FAIR Op-ed: The Administration’s Flawed Legal Case for Executive Amnesty

In an op-ed appearing on Townhall.com, FAIR president Dan Stein debunks the Obama administration’s legal argument for lifting the injunction on the president’s massive executive amnesty programs. The Supreme Court is expected to issue its ruling in June.

The full op-ed, “Administration’s Plea to SCOTUS Is Wrong: Congress Has Repeatedly Limited Executive Discretion in Immigration Policy,” can be read here.

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    The population of the world today is 7 billion people most of whom are poor by US standards. The median of the projection by the UN for the population of the world in 2100 is 11 billion people. Most of these people will be poor by US standards.

    So there will always be an endless line of desperately poor people who will want to move to the “Land of the Big PX” as the old saying goes. We can’t solve global poverty by taking in every human being on the planet who deciders they want to move here, this is impossible.

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      Not according to Hillary. Her attitude is everybody come on down. Just get here and you’re home free. She’s promoting an idea that everyone can move here, instead of saying you must improve your own countries.

      Now she’s back on her kick about how Trump is “recruiting” terrorists with his remarks about Muslims. Gee, we had NO terrorist attacks before the last three months, right? I guess she forgot that one in February, 1993 when it was just a lucky stroke that the World Trade Center didn’t come down because the van they parked in the basement with explosives was in the wrong spot.

      The fact is that she is the enabler with her “see no evil” outlook and her statements that Islam is a “religion of peace”. Where is it a religion of peace? Or tolerance? It’s beyond dispute, because when they’re not killing each other, Sunni vs. Shia, they’re trying to kill us. Women are property under Sharia law, and she says nothing.