICAN SOCIETY!!!

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        Ab Lincoln, if it wasn’t for those “criminals” coming here this great country would not be in existence. now would it?? The American Indians didn’t do anything with it. I don’t mean to be disrespectful to them in no way whatsoever; they liked it the way it was, but the truth is they would not have done what the Pilgrims did. It was the Pilgrims who built the roads, developed the towns, created jobs, laws, built churches and schools, and established the government! I love and respect the Native Americans; they complain less than the blacks and illegals and get less – because they happen to be proud and independent if they die of starvation! Too bad the ones with their hands out and who are always wanting “more” can’t have just one ounce of the Native Americans honor!!! SMH at your silly statement! Geez!

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        Just so you know illegals of the past became legal. However the past has nothing to do with today. It is the law. They become criminals the minute they cross over. Instead of becoming legal first. While they are here they free load and do not become legal. It shouldn’t be to much to ask to become legal. It isn’t about race either. Becoming documented is for security just like the wall. However there are plenty of different types of illegals. Visa overstays from all around the world. Terrorists criminals drugs coming across the border. They have to be vetted legally to know who is who. It is not a difficult law or process so what are they hiding. We have homeless starving children and homeless veterans and illegals think they have more rights. No they don’t. Americans come first. Our vets come first. Our homeless and starving children come first. We do not have money or room to keep giving to them when America needs to come first

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    I always love the part how they claim to be “unafraid”. Of course, they’re not afraid, because this administration will not deport them. In fact, they get letters telling them they won’t be deported. Pretty brave to proclaim yourself “unafraid” when you know there are no consequences for your actions.

    As for the environmental groups promoting this nonsense, that’s no surprise. The Sierra Club tries to proclaim calls to limit immigration as “the greening of hate”. But the late liberal Senator Gaylord Nelson, the father of Earth Day, said there is no way that you can separate environmental damage from a growing population spurred by immigration. The ideological heirs of the early conservationists are not the growth at any costs environmentalists of today. The true environmentalists want a stable population, as the Rockefeller Commission on population growth recommended in the early 70s.

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      Very true. The population of the world is currently at 7 billion people and is projected to increase to 9 billion people if current trends continue. No person can be an authentic environmentalist and ignore the fact that population growth is the fundamental, primary underlying cause of environmental destruction.

      And given this massive global population growth that will be occurring for the foreseeable future, most of it occurring in poor countries, the idea that we can solve global poverty by bringing in millions of poor people into the US is ridiculous. This will barely make a slight dent in global poverty in a world experiencing this kind of population growth and can only make the US just another poor, overpopulated country, making the world a worse place, not a better place.

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      Are you afraid because your education level and stupidity together won’t help you find a better job? Yes, it’s really frustrating that an Illegal immigrant who doesn’t speak english finds a better job than you. Guess what? stop doing drugs, get a brain transplant, and GET A LIFE YOU FUKN’ LOSER!!!!!!

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        Ab, you’re such a child and a very angry one. Tell that to yourself; you need it more than anyone else on this thread!