Illegal Entry of Central Americans Again Surges

Remember the surge in illegal immigration from Central America two years ago that the Obama administration was going to discourage by speeded up deportations?  The threat of action seemed to slow the arrival last year, but it has again surged. The obvious reason is because there was negligible follow through on the threat of deportation against the new arrivals. Having learned that the threat was toothless, the flow resumed and has actually increased. As reported by on May 5, “In all, the Southwest Border sectors saw a 78 percent increase in UAC [unaccompanied alien children]apprehensions between FY 2015 and FY 2016.” (

Apologists for the administration try to disguise the responsibility of the administration for this flouting of our borders with statements like the following, “…extortion, violent crime, and corrupt police forces, along with considerable economic inequality, are the primary factors driving migration north.” That appeal to Americans’ compassion appeared in also on May 6.

But, anyone who has been following the issue knows that the conditions in the Central American countries from which these UACs are coming have not experienced new major increases in crime, corruption, etc., and their leaders have claimed positive advances especially in suppressing violence.

The context of the surge in illegal entry from Central America is instructive. It demonstrates that the virtual absence of the threat of deportation coupled with the prospect of getting at least temporary permits to work in our country fuels the attraction of illegal entry. The compound actions of the administration to accommodate illegal immigration and the campaign promises of both Ms. Clinton and Mr. Sanders to push for a new permanent amnesty for the illegal alien population will inevitably be seen abroad as an invitation to still more illegal immigration.

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Jack, who joined FAIR’s National Board of Advisors in 2017, is a retired U.S. diplomat with consular experience. He has testified before the U.S. Congress, U.S. Civil Rights Commission, and U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform and has authored studies of immigration issues. His national and international print, TV, and talk radio experience is extensive (including in Spanish).


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    Unicef says at least 80% of Migrant women that cross our Southern Border German raped. That means by encouraging women and children to come here illegally Obama is responsible for migrant women and teenage girls getting violated in the most vile degrading way. And for what, votes, to fundamentally transform our culture, what a sadistic piece of garbage.

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    Leona Course on

    It is time to put a halt to this inflex of immigrants! We are derived from a history of the freedom you get as you become a citizen here! The immigrants today show little or no pride in being
    here! Everywhere you go in this nation there are changes from our way of life! We need to have a system in place and a wall to monitor immigrants as they come through the borders to ensure people are safe! This isn’t about United States citizens not wanting them here it is about what happens after they get here! They aren’t always law biding citizens! We have enough of those that our legal citizens! The border patrol is not enough to monitor them they need an organized system to monitor them all!

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      Perhaps as Americans were silent when the US backed Mexican Cartel Drug Wars endorsed through the DHS and arming those Cartel’s via Fast & Furious Arms that killed many 1000’s as well as a US Border Patrol officer wasn’t enough to voice then? Of when Banks laundered 100’s of Billion’s in Cartel monies whom no Banker went to jail and any fines levied were passed onto the tax-payers as Bail-Out’s also wasn’t enough to give voice to?

      Those fleeing those Cartel wars? Then we have El Chapo’s “Man Cave” with a .50 Cal weapon from Fast & Furious?

      Then we have the DHS SENTRI program. Where after a Iris scan, 10 point finger ID and full backgrounds check, the DHS BRAGS about it only taking 10 SECONDS at US Borders/Customs to be “Waved Trough.” I might add not to omit that most Drug Bust’s in California netting up to $1 Million in Meth and other drugs were ALL Member’s of that SENTRI program. Americans silence is deafening.

      Then we have the secondary (Fast & Furious) program that in Libya armed the NTC “Rebel’s” in a US/NATO war that killed 50,000 Libyan’s of which through Clinton’s Email’s showed that the US did this for OIL and GOLD. You are free to Google images of Libya before/after that US/NATO fubar. (We came we saw he died!) Of which those like all US arms sold to rapacious regimes ALWAYS kill Americans. – – Then we have the Arms moved from Libya to Syria where the US lead “Coalitions” (sic) as well as confirmed Al Qaeda/Al Nusra ties (9/11?) In the US supplying Arms to the very member of those blamed for 9/11. Of which now 200,000 Syrian’s and other despots have been killed, organs harvested and so on. Silence…

      So now whether it’s Hispanic’s or “WAR REFUGEE’S” that like WWII US and Allied “TERROR BOMBINGS” caused millions to flee their countries and line the roads/highways of Europe in their escape. I again refer you to Google images of before/after US interventions in those countries of which 7 today are being “Terror Bombed” by the West’s Allies of which NONE have ever attacked the United States whom is also a Nuclear Power. (Duh!)

      With that Silence by Consent >Nuremberg Law and War Crimes and what KNOWLEDGE was used to CONVICT those who KNEW but did NOTHING were hanged as aiding and abetting in those War Crimes being committed in “Their Names.” This doesn’t exclude US backed (CIA) Color Revolutions, Genocides all funded by US Tax Dollars that you already paid for by consent and will again when those fleeing those lands wind up HERE in America as DOUBLESPEAK “Refugee’s” who’ll get more in HANDOUT’S then the Elderly or SSI Disabled do. Silence by Consent strikes again.

      A note also about BOATS. People and/or (WAR) Refugee’s don’t leave perfectly good LAND only to die at sea trying to escape those US lead wars because the Water LOOKED GOOD! However with those Immigrants comes handouts and those handouts are through the Democratic party who will ENSURE their re-elections because NO ONE will BITE the hand that feeds them. More Immigrants equals more VOTERS. Get it?

      While the US is predominately 71% “Christian” by demographics that also the US is 5th in World Population and yet houses the #1 in Prisoners. Summery then is instead of imposing the lifestyle of OUR WAY’S onto other Countries would be to first get OUR act(s) together here at home first. You should also note that BY LAW Definition the United States is a #Corporation. Thus National Security is only for Corporate America and NOT (YOU) the readers.

      Americans faithfully watch Network News where their announcers are each paid Millions to LIE TO YOU! Sold as American Exceptionalism. Perhaps to many Americans have HERO’S dressed in underwear like Super Man? The day’s of Father Knows Best, My 3 Son’s, Leave it to Beaver, Family Affair, Donna Reed and other shows that actually TAUGHT Family Values is GONE! That LIFESTYLE change is now reflected in the Network Programming those who watch TV and Movies see today. Now interested more in Genderless bathrooms and LGBT Weddings etc you are SOLD the IDEA that (YOU) are HATED for those freedoms? Surely that must be the only reason why people FLOCK to America or… Is it because America is bombing their countries to pieces while overthrowing governments, assassinating leaders and using Economic Terrorism on those?


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        Mexicans are the largest group of immigrants, legal and illegal, in this country. We aren’t bombing them or assassinating their leaders. A lot of our jobs have moved there under NAFTA. The country is in essence ruled by the drug cartels that have support among wide swaths of the population. The Philippines has a decades long waiting list for visas to this country. Not because we’re bombing them but because they keep listening to the Catholic Church that tells them not to use birth control. As a result there are 100 million people crammed into those relatively small islands and almost all of them in extreme poverty. We can’t solve that, they have to. You have some points but you’re pretending everything is our fault. The Muslim world is dysfunctional to begin with. They can’t even avoid killing each other in the never ending Sunni vs. Shia conflicts. Case in point, Iraq.

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    What we must do is demand answers of people like Clinton. Like what is the end game here. Does she intend to deport anyone besides violent felons? Do our laws against illegal entry and using stolen or fake identity to work mean anything? Do we have borders that we have a right to protect from unauthorized entry? Are the leave dates on visas meaningless, so feel free to just ignore them?

    Basically she double talks, the old “yes we have a right to secure borders, but…” line. She’s made it utterly clear by her statements and actions that she does not regard illegal presence here as a reason to force anyone to leave. If that’s not what she thinks, she needs to clear it up.

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      Did You Hear Obama/Clinton’s Remarks About Trump?

      He has a record of needing constant IRS audits and that makes him bad? Obama threatens IRS audits on just Republican Populists? Hillary is not indicted on her email server, because she’s a Democrat?

      Then they complain because Trump doesn’t release his 1040 until after the constant IRS audit harassment…he’d be a fool to do that, anyone knows that…