Trump Considering Pro-Amnesty Senator as VP

American flag close up with star confetti (P)According to several media outlets, Donald Trump is considering Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) as his running mate now that the business mogul has essentially clinched the Republican nomination. If Corker’s name sounds familiar, that’s because he was instrumental in getting the Gang of Eight amnesty bill passed in the Senate. For those with short memory, back in the summer of 2013 with the mass guest worker amnesty bill’s support waning (not to mention extremely unpopular with the American people), Corker teamed up with Sen. John Hoeven (R-N.D.) on a faux border security amendment that sold out the American people and essentially ensured enough votes to pass. As FAIR pointed out at the time, the Corker-Hoeven amendment was a mirage that kept the amnesty first, enforcement later (if ever) approach that then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) called a “wonderful product.”

Trump’s consideration of pro-amnesty Sen. Corker as a potential vice president is confusing given that Trump’s campaign has centered on immigration enforcement. Indeed, Trump was the first candidate to release an immigration plan; one that rejected amnesty and insisted that the interests of Americans come first. Bob Corker sent a clear message in 2013 that he prioritizes amnesty for law breaking illegal aliens rather than enforcing our laws and protecting U.S. citizens.

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    That biggot who is a failure by the way is not gonna win crap!! Go HILLARY 2016!!! the only people stupidier than Trump are its retarded and idiotic followers… Screw them all

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      Killary is a whore! Your a moron for thinking this killer lying whore is anything more than the street dirt coming off our shoes!

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        Please keep your vile language off this blog. FAIR, Numbers, USA., and Senator Jeff Sessions are the main representatives to advance a decent agenda to control and end illegal immigration. To show disregard for them by trash talking here or blogs of the sorts is not representative of the decent Americans who are fighting and praying for a fair solution (to our country) to solve this. – This could start with following the laws and closing the borders to countries south who do not follow our laws or take back their deportees. Trump is also correct, put a 35% tax on any money leaving the country and a high tax on imports to the country.
        Buy American made only.
        Be respectful to be credible!

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    Barbara Griffith on

    Everyone on this blog need to go to Trumps website where you can send a email to him and tell him what this Corker is trying to say. I think all of the crap about Corker might be the VP is just that crap. The MSM will do or say anything to scare off Trumps backers just like the paid demonstrators that show up at his rallies who ever is paying the demonstrators is working hard to try to swing Trumps followers to either Berni or Hillary. Besides Trump has sense enough to know that if he turned out to be a traitor he would never get elected to a second term.

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      Actually, we the people have had enough of political lies, so TRUMP or anyone else had best realize that Americans are locked, loaded and royally pissed off! That should add some clarity to their agenda!!!

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    The Article Above is Incorrect per the Article I Referenced Below

    “….Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump met with GOP Sen. Bob Corker in New York Monday, intensifying speculation that Trump is considering the Tennessee senator for his running mate.

    However, after his meeting with Trump, Corker was dismissive of such speculation, telling reporters that their conversation was a way for “two people who didn’t know each other except over phone calls” to get to know one another. Corker, who currently serves as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, denied that Trump was vetting him for vice president or a Cabinet position should Trump win the general election.

    “I have no reason whatsoever to believe I am being considered for a position like that,” Corker said.

    A Trump campaign spokeswoman did not immediately respond to the AP’s request for comment on the meeting.

    In a statement last month, Corker praised Trump’s high-profile foreign policy speech, saying, “In a year where angry rhetoric has defined the presidential race on both sides of the aisle, it is my hope that candidates in both parties will begin focusing not only on the problems we face but on solutions.”

    Last week, conservative pundit Charles Krauthammer [I hate that rat] speculated that Corker is most likely be tapped by Trump for vice president….”

    IOWs its likely unlikely and likely just more false allegations about Trump.

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    George Fuller on

    I fail to see where Corker would be an asset to anything………..and I would have a much dimmer view of Trump if he were stupid enough to bring him on board……..

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    If Trump names Corker as VP there will more people that will not vote at all. For many like me I my reason for voting for Trump is because by not voting it is a vote for Hillary. It is time the GOP gives us a candidate that we can vote for rather than against someone.

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    Peter Pihun on

    If we continue to let illegals into this country and not deport the ones who are already here, we will die as a country. Every country in the world has stricter laws than we do. When we let Rinos, democrats, liberals and socialists ruin the country we are gone. Wake up Americans, it’s already late in the game.

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    Russell C. Sletmoen on

    That is all we need at this time is for Trump to select a weasel friend of Harry Reid’s to be the VP. He could force me to vote for the enemy real quickly. We have had it up to our ears with back sliding spineless politicians giving away the freedoms and security we have earned! NOT SMART IF IT IS TRUE.

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    Trump needs to tread carefully. If he wants to start backtracking on things he has promised, he might find nationwide boycotts of his various businesses. I don’t think people are in any mood to be lied to by another politician. You can be sure that if Harry Reid said Corker’s amendment was a “wonderful product” then it was just another sham to look like something was being done when it wasn’t.

    And in fact it was a sham. It was nothing more than promises to study border security and implement proposals in 5 years, but that 5 year deadline could be extended. We know how to secure the border now, we don’t need more studies. We need a double layer fence or wall, and enough agents/troops to back it up. I get the feeling that Jeff Sessions is going to be on the lookout for any backsliding.

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      If Donald wants to give the election to Hillary, just put Corker on as your Vice President. Corker is a weasel who supports open borders, Amnesty, and fully funding ObamaCare. These are all the things the American voter is fed up with happening to our country and from what Donald has said many times in this election cycle; the voters want to close the border, repeal ObamaCare, and not automatically give citizenship to people who are here illegally. Wake up Donald or you will surely not win this election.