ICE Director Fudges Numbers on Released Criminal Aliens

ICE_ArrestAppearing before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on Thursday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director Sarah Saldana provided misleading testimony on the Obama administration’s release of criminal aliens. According to ICE statistics, 19,273 criminal illegal aliens (with over 64,000 convictions) were released back onto the streets during FY2015. Saldana, doing her best impression that her hands are tied in the matter, told the committee that at least two-thirds of those released were because of the Supreme Court’s ruling in Zadvydas v. Davis. That case held that a convicted criminal alien who had completed his sentence but whose country or origin refused repatriation could not be detained indefinitely.

Apparently Director Saldana did not expect anyone to actually look into the figures (which were released just moments before the hearing started—a favored tactic by the Obama administration). In reality, of the 19,723 criminal aliens released in FY2015, only 2,166 were because of the Zadvydas case. If that number seems less than two-thirds of the overall total, you are better at math than the ICE Director. Indeed, merely 11% were released because of Zadvydas while 7,293—or 37%–were returned to the streets of America because of “ICE discretion.”

Thursday’s hearing is just the latest example of Director Saldana being out of touch when it comes to protecting the safety of Americans. At a number of prior hearings she has insisted that ICE was “forced” to release criminal aliens (because of Zadvydas) when they really wanted to keep them detained. The actual numbers show this claim is patently false. Additionally, just a few weeks ago Saldana had the audacity to say that ICE refused to assume custody of the illegal alien who killed Sarah Root while drag racing drunk because this did “not constitute a crime of violence.”

Sarah Root’s father—who testified at this same hearing—and mother—who testified at a different hearing last week—would beg to differ that the senseless death of their daughter was not a “crime of violence.”

Unfortunately, Sarah Root is just the latest example of needless American deaths at the hands of illegal aliens because the Obama administration prioritizes criminal aliens over U.S. citizens.

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    Barbara Griffith on

    From what was on the news letter I get from it seems they have found out that the Obama administration is withholding a draft of the Whitewater indictment of Hillary Clinton this was March 28, 2016.
    I think Obama is afraid that Trump might get his hands on the information. Probably most of Hillary’s younger followers have never heard of Whitewater even if they did I doubt it would stop them voting for her. I sent the information to Washington state Senator Don Benton who is backing Trump whom Trump mentioned when he was speaking at the rally in Spokane. Senator Benton is one of Trump contacts in this state that sent me the information as to how to get a ticket to the rally. Trump needs to have everything connected to Whitewater and the numerous other crooked deals she has been involved in over the years when Hillary and Bill were in the White House a lot of this is on google I doubt the indictment is on google but everything else is. Everything he finds out about her past will help him beat her next year. How she stayed out of jail when all of that was found out just goes to show you just how insiders will protect each other.

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    Open borders and globalism will make easier to transport crime to other countries, and end up with everyone being a target of greater crime! It won’t improve the condition of humans!

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    Truthafuss on

    Obama’s administration is one big fudge. How could we let this horrid man remain in office after all the crimes and misdeameanors he’s committed? Because he is black?

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    I hope President Trump will tell ICE to deport every one of these criminals, no matter what the SCOTUS ruling says. I say if their home countries won’t take them back we do one of two things. Escort them back and leave them there whether the country likes it or not or cut off all foreign aid to those countries. Oh hell, we should just cut off the foreign aid anyway and spend it here to fix our numerous infrastructure problems and take care of our own poor.

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    A story from the NY Times this week:

    “An international panel of experts brought to Mexico to investigate the haunting disappearance of 43 students that ignited a global outcry says it cannot solve the case because of a sustained campaign of harassment, stonewalling, and intimidation against it.”

    “The investigators say they have endured carefully orchestrated attacks in the Mexican media, a refusal by the government to turn over documents or grant interviews with essential figures, and even a retaliatory criminal investigation into one of the officials who appointed them.”

    The city of Acapulco has become a war zone between rival drug gangs. We NEED a wall to separate that failed state from us. Our cities are under assault from Mexican cartel gangs. Mexico complains that if Americans would stop using drugs the gangs would disappear. The fact is Mexico has always been a corrupt country, but if they wanted to stop the gangs and starve them of American revenue, they would agree with a wall.

    There are lots of drugs and criminals coming across the border. And saying that they would just tunnel under is an excuse. The tunnels are expensive to build and almost invariably exposed. Hard to believe that we can’t use imaging equipment to find them.

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      one thing to be aware of is that we have more and worse criminals here…not giving you the opposition….but just clarifying our reality….

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        You don’t live in reality. Drug gangs rule Mexico and anyone who speaks against them ends up dead.

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    Too Much Effort Wasted on IAs

    America needs to reclaim its manufacturing and start collecting tariff taxes from the outsourcers….this stuff is totally unimportant…..just deport ’em and forget ’em….

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      I thought I would never see a day like I did Friday. The cops allow “protestors” carrying Mexican flags to force an American presidential candidate to have to walk through a dirt path to reach his rally. And a lot of people defended it because it was Trump. If it was Hillary the uproar would still be on. Instead it’s Simon and Garfunkel, the sound of silence.

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        Don’t These Pin Head Protestors Know?

        Their very violent presence disrupting free speech at legal American political rallies and destroying police cars tells Americans they’re nuts. Its all just more motivation to vote for Trump.

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        Leland….freedom goes beyond your lifetime. and mine but it takes a to to understand it………..

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          Not Politically Correct on

          You really should proof read your stuff before you post it.