Support Nebraska Gov. Ricketts’ Veto of Licenses for Illegal Aliens

Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

Governor Ricketts recently vetoed Legislative Bill  947 (LB 947) to make illegal aliens who have been granted deferred action under President Obama’s DACA program eligible to receive professional or commercial licenses in Nebraska. Last Wednesday, the Nebraska Legislature passed LB 947 with a 33-11 vote. To overrule Governor Ricketts veto of LB 947, the Legislature only needs 30 votes.

In a letter to Senators last week, Governor Ricketts stated: “By circumventing our current immigration process, LB 947 undermines the rule of law and is unjust to all the immigrants, permanent residents, and naturalized citizens who legally followed the established process.” Tell your Senator you agree with Governor Ricketts and that you want his veto to stand!

Nebraska already doles out driver’s licenses to DACA recipients and in-state tuition to illegal aliens.  Please take a few minutes to call your state Senator and tell him or her that you have had enough of handing out benefits to illegal aliens.  There is no time to waste.  Only with your help can we stop LB 947!

Let YOUR senator know:

  • Granting professional licenses to illegal aliens who have received deferred action hurts American workers by increasing competition for scarce jobs.
  • Deferred action is a temporary deferment of deportation and does not confer any lawful immigration status to an alien.
  • States should not expand resources to provide public benefits, including professional licenses, to those illegally in the country.

Please act now!  Call or email your state Senator and urge them to oppose LB 947!  Click here to find their contact information.

For more information on this bill or what you can do, contact your FAIR Field Representative.

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    A great idea. Why should illegals get to vote ? If they attempt to register or vote, it’s a FELONY.
    BILL CLINTON is scum for bringing in motor voter.
    I will cheer the day Hillary is convicted and defeated.
    Nebraska, don’t vote for Cruz. He’s not even a natural born American
    Please rally, for our youth, our veterans.
    God bless Nebraska. My forefathers have fought in 7 different wars for this country, I do not write to you lightly.

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    Patrick Brunetti on

    The United States of America is under attack by liberal views . There is no other way to explain the current position of our president . We should be very careful this time around as we pick a new president 2017 . The last thing we need to do is apoint another liberal that’s going to pick apart the constitution to work for liberal values. I believe America was built on democracy of the people , the same people who came to this country leagaly ! We cannot turn back time and rewrite the constitution so leave it the way it works. We need more like Governor Ricketts , you’ve got my support!