House Judiciary Chairman Writes Letter Blasting DHS Secretary Over Lax Immigration Policies

US-Mexico_border_fenceBorder Patrol agents and others who confront illegal immigration on a daily basis affirm the concept that a secure border and common-sense migration policies make the United States safer. Citizens who care about the rule of law also overwhelmingly support the enforcement of our existing immigration statutes.

The current administration knows this, as well, but they failed to align their agenda with the facts when crafting a blueprint on immigration seven years ago. Instead, the Federal government opted for an agenda characterized by false rhetoric and bullying. Examples of this strategy range from attempts to demoralize Border Patrol agents  to policy directives that limit their ability to detain captured illegal aliens.

The lame duck administration becomes more brazen by the day, revealing more shameless policies attitudes and tactics on a regular basis. On May 3, Representative Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, wrote a letter to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, detailing his increasing disappointment in the administration’s recent policy shift concerning the enforcement of American immigration laws.

“I am profoundly troubled by the revelation that your avowed immigration enforcement policies announced November 20, 2014, are being countermanded by leadership within the Department of Homeland Security in separate, unwritten policies, which makes any semblance of immigration enforcement illusory,” wrote Goodlatte. He referred to congressional testimony by Brandon Judd, President of the Border Patrol Union, which confirmed that DHS instituted the controversial “catch and release” policy. Rep. Goodlatte described this implementation as “stunning” because it completely contradicted a November 2014 official memorandum that announced “all aliens apprehended at the border while attempting to unlawfully enter the United States are priorities for removal.”

The letter details the arrogant and troubling responses to Mr. Judd’s testimony by U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Gil Kerlikowske. “[The Border Patrol Union] is probably not the most knowledgeable organization about what’s actually going on,” the commissioner suggested about the agents. He suggested that those who are unhappy with the way the current administration handles border security “really do need to look for another job.”

Unfortunately, more troubling information followed these statements. Responding to concerns about the new catch and release policy voiced by the Border Patrol Union in an August 2015 meeting, DHS Deputy Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas rhetorically asked, “Why would we NTA [Notice To Appear] those we have no intention of deporting?” The letter criticized the secretary’s suggestion that Border Patrol agents forego initiating new removal proceedings because of “the significant backlog of cases pending in immigration courts.”

As detailed by Rep. Goodlatte, a major discrepancy exists between the official legal policy concerning the apprehension and deportation of illegal aliens, and what the DHS orders Border Patrol agents to carry out. But instead of bringing their suggested policy changes to Congress, as is required by the Constitution, the current administration opted for closed-door, unlawful changes in enforcement. And now, like an arrogant dictatorship, the DHS threatens the jobs of any who would blow the whistle on their extra-legal policies.


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    Someone killed my relatives

    I was on TV about the H1b visa

    For over ten years eve been beaten.arson poison and expect these immigration death squads to kill me believe me they have tried more than once

    Find me
    Pete Bennett PBS

    Help please I am homeless beaten and have target on my back. Call senator Feinstein tell I need my constituent services in order to stay alive

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    Life sucks blame Feinstein Blum Tauscher but Hillary is going to jail over my 30 year connection

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    We can only hope (A) The Supreme Court rules for us or at least a tie vote which would end it or at least signal a “start over.”
    Another path, maybe Trump will actually win. Polls are ridiculous – and the Democrats may not show up! It’s amazing how few actually show up to vote in many areas!
    Much of what Trump says is the truth!

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    Jeh Duh, Mayorkass, and the rest of the unqualified scum that pervade this criminally negligent administration and DH(IN)S, should be impeached and held accountable for for their blatant failure to enforce our immigration laws, along with their responsibility to secure our nation.

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    This administration is many foxes guarding the hen house. Starting at the very top with Cecelia Munoz, formerly a high official at La Raza, and now director of White House Domestic Policy. Got that? A person from an organization that has fought every effort at enforcement, while at the same time insisting that any Latino from any country should be able to work here, now directs our domestic policy.

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      This would be like having a high ranking German/Italian/Japanese officer running our defense department in WWII. It begs the question, why isn’t there Congressional oversight on these appointments? Why do we allow an Senior V.P. of an openly racist organization (The Race) have any input at all? Hopefully, after Obama’s term expires, the bad taste will linger in the voters mouths for decades to come.

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      Call Me Pig Headed and Politically Incorrect

      Have you noticed most of Obama’s staff look and act like village idiots?….obviously Obama IS NOT HIRING THE BEST OR BRIGHTEST….

      His NWO hates high paid and talented legal Americans sucking money away from foreign countries…..the automotive and space sectors are good examples….high tech is a bad example, computer programming doesn’t require a degree [ask Gates], it requires high school and on the job training. They pretend its engineering related.