Mass Release of DUI-Convicted Illegal Aliens Poses Significant Safety Risk

POLICE TRAFFIC STOP AT NIGHTIn preparation for an April 28 hearing before the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) released figures on how many criminal illegal aliens the agency caught and then released back into society during FY2015. Out of 119,772 arrests—approximately half the total arrests made in 2013 – ICE released 19,723 illegal aliens who amassed a total of 64,197 convictions.

Driving under the influence of alcohol made up the highest number of convictions with 12,307. Considering that one in three drunk drivers who are charged with a DUI/DWI will become repeat offenders, 3,700 of these criminal illegal aliens will likely end up in custody again for driving drunk.

With nearly 300,000 people injured in alcohol-related accidents every year, it is crucial that every available resource is used to get impaired drivers off the road. According to the Center for Disease Control, the average drunk driver will take the wheel 80 times while under the influence before being arrested. With almost 4,000 drunk drivers likely be arrested as repeat offenders, ICE is needlessly allowing convicted illegal aliens to operate a motor vehicle under the influence at least 295,000 times before being arrested (and likely released) again.

Furthermore, these troubling statistics only take into account the criminal illegal aliens caught and released by ICE officials. There are currently more than 300 cities, counties and states that have adopted illegal “sanctuary city” policies that forbid local law enforcement from cooperating with ICE officials when an illegal alien is arrested. According to ICE statistics covering an eight month period in 2014 and 2015, 17 percent of criminal illegal aliens arrested after being released from a sanctuary city were charged with using dangerous drugs and/or driving under the influence. Cooperation with federal officials would have ensured that these offenders stayed off the streets, protecting innocent drivers from needless property damage, injury and even death.

Proponents of the current administration’s policy of non-enforcement assure the American people that illegal immigration is harmless to law-abiding citizens, but statistics like these tell a different story. If public officials are serious about reducing the number of drunk drivers and making the streets safer, they will take this opportunity to get these dangerous illegal alien drivers off the highways. Failing to do so makes them complicit to the injuries and deaths that result from their inaction.


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Spencer joined FAIR in 2015. He oversees the numerous qualitative and quantitative research efforts conducted by FAIR and writes content for publication on FAIR’s website and outside media organizations. Previously, Spencer worked in gubernatorial campaigns and political nonprofits, covered politics at the federal and state levels as a freelance writer, and worked as a legislative aide in the Texas State Legislature. Spencer holds a Master of Science in Data Analytics from Johns Hopkins University and a Bachelor of Arts in Government from the University of Texas at Austin.


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    Small corrections: Forgot the “t” in the first “can’t, and forgot the period after the word “game” 2/3 down the message. My appologies.

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    I have held back writing the following, but I can’ take it anymore: It is very unfortunate that the bulk of Law Abiding US Citizens do not want to understand and accept that the country is run by people that have been death threatened (there can’t be another reason) if they stop any action, legal or otherwise, that will affect ilegal aliens coming , staying, and abusing our way of life. What really amazes me is that it would be so easy to “register” those that are already here, that are not criminals, so that they can pay their responsibilities (taxes) into our society just like any other inmigrant that has come here legally and can be “tracked”. The truth of the matter is that they are already here draining our resources without putting anything into the system and it will be very unlikely that we will be able to perform a mass “deportation”. We (The US Citizens) have no way of demanding for the goverment to do the right thing because they are exposed to being harmed by those that dictate the rules of the game Mr. Trump would be a breath of fresh air and a great leader, but he will not get the Republican nomination because the “rules” are very clear (the popular vote is useless). If he became our President, he could end up like those great leaders that have lost their lives because they want to do the right thing (everybody knows who those great leaders have been). This is the real truth, and until every member of this government realizes that EVERYONE should do the right thing, we will continue living the way we are now and suffering the consequences. Sorry for the bluntness.

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    240 years of rule by crooked lawyers (BHO and Killary) has got us to this point. Trump will turn it around and get us back to our Constitution and the rule of law.

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      The LGTBXYZ lobby has everyone crapping in their pants. And these are our leaders?

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      So Hillary is 240/years old?…single handed N presiident Obama?…last time I checked we are interested hus mess because of everybody…. Not just one man or live in a different reality…

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      Barbara Kaur on

      agree E.Hammer and it sure can’t come fast enough…. ICE should have been out there at Trump’s rally last night in California.. rounding up the illegals… they have no respect for our country or the laws.. out there getting violent and waving their Mexican flags.. disgusting parasites…
      people who came here years ago.. came to pick the crops and work the fields and at the end of the season went back where they came from.. now they remain here draining our resources and our tax dollars .. I don’t understand anyone who is okay with the illegals flooding this country while we citizens foot the bill for it…

      TRUMP 2016!!!

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    This is not considered a serious offense by illegal advocates. They don’t think this is any reason to deport anyone. I also hear the claim that some of them come from countries that refuse to take them back. And that is our fault because what we are supposed to do is suspend visas for any country that refuses to cooperate. Do that and they will get it straight. Instead, we continue to be a doormat. Maybe Trump will change that.

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        Diane anglin on

        The polls show that Trump is unlikely to win the presidential elections. Many democrats are also fed up with the illegal situation and need to make more noise about it. Polls show that up to 80% of Americans are sick of the endless amount of illegals coming to this country. By trying to make fair a republican only organization you will be loosing a lot of supporters.

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          Barbara Kaur on

          ALL those 80% who are against Illegal immigration, needs to stand up and fight back and vote in Trump… a vote for any of the others will not change a thing.. it will be the same as it has been.. the illegal aliens will get a free pass and we citizens will foot the bills..
          I don’t understand why anyone with some brains and common sense, just sitting back and allowing the illegal aliens to flood this country. more and more every day and we spend BILLIONS of our tax dollars EVERY month to support these parasite illegal aliens..

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          Raul Allegre on

          We need to stop being influenced by polls because they’re meaningless this far out of the general election. People have been behind a month before the election then end up winning in a landslide. A couple months ago the polls said Trump couldn’t beat Hillary, now the polls say he can beat her. What will they say next month? Who knows. Notice how the Democrat candidates are always ten feet tall and unbeatable. So we cower around them, worrying about which of our candidates has the best chance of not getting crushed by them. It’s such a defeatist attitude. Obama and Hillary are both weak candidates and were/are beatable if we stop being afraid of them.

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      Barbara Kaur on

      I could care less if the countries don’t want them.. they are citizens of those countries, we should force them to take them back.. period!! we are beyond insane not standing up for the country and the citizens… I’m fed up with the illegal aliens flooding the country and we citizens must foot the bill…
      TRUMP 2016!!! time to clean up this mess our government has created..

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        Raul Allegre on

        The fact is we have great influence over all these countries that are exporting their worst and dimmest to us, that we would have no trouble getting them to take their people back if we wanted them to. We give all kinds of aid to poor countries of all different types that they would back down quickly if we threatened to yank their funding.