Oppose Subsidized Financial Aid for Illegal Aliens in CT

Last week, the Connecticut Senate passed Senate Bill 147 (SB 147), which would allow illegal aliens to receive institutional financial aid from public colleges and universities in Connecticut. If enacted, SB 147 would allow illegal aliens to apply for tuition waivers, tuition remissions, grants for educational expenses, and student employment.

SB 147 is still awaiting action in the Connecticut House of Representatives. We need your help to stop this bill! Please contact your Representative and tell him or her you do not want your tax dollars subsidizing illegal aliens!

Tell your lawmaker:

  • Subsidizing financial aid to illegal aliens hurts taxpayers.Subsidizing financial aid to illegal aliens further burdens Connecticut taxpayers who already help finance post-secondary public education for illegal aliens through in-state tuition. SB 147 would further subsidize illegal alien education by granting them access to already scarce financial aid. This increases competition for such aid by Connecticut students, and either gives them a smaller piece of the pie, or will increase taxpayer dollars to the public colleges and universities to make up the difference. Either way, taxpayers foot the bill!
  • Subsidizing financial aid to illegal aliens is unfair to legal immigrants. Prospective immigrants have little incentive to pursue legal paths to immigration when they can side step the process and gain the same benefits.
  • Subsidizing financial aid to illegal aliens further incentivizes illegal immigration. As of 2010, Connecticut taxpayers pay $957 million annually due to illegal immigration. Granting financial aid to illegal aliens will only incentivize further illegal immigration to the state, which contributes to higher costs of living, reduced job availability, lower wages, higher crime rates, fiscal hardship to hospitals, and overwhelmed public services.

Contact your Representative today and tell him or her to oppose SB 147!

Sincerely, FAIR

P.S. Don’t know who represents you in the Connecticut House? You can find your Representative using the locator on the Connecticut General Assembly’s homepage.

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    Sherry Brookshire on

    We have laws in this nation & we should not allow illegals in this nation. Illegals are costing taxpayers billions in tax dollars. It’s not right to let illegals stay & there are people who respect our laws & go through our legal system which they should receive priority. I get so angry when illegals March in our streets & burn our American flag &carry their Mexican flag. We have laws in this nation concerning immigration & you go through the legal system not through the border. Anyone in this nation who is here illegally should be sent back. We need to take care of American citizens first & allow people to come to our country who do it legally & respect our nation.

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      Victoria Solis on

      I would hold my Mexican flag to show WE ARE A NATION OF DIFFERENT BACKGROUNDS. You & I were born into privilege , assuming you’re a white woman you don’t know the struggle. This nation was founded by immigrants , no human is illegal . You know who I wish would’ve been sent back , CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS!! Mexicans haven’t burnt a flag as far as I know. My culture is filled with hard working people, want to kick” illegals” out ? Our economy will go even further down hill.

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        SecBorders on

        “…no human is illegal.” There are over 7 billion human beings on the planet and this is projected to rapidly increase to 9 and even 10 billion people in the coming years. Most of these people are impoverished by US standards. The US is trillions in debt and is rapidly and unsustainably adding trillions more in debt. The US can’t afford to pay for health care for its own citizens let alone every one of the billions of poor people on planet Earth who decides they want to move here. If you would like to donate some of your own money to a charity to provide free health care to poor people living in Third World countries, as many US citizens do, please be my guest.

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          SecBorders on

          And we can’t afford to send all their children to college nor do we have enough spaces available at our universities to educate the offspring of every human being on the planet who decides to move here.

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        You want to repeat the same baloney that the immigration of today is the same as it was a hundred years ago. It’s not. No welfare for immigrants then, legal or illegal. If you would read the other blog posts on here you would see that immigrants, particularly from Mexico, take more than their share of welfare programs when compared to native born Americans. How in the world is that a plus for our “economy”? It’s not. It’s cheap labor for business while the taxpayers pick up the social costs. Nor was this hemisphere some paradise before Columbus. War and human sacrifices were common. The native Americans of both continents were more than willing to kill to take other’s lands.

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    Katie King on

    No more!!!! No more welfare, foodstamps, which, Medicaid,section 8 housing, education subsidies for illegal aliens! They are here because they chose to break the law. Why are they being treated like they are citizens? They are not citizens, they are first and foremost criminals. The rights for the aforementioned help should be reserved for citizens only. Deport them all! Keep families together and deport all members of the family. No more anchor babies for just being born in the USA. Anchor baby status should be linked with parents citizenship status. If parents are here legally the. The child should be granted citizenship. If the babies parents are here illegally then the child should be treated as they are here illegally too and not be given automatic citizenship. This madness is costing us billions in tax dollars that we cannot afford. We need to close out borders and take care of business. Once the illegals are gone, we need to take care of our vets, elderly, and homeless before we even think about helping anyone who is not a citizen of this great country! We need to take care of our borders first!

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      news for you even without them…it wold worse or the same….stop the crying….

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    Sheila Hager on

    NO to health insurance for illegals! What part of illegal do you people in government not understand?? STOP spending tax dollars in people who are not citizens!

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        They can be treated like the rest of their countrymen, in their own country. The United States shouldn’t be the ones providing the “treats”.

        Remember the sage wisdom about feeding stray dogs, don’t do it.

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    Deanie E Waller on

    No jobs, no subsidies, no benefits! Deport them! Enforce the law. The laws mean nothing and invite more of the same when they are not enforced.

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    ramona jeane worth on

    I am 87 years old and have worked since I was 16 years old for a meager income of S>S> of $734.00 a month. I is all that I can do to make that amount of money stretch for utilities, groceries, rent, gasoline, car repair, clothing and any msc. needs that I have and this isn’t even counting over the counter drugs for myself. Is it any wonder that I object to what is happening now in this COuntry with illegal immigrants? I definitely object to 1471. NO< NO< NO !!!!!

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    Up to 18 percent of the tuition paid by undocumented students goes toward financial aid that they can’t apply for. That is not fair. Six other states in the country, including Texas, have similar laws. Support SB 147. It’s the right thing to do.

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      of course it’s fair, they’re illegally living in this country. Any wages they earn were earned illegally. Any bills they pay are paid with funds earned illegally. Everything they own was purchased with funds earned illegally.

      If they were any other kind of criminal they’d be deported, and soon they will be once Trump is elected.