Former British Intelligence Director: Migration Crisis Set to “Reshape Europe”

Simbol EUSir Richard Dearlove, former director of Britain’s MI-6 intelligence service, paints a very bleak picture of Europe in the wake of the ongoing migration crisis. Some 1.6 million migrants poured into Europe in 2015, while the response from the continent’s mainstream political leadership has ranged from acquiescence to paralysis.

The leadership vacuum has left the EU with a series of bad options. “The geopolitical impact is set to reshape Europe’s political landscape as those citizens who feel, rationally or not, that their interests and cultural identity are threatened assert their influence,” cautioned Dearlove.

He also warned that bribing Turkey to stem the flow of migrants crossing the Aegean Sea by allowing Turkish nationals visa-free access to the EU amounts to “storing gasoline next to the fire one is trying to extinguish.”

Dearlove accused Europe’s political establishment of failing to grasp the impact that the migration crisis is having on citizens of the EU. “Europe’s leading politicians, each caught up with their own problems, show little common determination to break out of this cycle of deterioration,” Dearlove said. “If Europe cannot act together to persuade a significant majority of its citizens that it can gain control of its migratory crisis then the EU will find itself at the mercy of a populist uprising, which is already stirring.”

A populist uprising spurred by the political establishment’s failure to come to grips with the impact of mass migration on citizens is brewing on the other side of the Atlantic as well. After decades of neglect and seven years of outright sabotage of immigration enforcement, the phenomenon is shaking up the political establishment in the United States.

The emergence of Donald Trump as the presumptive Republican presidential nominee is in significant part a response to the economic and social disenfranchisement of many Americans as a result of this country’s slow motion immigration crisis. Though Bernie Sanders has seemingly renounced his earlier position that unchecked immigration undermines American workers, his insurgent campaign has also been fueled by populist angst arising from the impact of excessive immigration.

While politicians on both sides of the Atlantic surely get it by now that a growing segment of their citizenry is in open revolt over migration issues, they still do not seem to grasp that patronizing lip service to those concerns will no longer cut it with voters. That is why many of them may soon be on the outside looking in.

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Ira joined the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) in 1986 with experience as a journalist, professor of journalism, special assistant to Gov. Richard Lamm (Colorado), and press secretary of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. His columns have appeared in National Review, LA Times, NY Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, and more. He is an experienced TV and radio commentator.


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    Barbara Griffith on

    I think the voters in Europe will begin to fight back, one reason is the fact that young women are told not to go out at night after eight pm because the police can’t protect them. Can you imagine what would happen here if that was told to the female population? The Muslim men that is coming to Europe in large numbers are attacking any woman or girl they see either stealing their purse or several holding the woman or girl down so they can rape her. They can’t even go to the train station anymore because of the attacks. The police can’t even patrol the areas where the Muslims live without asking for permission from the local Imam. The police have also told their police officers when driving to work alone not to wear the shirt that goes with their uniform so as not to look like a police officer. Can you imagine any U.S. police department here telling their police force to hide who they are? The more Muslim immigration that makes it to the U.S. the more trouble there will eventually be.

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    I know what a national revolution looks like but I wonder what a world revolution looks like. I hope i can be around to see.

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    I agree. This concern of what is happening in Europe was written about a few years ago in a book, America Alone, by Mark Steyn. And this was before the most recent refugee (aka mostly economic migrant) mess.

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    The Open Border Establishment MSM

    Loves overpopulation and hates the true meaning of Earthday, that John Kennedy [D] supported. Depopulate to save the environment and REALLY CUT THE CARBON FOOTPRINT Al Gore. Not recycling, or small cars, which is an useless squirt gun against a blazing carbon footprint fire in comparison.

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      Paul Newman and his wife Joanne Woodward are known for their charitable work supporting liberal causes. Few people know that she was one of the founding members of Negative Population Growth, a group that estimates a US population of 150 million would be optimal. NPG is as adamant as FAIR on the subject that population control without limiting immigration is impossible.

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        I agree with NPG. We were victorious in World War 2 with a US population a few million less than 150 million, so the idea that now that we have a population of 320 million people we can’t survive economically without bringing in millions more people is absurd. Just more lies by the greedy political establishment and corporate owned MSM.

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    I search the Internet and see what’s happening in EU. It all seems to be happening so fast now and the media doesn’t say a word or show what is happening to that country. If we don’t stop this madness and Hilary is elected to carry out Obamas agenda and open borders to bring in the masses that hate the United States , not just to give us a little kick but to brutally crush the people and hope of this one nation under God with no mercy . Soon we will be a distant memory .

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    Bernie Sanders “…insurgent campaign has also been fueled by populist angst arising from the impact of excessive immigration.” True but unfortunately his supporters don’t see this, or if they do they don’t give reducing immigration the priority they should. In my opinion the problem with a country like the US in terms of being able to reduce immigration and enforce border security, in contrast to countries like Japan and South Korea, is not just with their governments but with many of the voters in the population at large.

    In a country like Japan there is more of a general consensus within the country on the importance of enforcing immigration laws and maintaining low levels of legal immigration but within the US there is a wide range of views among voters. Yes, when given the chance people will typically vote against illegal immigration but they don’t consider it a top priority to stop illegal immigration if they will vote for a politician who is for open borders over a candidate who is legitimately against it.

    The reality is the problem for the US is that even if Trump is elected, and Congress goes along with building the wall and increasing border security and reducing legal immigration and the Republican Party Establishment is purged and the Republican Party becomes an across the board supporter of the enforcement of immigration laws and lower levels of legal immigration, the Democrats will always be around to undue everything the Republicans have accomplished.

    In a country like Japan there was no serious contender for President who would let millions of illegal aliens break into Japan and who would bring Muslim refugees into Japan who have been infiltrated by terrorists. There is an overall national consensus that this is a stupid thing to do to their country. So even if Trump is elected and a lot of progress is made, which I hope happens, open borders is always going to be a problem in this country until more American voters make solving this problem their top priority.

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      As you pointed out in another post, where are the media questions being asked of our political leadership about how rapidly our population is growing, 25 to 30 million for the last several decades, and most of that attributable to immigration. Or where are the questions being asked of the huge economic cost of making all illegals into citizens. It’s beyond dispute that the cost will be many trillions considering most will be low income and therefore will pay little taxes but will become eligible for all sorts of government benefits and welfare programs. How come Hillary doesn’t get asked that?

      The fact is that the media is not going to rock the boat, because then they get accused of “racism” for asking the wrong questions and that might affect the bottom line. Boycotts and all that. Look at what happened to the members of the Sierra Club who said the group should address immigration affecting the environment. That was called the “greening of hate”.

      In the article above, Sir Dearlove is absolutely right about a “populist uprising” in Europe. People are tired, here and there, of being told their legitimate concerns are “far right” xenophobia. We are on cruise control regarding this issue which is fundamentally changing our country. When you have someone like Hillary announcing that she will refuse to deport those here illegally, we have a right to demand where the end game is in all this. Because she is endorsing open borders. Get here any way you can and you can stay.

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        Just to be clear, for those unaware, the population growth of “25 to 30 million for the last several decades” is that amount PER decade, Not a total for those decades. Those are huge numbers. And it’s a huge negative, not a positive.

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          I certainly hope that enough voters both here and in Europe are angry enough and aware of what is happening to cause a permanent political shift in favor of reestablishing the borders and cultural identity of Western countries.

          And you are right that a huge part of the problem is that the major media outlets are corporate owned, profit driven businesses that have their own interests in mind. In my opinion all of the Presidential debates should be on CSPAN and be hosted by civic minded parties that are not pushing a corrupt agenda.

          And my earlier criticism of the Democrats isn’t because I think the Republicans have been all that great on immigration, because they haven’t, it’s just now they actually have a candidate for President who legitimately appears to want to take action.

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            I agree. I am a life long Democrat but I can’t support them now because they’re the open borders party. Two years ago I would have never seen myself supporting Trump, but what’s the choice if you think this issue is paramount.

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            Leland Trump is no different….you are all empty-headed…..nobody asks how they are going to do it….to all candidates oh oh oh….o yes I like his speech ..once in charge you will go against him…just watch the clock and please remember me/