Stop Scholarships for Illegal Aliens in New York

Do you think New York state taxpayer resources should be spent to give scholarships to illegal aliens? The New York Assembly is currently considering a bill to create a commission to provide scholarship awards to illegal aliens. Assembly Bill 4311 (AB 4311), which creates the New York DREAM Fund Commission, recently passed the state Assembly and is now being considered in the Senate. While AB 4311 states that scholarship money shall be comprised entirely of private contributions, state funds will still be used in the creation, promotion, and maintenance of the fund.

Please call your state Senator and tell them to oppose AB 4311! Tell these elected officials:

  • AB 4311 is unfair to New York students and families. New York should prioritize its resources on keeping education costs low for its citizen and legal resident students, rather than trying to circumvent federal law in order to subsidize the post-secondary education of illegal aliens.
  • AB 4311 is fiscally irresponsible. New York taxpayers already spend $9.3 billion a year in costs related to illegal immigration. New York should not spend taxpayer money to help finance the post-secondary education of illegal aliens, who do not have authorization to work in the United States after graduation. Even beneficiaries of President Obama’s DACA program have no legal right to remain in the United States following the temporary deferment of their deportation. The DACA program only grants illegal aliens with a temporary reprieve from removal proceedings and is an illegal creation of the Obama administration.
  • AB 4311 will encourage further illegal immigration to New York. Allowing the state to create a scholarship fund for illegal aliens sends the message that intentional and continuous violations of federal law are acceptable and inconsequential in New York.

Click here to find the contact information for your state Senator.

For more information on this bill or what you can do, contact your FAIR Field Representative.



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    I Love Trump’s Manipulation of the Dem MSM

    They assert Latino’s hate him, then he cries biased Latino Judge and now the same MSM alleges they all love him and are neutral? C’mon man ya can’t have it both ways….LOL

    Biased open border judges [not all Latino] have been defying our immigration laws for decades.Its common knowledge.

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