Thank Gov. Haslam for Strengthening E-Verify in Tennessee

Congratulations! Because of your hard work Governor Haslam approved Senate Bill 1965 (SB 1965) with its companion House Bill 1830 (HB 1830) last week!

SB 1965/HB 1830 amends and strengthens Tennessee’s E-Verify law by: increasing the number of employers required to use E-Verify for ALL employers with 50 or more employees, adds a $500 civil penalty for each day of noncompliance, and eliminates a loophole that previously allowed employers to avoid using E-Verify as long as they retained certain copies of employee documentation.

Call Governor Haslam today and tell him THANK YOU for signing SB 1965/ HB 1830 and promoting good public policy because:

  • E-Verify protects American workers. Native-born Americans compete with illegal aliens for the same jobs, and are increasingly disadvantaged because employers have access to a steady supply of low-wage foreign workers.
  • E-Verify prevents the depression of earnings that results from employers paying illegal aliens sub-standard wages.Illegal immigration has a disproportional impact on poor Americans. Because a large proportion of illegal aliens are low-skilled workers, they are more likely to compete with and undercut the wages of low-skill native-born workers.
  • E-Verify helps employers comply with federal law. E-Verify provides a fast, free, and effective way for an employer to verify that all new hires are authorized to work in the United States as required by federal law.
  • E-Verify reduces job-related identity theft. E-Verify stops 100% of all SSN only, job-related identity theft because full name, SSN, date of birth, gender and photographic identification must match.
  • E-Verify fights illegal immigration. Mandatory E-Verify use will discourage illegal immigration to Tennessee by eliminating the attraction for illegal aliens to come to the state to find jobs. Illegal immigration already costs Tennessee taxpayers over $547 million each year.

Call Governor Haslam at (615) 741-2001 or tell him thank you viaFacebook!


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    George Fuller on

    Mandatory E-Verify eliminates two groups attracted by jobs….illegal aliens & legal visa holders who don’t leave. It should be the law of the land……….it is so simple……..why isn’t it?