California Proves the Lie that If You Give Illegal Aliens Licenses They’ll Buy Insurance

Broken windshield after car crashOne of the big selling points for proponents of letting illegal aliens get driver’s licenses is that they’ll buy auto insurance (and that our roads and highways will be safer). Don’t tell that to Jennifer Brawley, a Southern California mom who was rear-ended by a newly licensed illegal alien who (surprise, surprise) had no insurance.

California has issued 700,000 licenses to illegal aliens since January 2015, at a cost of $141 million to taxpayers. The state has even provided low cost insurance options for low income drivers through the California Department of Insurance and promoted it heavily in the Spanish-language media. Insurance premiums could run as little as $241 per year, compared with a statewide average of about $2,000 a year.

Guess what? While California issued 650,000 licenses to illegal aliens in 2015, only 11,348 people (not all of them necessarily illegal aliens) bought insurance through the state program. The state does not keep records about whether illegal aliens bought insurance privately, even though that data could be easily collected.

The logic that illegal aliens would buy insurance if they were given driver’s licenses was flawed from the start. It was based on the presumption that people who have shown general contempt for our laws would willingly shell out money they don’t have to protect assets they don’t have, just because the law requires them to do so.

This really should not come as a surprise to anyone. New Mexico is one of two states that issued driver’s licenses to illegal aliens (as opposed to driving privilege cards like California). Yet, according to an auto insurance trade group, New Mexico has had the highest percentage of uninsured drivers on its roads.

Oh, and the illegal alien who rear-ended Ms. Brawley? When the cops showed up at the scene of the accident and determined that he had a valid license but was driving without the legally required insurance, they just sent him on his way…providing yet another reason for illegal aliens not buy insurance.

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Ira joined the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) in 1986 with experience as a journalist, professor of journalism, special assistant to Gov. Richard Lamm (Colorado), and press secretary of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. His columns have appeared in National Review, LA Times, NY Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, and more. He is an experienced TV and radio commentator.


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    Some people always knew this was just another part of a very BIG CON JOB. Mexicans buy insurance? With a little luck some of it will be reversed soon. Gov Brown should be thrown in the Sac River. He has been giving the state away to rabble. Brown seems retarded at this point. He has drank too much from the public trough. He seems to think he IS the public trough. What a loser.

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      Brown is a POS!
      I was born and raised in Southern California and just voted in my 11th presidential primary yesterday.
      I am stunned by the decline of our state.
      Most of our tax dollars don’t even go back into our state, on infrastructure. Pretty soon California will look like Mexico, which is probably Brown’s goal.
      Our tax dollars are spent on illegal’s and now refugees coming into our state and into the loving arms of the Democratic party.
      I have had enough and something has to be done and quickly!
      I am voting for Trump and I hope everybody will. I know California is a lost cause, but it can improve with a leader as President.
      God Bless America, Americans and Mr. Trump!

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      Illegal aliens have no respect for America’s laws so I am not surprised that they are not buying auto insurance. How about turning over to ICE any illegal alien caught driving without auto insurance?

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        11th Gen American on

        The reason California is giving out driver’s licenses to their illegal aliens is not so they’ll get insurance, but so they can vote in their elections, and thus will assure the election of Hillary Clinton! It was Bill Clinton who signed Motor-Voter registrations during his term in office, paving the way for Hillary to run! Talk about planning ahead!

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          Calif can be quite beautiful, land wise- but the libtards and left wing nutcases are the worst thing one has to put up with; along with all their illegal alien a$$ kissing and the fact that they have a Governor that is a full blown homosexual, but the best part is yet to come since there are over 10 refugees’ resettlement centers, one can soon expect to see California turn into a major Muslim Islamic loving state. Hopefully if they have enough earthquakes we won’t have to worry about that state full of mentally unstable people, plus the drought should take care of some of those problems too.

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    It is all because there is no “moneyed” interest to enforce our immigration laws. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong withy our immigration laws, (other than the Visa programs, we are getting royally screwed there) it is the ENFORCEMENT that is not being done. It is not the officers on the ground’s fault, it is the higher-ups. Right from the very top. Dems want undocumented democrat voters, Republicans are slaves to the US chamber of commerce, whose member companies want endless cheap labor. There is ZERO money on the enforcement side. Sadly, I have ZERO confidence that Trump will actually follow through. Paul Ryan has a fundamental misunderstanding of the purpose of immigration, he thinks it is to “improve the lot of the immigrant:, which it is absolutely NOT. The purpose of immigration, IF AND WHEN the CITIZENS ALLOW IT, is to IMPROVE OUR EXISTING SOCIETY.How Does bringing in millions of people illiterate in their OWN language, nearly all of which are completely unskilled, and their dependent young children who instantly go on welfare/food stamps, “improve” our existing society?

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      You’re asking a question that every candidate should be required to answer. Which is, what is the end game of all this and how is it good for the country. We have no need for unskilled labor as a lot of those jobs are being automated. Look at Home Depot and the self checkouts. One person doing the work of four.

      Add to that the huge costs that legalizing these people will engender over the decades. There’s no argument over it. Low skilled low income people use far more in government services and welfare benefits than they will ever pay in taxes. We would be legalizing millions of welfare users.

      But the media will never ask those questions because they care about the bottom line most of all. They don’t want to “offend” anyone and reduce their profits. We don’t have an independent mass media, we have “don’t rock the boat” conformists who are owned by, and do the bidding of, large corporations.

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    Steve Connell on

    What’s criminal is that in the US there is no effort to turn this around.

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      Exactly Steve and we need to know why. It appears Congress and our President are in lockstep with the global agenda of no borders, one world rule. The elites will be in their gated ivory towers and the rest of us will be left to deal with the masses. It will be everyone for themselves and hell on earth.

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    George Fuller on

    Expecting criminal illegal aliens to get insurance is as false as expecting them to go for citizenship if given a path……..Only 36% of the legal Mexican Immigrants since 1965 have become Naturalized……..they don’t care about our country……only what they can take from it……..

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    Yet another reason for US citizens to leave California or not to move there in the first place. It is such a naturally beautiful state, only to be trashed by a corrupt government and invading illegals. A lot of people with higher incomes live in gated communities, but even the wealthy can’t be protected by their gates and security guards when on the road.

    So sad to see once glorious California go so rapidly downhill. I can still remember what it used to be like during its golden age when it had a smaller population and fewer illegals. Too bad, what a loss for our country.

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      My niece went to college in LA. She described the traffic there as a nightmare at almost all times of the day. Same thing is happening in cities all over the country. We need less population, not more. Yet we go along adding 25 to 30 million people per decade, mostly through immigration.

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    That’s all we do in this country, which is, reward illegal behavior. Just remember that these are the wonderful people we are supposed to give citizenship to. What a deal for our society. Dishonest cheats who obey no law unless they are forced to, and we don’t force them to. And honest citizens pay the price.

    All this program has done is put even more illegals on the road. Those who were hesitant before have no reason to hesitate now. This is what we will get with Hillary, and why the Republicans are never going to out pander the Democrats, who will always up the ante with ever more goodies and forgiveness for illegal acts.

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      Parts of this country, like California, are becoming like a bizarre kind of Wild West, where illegals get away with anything and are lavished with benefits, but if you are a law abiding citizen the govt really doesn’t care what illegals do to you. When things really start going downhill in this country is when there is nowhere left to move to get away from states like California.