Why We Have Trump

To all Americans apoplectic about Donald Trump, one certainty surrounds his campaign: if the federal government put the rights of citizens above those of illegal immigrants and enforced our immigration laws over the past three decades, his campaign might never have gained momentum.

Trump first entered the contest railing against our mindless immigration policies. Though he used crass terms to describe the issue, he said what a lot of Americans believed. Obviously, the system is out of control: criminal illegal aliens are released into society only to commit more crimes, the flood of job-killing legal immigration continues and, 15 years after 9-11, the borders are still porous.

The state of our immigration policies is a national disgrace and too many Americans still don’t get it. Until Trump came along, liberal guilt and effective smear tactics from the open-borders crowd stifled debate and cowed Americans who are outraged with business-as-usual.

Immigration is now at the forefront of the election, as it should be. Of course, the Obama administration cannot take the full blame for angering Americans, though they have done everything possible to subvert enforcement of the country’s immigration laws by promoting sanctuary cities and handcuffing Border Patrol agents, among a long list of other lenient policies.

The 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act, which granted amnesty to about 3 million aliens (and also promised increased border security and meaningful deterrents to employing illegal aliens) encouraged people from around the world to flout our laws. And despite grand promises from politicians, subsequent legislation under Republican and Democrat administrations did little to secure the border and control illegal immigration.

Since that time, as Republicans kowtow to business interests that seek cheap labor and Democrats cater to the ethnic lobbies, voter indignation has festered. Then along came Trump, who spun the issue into political gold.

In an age when our culture becomes more vapid by the day, of course Trump’s celebrity status gave him an edge. Being an outsider also helped, because many Americans are fed up with inside-the-Beltway politics. But, there’s no denying that ringing the immigration alarm bolstered his candidacy and galvanized voters. For this, the political parties can only blame themselves.

Learn more about Trump’s immigration plan here.

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    Denise Persons on

    When attending the Trump rally in Raleigh, NC, you could see how desperate American citizens were for change, and how the employment crisis had touched all ages. College adults/graduates all ages, were in the audience and asked Trump what was he going to do to bring jobs back to this Country for American citizens. He said he was asked that question wherever he went to speak. By hearing the audience’s feedback on the lack of employment, replacement of job positions by H-1 visas holders or illegal immigrants, it was confirmation that the “elite in Congress” had sold American jobs out for cheap foreign labor. You could immediately see and hear support for Trump as he said what he would do to address this if he were elected President. The support for Trump is spreading across the country in record numbers. We now know why the “elite” in Congress don’t want to back Trump. Hopefully Congress will better understand this once they are voted out in November, and Trump takes over.

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    I’m not convinced that Trump is the answer, but he is certainly better than the alternative. Personally, I think she would look great in an orange jumpsuit.

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    MANY OF YOU HAVE ALREADY spoke ON MY ISSUES one POINT i WANT TO ADD IS I’m VERY TIRED OF THE POLITICAL SPEAK THAT i HAVE ENDURED FOR THESES MANY YEARS It’s spin & lies and then they do nothing I feel Trump is blunt & needs to be to get by the spin & lies to bring the issues to the surface so all might see the media would not give issues a minute if not 4 his bluntness I thank him daily 4 self funding without it they would have shut him out long ago I feel the “Secret Meeting” society has between 200 & 300 ppl both D & R controlling we the ppl 4 many yrs Our vote in the primaries meant nothing they told us this NOW we were their lab rats 4 the fat cats to raise money for their Corporations DNC & RNC this election has shed the light now I hope we will act to save our Country and bring it back to the original purpose “Run by We The People for the People THEY WORK FOR US

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      Yes Trump is blunt and ha gotten lots of supporters among the working people. But so far this year, he has backed away from or even reversed his original policy ideas – perhaps because he wants to broaden his base or perhaps because he is beginning to understand the practical aspects of some of the policy changes he advocates.

      So even though he has taken a strong position against illegal immigration, he might eventually hedge on it.

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        The Billionaire Blue Collar Trump

        Attracts white collar professionals at his rallies….go to one and see. Lots of ethnic groups and WOMEN too. Don’t believe the lying establishment news.

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      Well said , yes Trump is the only one that had the balls of putting it front and center, and right or wrong that he may screw thing up, it is doubtful that he can screw it up any worse than it already is. One thing is for sure, the voters that are picking Trump, are not the typical fly by night dummies. They’re confirmed in their vote and can be counted on, they will not be swayed very easily. So once again we’re going to roll the dice, our own dice, not a set of dice that are being handed to us, telling us, that these, are the winning ones.

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    You are 100% right! I’ve said this from the beginning. If you watch Trump’s rallies, the subject matter which garners the greatest applause and most enthusiastic cheer and excitement is…”The Wall”. It matters not where he goes and we see it over and over again from state to state. For years we Americans have been sitting quietly on the sidelines, shaking our collective heads in disbelief as our political leaders declare sanctuary, grant amnesty, or if in opposition bury their heads in the sand at the fear of being called racist. As a Hispanic-American in favor of immigration reform and border security, I know all too well it takes courage to speak out on the subject. Donald J. Trump, while not the most eloquent or politically correct speaker, has that courage. On this platform alone, he is on his way to becoming the next President of the United States.

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    Trump is the Old Kennedy or Truman Type Candidate

    Don’t compare him to Reagan….that man was too globalist centered. Trump is COMPLETELY different on Social Security [he likes it] and TRADE!

    Reagan had just begun globalism in the 80s….Trump wants to abolish it and return jobs to Americans…Reagan wanted AMNESTY, Trump doesn’t….

    Apples and oranges…

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    SecBorders on

    Not that long ago I wasn’t the least bit interested in watching Trump’s TV show let alone ever thought I would support him for President, and I admit that I don’t like everything he has said and done. But we are at the point now where things are so serious in this country, such as our government is bringing in refugees it knows have likely been infiltrated by terrorists who want to kill Americans, that I am willing to overlook some of Trump’s less than desirable personality quirks.

    Do I want to vote for the lying crook that wants to bring terrorists into the country and put my life at risk, or do I want to vote for the candidate who is going to protect my life and do what is best for the country even if they have in the past best less than diplomatic in their behavior?

    Every time another lying, backstabbing Inside-the-Beltway politician, pundit, lobbyist, political insider, think tank analyst, etc. who has sold their soul and the country my family members fought for to the highest bidder, comes out against Trump the more I would love to see him elected President.

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      A lot of the opposition to Trump is because he’s not “conservative” enough, as if the party leadership can decide they know better than the voters. Jeb and Lindsay Graham refuse to endorse him, but they are just the open borders, visa worker, “free trade” proponents they always have been, and they got NO support. Trump is also tired of us playing world policeman. Since we “won” the Cold War, there have been 12 nations added to NATO, all of them former Soviet Bloc members. Some victory, because that costs us more money. It also gives Putin the chance to appeal to the hardliners and accuse us of conspiring against Russia. Ike said NATO would be a failure if there were still troops in Europe a decade after WW2. How did that work out? And look at Korea. Sixty years later, we’re still defending them. Trump leaves me somewhat wary, but at this point what’s the alternative.

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    Trump! Trump! Trump! ……….I love Trump! He says it like it is & obviously what a lot of people wanted to hear.. I feel we are so lucky to have him in America’s corner. The message above is so right. Many became afraid to say & do what is necessary to keep our country our country. We are so very very fortunate to have one that cares enough about family & country to stand up & speak for us. I sincerely feel that Donald J. Trump is very concerned about the future of America. He is the only choice in this crucial time.

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    I’m sure Hillary will be bragging that she voted for the Secure Fence Act of 2006, which was just another cynical ploy to actually think some action was being taken. It was passed in September of that election year and it mandated 700 miles of double layer fence. [Similar to the fence built along the California border by, wait for it, the Clinton administration.] But in the next Congress the 700 mile mandate was loosened to “similar” border controls. As a result, less than 50 miles of the double layer, the most effective kind, was built. So yes, people are cynical and maybe Trump is not everyone’s cup of tea, but when you’re repeatedly lied to, you stop believing the people doing the lying.