Georgetown Students Claim Planned Commencement Speaker Violates Illegal Immigrant’s Safe Space

teddy bear sitting at yard and having english breakfastStudent groups at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., are in an uproar over the speaker at this year’s commencement: Jeh Johnson, secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, who is scheduled to address the graduating class of 2016 later this month.

Georgetown’s student paper, The Hoya, reported that UndocuHoyas, a pro-amnesty group made up of illegal aliens, condemned the selection of Johnson as the commencement speaker because it could upset students who are in the country illegally. In a letter to the Dean of Foreign Services, the group claimed that they “should not be forced to receive our diplomas from an individual who is directly responsible for separating our families. Therefore, we strongly implore the university to rescind Secretary Johnson’s speaking invitation and take meaningful action to ensure that graduation is an inclusive and safe experience for all members of the Georgetown community.”

So-called “safe spaces” are now commonly demanded by college students. The concept has devolved from advocating for school policies that protect students at a high risk of abuse stemming from any form of phobia, to demanding that the promotion of particular presidential candidates be banned on campuses because it somehow causes emotional trauma. Now students want to take this trend to a new low by banning government officials from addressing graduates for fulfilling the oaths they took to enforce our current immigration laws.

It is refreshing to see that some Georgetown students are still willing to hear opinions with which they may disagree. “It would be a tragedy to let Georgetown go down the path of other universities that have allowed students obsessed with safe spaces and echo chambers to prevail at the cost of a diversity of opinions and beliefs,” wrote one junior who launched a petition to keep Johnson as the commencement speaker.

This outrage at Georgetown is rife with irony. Open-border advocates condemn the immigration policies of Jeh Johnson and the Obama administration, going so far as to dub him the “Deporter In Chief,” yet they have no clue that illegal immigrants are less likely to be deported now than under any of president Obama’s recent predecessors. In fact, the chance that an illegal alien faces deportation once settled in the United States is now under 1 percent.

The Obama administration also inflates the official number of deportations to mask a dramatic drop in overall enforcement. During the Clinton and Bush administrations, nearly two million illegal immigrants on average were caught at or near the border, according to self-removal statistics from the federal government. The Border Patrol simply bussed these people back across the border and left them out of the overall deportation statistics reported by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). This policy changed under the Obama administration and such removals are now included, creating an illusory boom in deportations.

In addition to fudging the numbers, Secretary Johnson recently implemented the controversial catch and release policy that essentially gives illegal aliens a second chance to disappear into society if they get caught.

The outrage from open-border proponents shows that the current administration has failed to please anyone when it comes to immigration reform. Instead, it has found a unique way to bypass our existing laws and allow unfettered immigration into the United States while angering ideologues on both sides of the issue.


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    In a letter to the Dean of Foreign Services, the group claimed that they “should not be forced to receive our diplomas from an individual who is directly responsible for separating our families
    ————-Of course, they themselves are “separating” their own families. They have no legal status in this country, yet have chosen to remain here as illegal aliens while their families were deported to the countries where they all have a right to be.

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    These students are pathetic, especially the latino affirmative action group gaggles. They are so stupid they do not even realize that Jeh Johnson is one of them. He has been neglecting his official duties to deport illegal aliens from day one at DHS. That is why Obama chose him, he is similarly worthless when it comes to patriotism and good sense in immigration matters. But these students? What cretins they are, such pampered losers.I am sure there are many visa-overstayers in their ranks.

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    Barbara Griffith on

    These people would fit right in with the politicians in Europe that handed over their countries to the Muslim hordes that they have allowed to settle in all of the countries who are now demanding that all books be rewritten so as to not have anything in it that might hurt their feelings must be PC all the way even changing children’s books that have been on the market for decades to covering up nude statues so as to not insult the Muslim sensibilities. When you read the articles that you will find on you will understand where the U.S. is headed like these stupid college students by turning themselves into PC doormats and expect the rest of us to do the same. That is how we the taxpayer is supposed to treat people that just walk across our southern border and set up housekeeping and start popping new little U.S. citizens because of our stupid politicians refusing to consider it a problem.

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    Not Politically Correct on

    If it was up to me, I’d invade their “safe space” and deport them all. We should also give drug dealer’s “safe spaces” as well so they don’t have to hide in fear of the DEA. Poor things!

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    The part of the l4th amendment that gives instant citizenship to anyone born here, must be changed. It can easily be amended, by inserting after the words ‘United States’…..”who have one parent who is a United States citizen or permanent resident”…. subject to the jurisdiction thereof,….etc. This would be fair to citizens who are married to a non-national, and their kids would be citizens if they are born here. BUT, it would cut back on the huge numbers of single women who arrive here specifically to give birth to a child who will have all the rights and privileges of a U.S. citizen. There is no ethical or common-sense reason for this to continue.

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      Alfred Neuman on

      The so-called “Birthright Citizenship” thing was passed to provide the children of slaves citizenship after emancipation, which some of the Southern states weren’t going to do.

      It was never intended to app[y to those who are foreign nationals who choose to come here just to give birth. Apparently many Mexicans do this so their children will automatically be American citizens!

      And to add insult to injury, most of them are poor, so they don’t pay any bills for the childbirth @ a hospital. So guess who gets the honor of paying for this outrage? Right, American taxpayers.

      We are the ONLY country in the world which has such a ridiculous law. What does that tell you?

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        That’s correct. I can’t believe that the authors of the 14th amendment ever meant for it to be used to reward lawbreakers. They never could have foreseen something like “birth tourism” where women fly in here a few days before the birth of their “anchor baby”. Many European nations changed their laws because of that very reason.

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    Denise Persons on

    Obviously the students didnt take any courses on how Jeh Johnson, under the coaching of Obama, is not protecting our U.S. borders from anyone. That means the students probably don’t know who or why Tom Marino from the “Homeland Security Commission” endorses Trump, or Shawn Moren VP of “National Border Council” supports Trump, or the “National Border Patrol” themselves supports Trump. Maybe they need to ask Sheriff Joe Arpaio, from Maricopa County Arizona, to speak, or Kris Kobach, Secretary of State in Kansas who testifies in federal courts across our Country, on this issue. Why are so many Border Security groups supporting Trump? They would actually like to be allowed to protect our U.S. Borders, for a change. They’d like permission to be allowed to look in the trunks of the cars coming in to see who else is being smuggled in. Yeah, sounds like a good idea to me.

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    I have been in a number countries, and the pattern is the same, no passport, no entry, no repeated stamped permission to stay in the passport, continued residence forbidden, entry and presence in a country can be refused at any time without due process. In the Netherlands, I was on a train within the country, so I did not have my passport with me and a conductor was going to put me off the train (no passport) until his superior overrode him. In Denmark, I had a chance to ride in a surface piercing hydrofoil ferry to Sweden. It was required that I have my passport with me, go through Danish customs to get on the boat, at Sweden, required to get off the boat and go through Swedish customs, go through Swedish customs again to get back on the boat, and go through Danish customs to reenter Denmark. As a foreigner, I was always subject to the laws of each country, but without the protections of citizens of the respective countries. My experiences have made less patient with illegal aliens, which is the correct term for foreigners entering a country illegally.

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    It looks as if the chickens are finally coming home to roost. These protests couldn’t have found a more deserving target.

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    Their “safe place” should be in their homeland, not by criminally entering the United States.

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      What part of “illegal”” are people not understanding?
      Why would an illegal believe they are entitled to
      A safe zone? Who paid their tuition? Did they
      Get in state fees? Why do we keep catering to
      This specific group of people?
      Cut off all benefits, no jobs, no schooling,no
      NOTHING! We should be taking care of vets & homeless
      Instead of catering to lawbreakers.

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    If that don’t just beat all. Why are we wasting taxpayer’s money to try, (unsuccessfully) to educate morons that refuse to be educated, and instead wish to be ‘criminal activists’, complaining about unfair treatment of ‘********’!. ******** are criminals, pure and simple, sucking up (With the Kenyan Muslim’s help), our hard earned wages, by supporting this freeloading criminal parasites. And they talk about ‘Separating families’.
    Let the truth out. These criminals abandon their ole ladies and litters in their home country, hook up with some wanton female here , start another litter , for the sole purpose of getting ‘THEIR’ benefits, and when they are caught, and deported, they again abandon the new litter here, for us to support, and then cry that they are ‘VICTIMS’. Hard labor for several years in a prison should be the way to go, and those so called ‘students should not be given a diploma yet, as the have shown too much mental deficiency. Those that have not yet graduated should be expelled and banished from the area.

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      Alfred Neuman on

      The whole amnesty issue for Obama is to create more Democrat voters and assure a permanent Democrat majority in this country.

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    Whoever came up with this ridiculous idea of a “safe space” ought to be set adrift in a leaky rowboat as far from any shore as possible. It is as unAmerican as anything I’ve seen.

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      Too right.
      Many , if not most, forget why illegals are called illegals. It’s simple: an Illegal is one who is in a place he is barred from being, He is there in defiance and disobedience of the law.
      the same law protects him from getting shot or dismembered by those who are legally present at that place.
      This “safe space” idea has to be an idea put forward by illegals to protect them from legals (those who have relinquished
      some of their rights, in order to promote fairness to all) They too seem to have a blind spot and forgotten what the psychologists mean by saying they are what is called “enablers”. Solutions are simple, grant “free Speech’ to all, and as long as they obey the law, let them be and if someone hears something they don’t like, give them freedom to leave. It is definitely dependent upon the “nanny State”
      for enforcement, as the American Way would call upon citizens to obey law and stand on their own two feet .

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    You cannot say anything with college students these days. Most comedians say they refuse to even appear at colleges any more because any joke gets condemned as insensitive, racist, etc. The idea of “safe spaces” is comical and it makes them look more than foolish. I really had to laugh at a cartoon I saw last Thanksgiving titled “Home for the Holidays”. A family is sitting in a restaurant and the young waiter says how are you guys doing and how was Thanksgiving. The college student daughter goes into a tirade about gender identity and not celebrating “Eurocentric” holidays. Really funny.

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    Janice Janes on

    As soon as Hispanics are the majority, the border will be closed. Well closed to all but more Hispanics.

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    Billie Ansley on

    These students have a lot more to learn. When they get into the workplace there will be no safe places! I would like to be the fly on the wall!

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      Janice Janes on

      Work where, they’re illegals. How the hell did they get into one of the most expensive schools in the U.S. in the first place?

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    At many Universities in the US today, as soon as a professor on the first day of class walks into the classroom and opens his or her mouth, students know what to say and what politically correct positions to take in order to get an A. Disagree with the professor on an issue like immigration, for example, at one risks a bad grade and not getting into a good graduate school. Best to agree with the Professor, get a good grade, and move on with ones life.